Capital One Launches Virtual Lounge Queuing

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Airport lounges are overcrowded. More cards than ever offer lounge access and travelers are becoming savvier about getting cards that provide lounge access.

The Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card X Rewards Credit Card and Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card X Business Card are no-brainers to carry, as the annual rewards exceed the annual fee. Plus, Capital One lounges are excellent, offering amenities like showers, prayer rooms, and more.

But AMEX, Capital One, and Chase lounges do fill up at peak times, and that can mean waiting in line for entry.

Capital One is now offering virtual queuing in their mobile app. Login and it will tell you how busy the lounge is, and if there is a wait.

To navigate there, select benefits, discover travel and lounges, lounges, and you will then be able to see details about the Capital One Lounge location you’re interested in, including real-time availability. 

You can join the waitlist via the app even before you get to the airport, and you’ll get an SMS when you can enter. You’ll have 15 minutes from that point to enter the lounge.



Capital One Lounges can be found in Dallas/DFW, Denver, and Washington/IAD. A new one will soon open in Las Vegas and Capital One Landings will open shortly in LaGuardia and Washington Reagan/DCA.

Well AMEX and Chase, now it’s your move to solve overcrowding.

What are your favorite lounges that can be accessed thanks to your credit card? Will you wait in line for a lounge?

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Venture X

LGA landing eta???? Been a couple years now

LGA flyer



The problem is these banks offer fat sign-up bonuses amongst other benefits which encourages so many people to sign up for their premium cards, but their lounge capacity cannot keep up. Amex can offer hundreds of thousands of points to sign up for their cards and there will be enough for everyone because they create the points, but there is a finite amount of space in the lounges so all the new sign-ups will have to “compete” for that benefit. Many Amex lounges were built many years ago and have not increased in size, by contrast, the cards that grant access have exploded in popularity.


Lounges .. big hype about nothing.. especially for the kosher consumer

Never been impressed by any lounge… And rarely have time to burn in one


For me, lounges are a game changer when davening in airports. On my most recent South America trip, I met another traveler who had been under the impression that Orthodox Jews are not allowed to travel. Maybe you’re the ones she was talking about?


I highly recommend davening in a shul

I travel plenty and I try to avoid hanging out at airports

Especially in rooms where there’s not appetizing food left out all day that happens to be completely not kosher

If you’re really looking for a free Coke or a beer they’re great


Good thing they didn’t do what Amex did and solve overcrowding by banning guests


Anyone try to do this for authorized users? Can they just use my login?

I don’t get the lounge hype

I come to the airport with enough time to check in and get to my gate. That’s it. I can see it if you have a long layover but there aren’t lounges in those airports necessarily.


I stopped going to lounges since COVID. I’ve realized that they really don’t do much for me. I try to show up as late as possible to my flight and spend more time at home. However I do appreciate a lounge during a layover.


Did @Dan get an iPhone!? look at those screenshots…