AMEX Will Waive Late Fees And Interest If You Have COVID-19 Hardships, With Some Caveats

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Apple Card previously announced that you can contact them to skip your March payment without late fees or interest owed.

Now, AMEX Financial Hardship is offering 2 months of waived payments with no interest or late fees if you have hardships due to COVID-19. However if you take advantage of that, your cards and your points will be frozen. If you want to use your cards or points you’ll have to exit the Financial Hardship program.

Will you take advantage of the Apple Card or AMEX hardship offers?

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Will this affect your credit score?


No it will not unless of course you have maxed out balances for consecutive months.

But the program itself will not hurt you


They explicitly say they hold off CRB reporting? What happens for someone who enters the program and is then 30 days late? Do they get hit with a 90 day delinquency?


When will chase join the club


Chase cancels cards involved in financial hardship situations so I’m not sure that’s the way to go


I will not take advantage of the Apple Card offer cause I will never in my life will sign up for such card. Waiting for chase to play catch up.


I imagine that issuers are going to be cutting CL and new applications will see greater scrutiny (eyeballs) as well as any behavior outside the SD.

Granted banks don’t have the liquidity crisis we had during the great recession – but Boeing recently maxed out their CL (for cash reserves) before the banks could cut them off.

The banks will also be doing more SP to monitor your balances with other creditors as well as applications for more credit.

That said I would only take advantage of this if It was this or a late payment/returned payment.


sounds like an FR trigger




Financial Review


Totally. Like a self-reporting/opt-in for F/R…


What about extending 0% apr few months?


Is this only for personal card or you can file hardship and business cards as well?


We did it with Amex business card. No problem.


If I take advantage on one card will they freeze all of my cards?
Is the freeze on the consumer or on the card?


They told me that they need to freeze all of my cards


Although I see mixed responses below, maybe it depends on the rap.


I might have misunderstood. He might have just said that all of the cards need to be enrolled if you enroll one. I thought he said they will all be frozen, but not positive


Per Amex rep this will not freeze your spending capabilities on charge card


Did a biz card this morning. Will definitely have accounts receivable delays for my business. Five minute call. Rep said the card will be active.


Thanks. I saved a few thousand dollars by signing up


Did anyone try this on an AmEx Corp card yet?


I did on Platinum. Not sure if that’s corporate. Once you sign up one card, they freeze all of the cards also. Agent told me its for 60 days but it possibly will be extended


If you have a Corp card, you know what it is. Thanks anyhow.

Anybody here try this on a Corp card?


Did on chase. Was very easy.

Did this as well on Amex and they said they are filling out a form and they will be manually adjusting. They will have a department for this.

Does anyone have the same DP on Amex for the form submitting?


===== Bad news from Amex:
Coming June 1, All cards will have A Due Date including Business Cards. =====

Over with the tricks of changing your closing date…


So if you ask for covid hardship from amex they freeze your interest and payments for 2 months. And your spending power? Will your card stay frozen after the two months?


Is it possible to get my American Express account reinstated if lost it because of covid 19