AMEX Upgrades Platinum Card Benefits; Business Platinum Card 100,000 Point Signup Bonus And New Game Changing Benefits!

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Update: 100K Offer Expired

American Express is a advertiser.

Chase stole the show in August and September with Sapphire Reserve mania. It’s truly an excellent card thanks to a 100K signup bonus, $300 in ultra-easy to obtain annual travel credits, Priority Pass lounge access with unlimited guests, triple points on all traveling and dining, Global Entry fee credit, and points that are transferable to excellent mileage currencies or that are worth 1.5 cents per dollar everywhere for travel. As Chase also offers a Freedom Unlimited card that earns 1.5 points per dollar everywhere, that means you earn 2.25 cents per dollar everywhere or 4.5 cents per dollar on travel purchases.

Now AMEX is striking back in a big way.

The consumer Platinum Card® from American Express now offers 5 points per dollar on airfare. By itself that isn’t a game changer, though it’s an excellent new benefit.

The game changing news comes with The Enhanced Business Platinum Card® from American Express OPEN. It now offers a 50% rebate when you redeem coach airfare with your choice of an airline and a 50% rebate when you redeem for business or first class airfare with any airline on Be sure you are logged in to redeem points.

If there’s a $100 airline ticket you want to book it will cost 10,000 points and you’ll get 5,000 points back. That means your points are effectively worth 2 cents each. And unlike with mileage tickets, you will also earn miles for these tickets. AMEX also offers insider fares that can make your points be worth even more than 2 cents each towards paid airfare.

Until 1/25/17 the Business Platinum Card is offering 50K points for spending $5,000 and another 50K points for spending an additional $10,000 within 3 months for first time Business Platinum cardholders.

The Business Platinum card now also earns 1.5 points per dollar on large purchases of $5,000 of more. You can earn up to 1 million points annually with that bonus.

But there’s a much easier way to earn at least 1.5 points per dollar everywhere:

-The Amex EveryDay Preferred Credit Card earns 4.5 miles per dollar at US supermarkets, 3 points per dollar at US gas stations, 2.5 points per dollar on Uber, and 1.5 points per dollar everywhere else if you make 30 transactions per month. It has a $95 annual fee.

-The Amex EveryDay Credit Card earns 2.4 points per dollar at US supermarkets, 2.2 points per dollar on Uber, and 1.2 points per dollar elsewhere. It’s the only no-fee card that allows you to transfer points into miles.

The points all combine, so thanks to points being worth 2 cents each on the Business Platinum card for airfare, you can earn an effective 9% rebate at US supermarkets, 6% at US gas stations, 5% on Uber, and 3% everywhere else by spending on the Everyday Preferred card and redeeming with the Business Platinum card.

If you also have a Consumer Platinum card you’ll earn an effective 10% rebate at all airfare (5 points per dollar spent) by redeeming them with the Business Platinum card at a value of 2 cents each.

If you have an American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card you can earn an effective 6% rebate on flights, 4% rebate at US gas stations, supermarkets, restaurants, and Uber by spending on the Premier Gold card and redeeming with the Business Platinum card.

For example:

A nonstop flight round-trip from JFK to Tel Aviv on Delta is $870 or 86.979 points. If you have a Business Platinum card and select Delta as the airline for your $200 airline fee credit and 2 cents per point on coach tickets you’ll get a rebate of about 43,490 points within 6-10 weeks. Effectively you’ll have paid just 43,490 points for this round-trip flight to Israel:










You can also use cash plus any amount of points that you choose to redeem and you’ll still get a 50% rebate of all the points that you used!

A nonstop flight round-trip from JFK to Tel Aviv in business class on Delta for those dates is $2,998 or 283,179 points thanks to an insider fare discount that drops the mileage requirements from 299,779 to 283,179. If you have a Business Platinum card you get a 50% rebate on all airlines when you book business or first class travel, so no matter which airline you select for the $200 airline fee credit you’ll get a rebate of about 141,590 points within 6-10 weeks. Effectively you’ll have paid just 141,590 points for this round-trip flight to Israel, a value of 2.12 cents per points. There’s no need to hunt for saver award travel, this works on any paid fare.











A one-way flight from NYC to Miami on 11/1 is $53 or 5,210 points. If you have a Business Platinum card and select American or United as the airline for your $200 airline fee credit and 2 cents per point on coach tickets you’ll get a rebate of about 2,605 points within 6-10 weeks. Effectively you’ll have paid just 2,605 points for this flight to Miami:













A nonstop one-way flight from LAX to JFK in business class on JetBlue is $549 or 54,810 points. If you have a Business Platinum card you get a 50% rebate on all airlines when you book business or first class travel, so no matter which airline you select for the $200 airline fee credit you’ll get a rebate of about 27,405 points within 6-10 weeks. Effectively you’ll have paid just 27,405 points for this flight. There’s no need to hunt for saver award travel, this works on any paid fare. JetBlue business class offers lie-flat seating and amenity kits. Single mint suites have doors that close for privacy in the sky, so grab single suites in rows 2 and 4 if you’re traveling alone. JetBlue also offers the best business class kosher meals in the contiguous US. Here is the JetBlue Mint kosher menu.







Annual fee:

Both Platinum cards come with a hefty $450 annual fee. Besides for the new improvements mentioned above, here’s what else they offer to make that fee worthwhile:

Charge card benefits:

Rather than being limited to a fixed credit line, these cards offer flexibility to spend far more, with the caveat that it needs to be paid back in full on the due date.

Airline fee refunds:

You can register here for $200 in annual fee credits for the airline of your choice. Officially you can only change the airline in January, but I’ve been able to chat and change the airline in other months as well.

If you get a Platinum card now you’ll get $400 of refunds in your first cardmembership year, $200 in 2016 and $200 in 2017.

Officially these are intended to be used for bag fees, seat upgrades, and lounge passes/memberships. However they also work for items like $100 American Airlines gift cards, and $100 United gift registry contributions.

If you have multiple primary Consumer or Business Platinum cards they can each take advantage of this annual benefit.

Gold elite status with 3 hotel chains:

Both Platinum cards offer Starwood Gold, Hilton Gold, and Marriott Gold elite status.

You can enroll online here for Hilton Gold status. You can also enroll additional cardholders for Gold status, but that needs to be done over the phone.

You need to call 800-525-3355 and select option 3 for Starwood Gold status.

Once you have Starwood Gold status you can match that online instantly to Marriott Gold status.

Hilton Gold status gets you upgrades, bonus points, 5th night free on awards, late checkout, breakfast, and bottled water. Free breakfast doesn’t usually do much for me as a kosher traveler, but we had the pleasure of staying at the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem last year where we were treated to a fantastic daily breakfast, which is free for Hilton Gold and Diamond members. There is a mind-boggling quantity of awesome kosher food there, from dozens of daily hot dishes to hard cheeses, fresh fruits and pastries to fresh squeezed juices, as well as on-demand dishes like french toast, pancakes, waffles, and eggs. Unlimited wine, hot or cold chocolate drinks, and espresso drinks are included as well.

Starwood Gold status gets you late checkout, more points per dollar spent at SPG hotels, and a 250 point amenity on stays, even when redeeming points. Starwood elites can also register here to earn Starpoints on Delta flights on top of the regular Delta miles in addition to other benefits while Delta elites can get benefits at SPG hotels.

-Centurion lounge access:

American Express has operated Centurion lounges in Argentina, Brazil, India, and Mexico for some time.  Now they are expanding in the US market with lounges operating in Dallas, Houston, Las Vegas, LaGuardia, Miami, San Francisco, Seattle, and more to come such as Chicago and Los Angeles.

Originally the US lounges were designed for free access only for Centurion cardholders, you know them as those black cards that cost a ridiculous $2,500 per year with a $7,500 initiation fee that used to give elite status on airlines like Continental and USAirways but now is down to just Delta.

But once the Platinum card started losing airline lounges due to exclusivity with other banks AMEX opened it up to Platinum cardholders for free as well.

Primary and additional cardholders can access the lounge and they can each bring their spouse and kids into the lounge for free. Or they can bring in any 2 other people with them for free.

The lounges offer varying amenities like premium drinks, showers, and massages. And as they are staffed by AMEX you can even get help with account issues and access the lounge even if you forget your Platinum card.

-Priority Pass membership.

You can enroll here for a Priority Pass membership.

Unfortunately this membership doesn’t include any free guests, but additional Platinum cardholders can get their own free Priority Pass membership.

Lounges include the Art & Lounge in Newark which is the lounge that El Al provides for their business and first class passengers. It offers kosher food, wine, and Israeli art. In Tel Aviv you can access the Dan lounge.

See the Priority Pass site for their complete list of lounges.

Priority Pass gives access to the full network of “The Club” with 8 domestic lounges and growing.

Airspace lounges:

Currently there are Airspace lounges in Cleveland, JFK (JetBlue T5 terminal), and San Diego.

Primary and additional cardholders can access the lounge and they can each bring their spouse and kids into the lounge for free. Or they can bring in any 2 other people with them for free.

These are modern lounges with free premium coffee, bottles water, and self service soft drinks.  Additionally you and every guest also gets a gift card valid towards purchasing premium alcohol, local craft beers, cocktails, and meals.

Delta SkyClub:

You can access Delta lounges for free with a Platinum card when flying on Delta.  You don’t get any free guests, but additional Platinum cardholders can access Delta lounges for free as well.

The Delta SkyClub in JFK even sells kosher meals if you need one!

Global Entry/Pre-Check Fee Refund

It costs $85 to apply for a 5 year TSA Pre-Check membership which makes flying pleasant again. Shorter lines, no need to remove your shoes, belt, jacket, or hat. You can keep your laptop and freedom baggie with liquids in your carry-on. And you go through a good old fashioned metal detector instead of assuming the position in a nude-o-scope.  If you charge it on your Platinum card the fee will be refunded.

It costs $100 to apply for a 5 year Global Entry membership which lets you bypass the customs line. If you have Global Entry you also get TSA Pre-Check. If you charge it on your Platinum card the fee will be refunded.

You can read more more about the differences in this post.

Additional cardholders qualify for a Pre-Check or Global Entry fee refund as well.

My whole family has Global Entry and it sure makes traveling a whole lot easier!

Unlimited worldwide Boingo WiFi:

With either Platinum card you now get free unlimited Boingo Wi-Fi worldwide, perfect for avoiding confiscatory rates at airports when traveling.  Search from over 1 million hot-spots here.

Enroll for free Boingo access here.

Gogo In-Flight Wi-Fi:

With the Business Platinum card only, you get 10 annual Gogo flight passes to use on any flight with Gogo internet.

You can enroll here for your free passes.

Additional cardholders:

You can add 3 additional cardholders onto a consumer Platinum card for $175 ($58.33 per additional cardholder per year).

Additional cardholders on a business Platinum card are $300 each, though you can add additional Green cardholders with no annual fee to a business Platinum card.

Additional Platinum cardholders do get full lounge access so they will have access to Delta and Priority Pass lounges for themselves and they will be able to guest others into Airspace and Centurion lounges. They also get the Global Entry credit.

Lost Item Protection:

If you buy something on your Platinum card up to $10,000 and lose it within 90 days of purchase it will be fully covered. Many cards offer stolen item protection, but that requires a police report to be filed and often has a cap of just $1,000.

Car Rental Perks:

A 4 hour late return fee-free grace period at Hertz and fee-waived Gold Plus membership and National Executive guarantee upgrades and faster free award rentals.

The card also comes with free checked baggage insurance and it has no foreign exchange fees.  And of course it comes with all of the amazing purchase protections that other American Express cards have as well.

Business vs Consumer card:

-The consumer card’s advantages are now the 5 points per dollar on airfare and the inexpensive additional user fees.

-The business card’s advantages are now the 50% bonus points for spending $5,000+, the GoGo WiFi passes, Open Savings rebates on purchases from Fedex, HP, Hertz, and more. But the main advantage is the 50% rebate for using points for airfare.

AMEX business cards don’t appear on your credit report. That’s good for several reasons.

First of all they won’t count against your 5/24 count for opening new Chase cards. Only cards on your report that have been opened within the past 24 months count for that.

Second, when you spend money on personal cards your credit score will be hurt even if you pay your bill on time. A whopping 30% of your credit score is based on credit utilization. You can pay off your card bill before your statement is generated to avoid that, but that takes effort and laying out money well before you have to. Additionally it’s good to have the statement close with a couple dollars to show the card is active and being paid every month. On an AMEX business card it’s just not reported, so you can wait until the money is due without it having a negative effect on your score.

Third, if you close a business card it won’t ever have an effect on your score.

You may already have a business that needs a card to keep track of expenses. For example if your name is Joe Smith and you sell items online, or if you have any other side business and want a credit card to better keep track of business expenditures you can just open a business credit card for “Joe Smith Sole Proprietorship” as the business. You don’t need to file any messy government paperwork to be allowed to do that.
Just be sure to select “Sole Proprietorship” as the business type and just use your social security number in the Tax Identification Number field

So, is it all worthwhile?

The lounge and other benefits are great, but the 50% rebate on the Business Platinum card really shines.

However you’ll better off spending on cards like The Amex EveryDay Preferred Credit Card from American Express and The Amex EveryDay Credit Card from American Express to earn more points per dollar than the Platinum card.  The American Express® Premier Rewards Gold Card is a charge card like the Platinum card but earns more points on airfare, gas, and groceries than the Business Platinum card.

But having those cards and a Business Platinum card seems like a winning strategy. You’ll get lots of benefits and a great redemption rate without having to hunt for saver award space.

Will these new benefits change your mileage earning strategy?

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is the enhanced business platinum considered a new product?


Signed up recently for a platinum card and a free first year in my agreement?
Not complaining, what’s up with that ?


I doubt it, but if you try let us know.

Seems to be many people reporting that.
Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth 😀

DZ the Telzer

If I had a card and cancelled it 12 months ago can I still get this bonus.


Question is, does all existing Platinum Business cards behave the same as the Enhanced one? Is it worth to change over?


Dan the sapphire reserve also offers 50% increase towards reddening towards travel, so its the same , no?


Do these enhancements apply to the corporate platinum as well?


Great opportunities for mileage running!


To be clear, the points are only worth 2 cent each towards the companion flight. However, if you count the points being spent towards both tickets, the effective price per point is 1.33 cents, no?


Is it possible to transfer MR points from the consumer to the business if they’re in separate login’s?
If yes, how?


How do you factor in the $200 airline fee on a coach ticket, In your NYC to Mia example? How is it used ?


does it work for platinum personal as well


@DZ the Telzer:

Same. No.

50% bonus is 33% off. 50% rebate is 50% off. Simple math.


@Yandmk: it should be the same member rewards account.


Existing cards automatically have all these benefits.

Sapphire Reserve is 1.5 cents for travel.
This is 2 cents.
Both cards can multiply those numbers by 1.5 for all purchases with Freedom Unlimited or Everyday Preferred.


This has nothing to do with companion tickets.
It’s effectively 2 cents per point for all tickets.

You can call to transfer points between your cards.

For bags, seat upgrades, gift cards, etc.

The post says which benefits apply to each card.


But it has nothing to do with the price of the ticket . Why do you mention it at all ?


Ummm, read the post again.


1so given the choice of SMEX cards which do you recommend?
2- How do I see AMEX inside fares?


Annoying that they incorporated the 50% benefit as a rebate. Still need to have the full amount of points to book the ticket. If not for that it would be a clear win over Sapphire Reserve.


@Dan: you think Amex to stick it to chase will start doing that officially for a limited time and this is kind of small targeted thing there trying out?


I just spent over 100k in the last month. Is there a way I can get the 1.5 points per dollar for those charges or it’s only for new charges here on?

Dan's the Man

It’s too bad they require you to have all the points and then rebate back 50%. Also it’s bad they still are sticking with the name the airline game. Those are deal breakers for me. I’m going to go stick with the Chase cards. They are a better deal for those that don’t fly so much.


My Business CR is not good due to high balances but my personal is great, will i get approved by putting my social in the EIN field? Thank you!!


Not that I would advise going there, but the Airspace lounge in CLE charges for the premium bottled water, but you can use you GC towards that, just like the alcahol.

Dan's fan

How long does it take to get the rebate?


Any ideas if this card counts toward chase’s 5/24 rule? Also, how hard to open if you really don’t have any income for last year (although I did just start a business)?


Amex confirmed via chat that this is a new product. Should i go with it? Or they might make me problems regardless? I saved the chat i.d.


Hi Dan,

“If there’s a $100 airline ticket you want to book it will cost 10,000 points and you’ll get 5,000 points back”

If I only have 8,000 points – Can I use 8,000 points & $20 cash & get 4,000 points back?

Or there is no cash & points option similar to Ultimate rewards where you do not need the full amount of points to redeem & can use cash for the remainder?



@Yanky: because for coach ticket you need to choose that specific airline inorder to get the points back. For the business and first class tickets you can choose any airline.


That was a long post…bottom line, i have to spend $15,000 to make 100k. Correct? That is a tall order


@Mordy: how are they calling it different then the regular business card , is it actually called enhanced or a different name? Two separate sign up pages like the prg and reg gold card ?


Use Membership Rewards ® Pay with Points for all or part of an eligible fare and get 50% of those points back.


How can i get my first year AF waived?


If I have the Amex platinum and the Chase Sapphire there’s no real need for the Sapphire Reserve Correct?
P.s. there is an airspace lounge at JFK JetBlue Terminal 5 right past gate 24.


It does, read the most more carefully.

-Everyday Preferred+Business Platinum is an amazing combo.
-Insider fares came up randomly during my searches.

True, though in the end of the day it’s still 2 cents for AMEX vs 1.5 for Chase.

Beats me.

New charges.


They also give free bottled water.

@Dan’s fan:
Ts and Cs say 6-10 weeks, though we’ll need to wait for reports to see if it will come faster than that.

AMEX business cards don’t count for 5/24.
You include your household income on the app.

If you try, let us know.

Sure, you can use cash and points and you will still get half your points back!

Or 50K for spending $5K, yes.
But it’s the card benefits that required the long post.

There are plenty of Sapphire Reserve benefits that you wouldn’t have without the card:

Dan's the Man

No you can’t. That’s why for most people (people that don’t have a few hundred thousand spare points all the time like Dan) the Chase cards are a much better deal. No garbage with selecting airline, credits only for airline fees instead of any travel, free lounge access for family members that are traveling with you, no need to have double the amount of points and then have half rebated. The Chase Sapphire Reserved, Freedom, & Freedom unlimited is the way to go for most followers of this blog that don’t travel that much.


@Dan’s the Man:

You can choose any amount of points that you want to use and you’ll get half of those points back.


Chase Freedom + Freedom Unlimited + Sapphire Reserve will cost after year 1, $450.00 – $300.00 (easy to receive travel credit) = $150.00 (add Chase Ink for another $95.00 a year)

Amex Platinum + EDP will cost after year 1, $450.00 + 95.00 – $200.00 (hard to receive travel credit) = $345.00


True, but there are more factors than that.

Off the top of my head.
-The Chase combo doesn’t give access to Airspace, Centurion, or Delta lounges.
-The Chase combo doesn’t come with the GoGo WiFi passes or the hotel elite status.
-The Chase combo doesn’t have a year-round grocery or gas bonus.
-The Chase combo gives a value of 1.5 cents per point instead of 2 cents.

-The AMEX combo doesn’t have guesting at Priority Pass lounges.
-The AMEX combo doesn’t have 3x on all travel.


Already had an AMEX Business Platinum in the past (closed now) do I still qualify for this 100k bonus?


Hey, the 50% rebate, is that retroactive? Just redeemed 100k for flights


The problem with all your math dan is that it assumes that we all fly around the world all the time. I understand that that works for you but for the rest of us not necessarily. When you write that i can get 10% back on flights bc i get 5 points per dollar ans the redeem for 2 cents each on more airfare, that means that Im constantly flying. Im flying to fly again. Are you flying for the miles or getting the miles to fly???


Whats the difference between amex platinum business and personal?

Dan's the Man

Thanks for the correction. My Bad!

A better combo would be the Ink Cash card which has no annual fee and still offers 5x points at Office supply stores, internet/telecom, etc just like the the premium Ink card.


Can the Global Entry refund be used for Nexus?


Aside for airlines I don’t see myself using the card on purchases, would you say it’s worth getting the card just for the 100k signup, 50% mileage rebate, and lounge access?


Is there an official date that the 1.5 points on purchases over $5,000 went into effect? Today? Yesterday?


If i spend the $15k and get the 100k points. Can i cancel the card within the first year and not get charged the fee or will i still be charged?
Thank you so much!


If I previously had the business platinum can I get the sign up bonus for the enhanced business platinum card?


Unless this is considered a new product you wouldn’t.
That’s unclear at this time.

Effective today.

It just takes one trip to Israel to wipe out hundreds of thousands of points. How many points are you earning?

Read the post!

Not officially, though you might be able to get a rep to manually credit for it.



The fee comes right away.
But you can get $200 in fee refunds in 2016 and $200 in fee refunds in 2017, so the first year’s fee is effectively just $50.

Unless this is considered a new product you wouldn’t.
That’s unclear at this time.


@Meir: I believe the business card never had the 1 bonus per lifetime rule like the personal Amex cards have. Dan, correct me if I’m wrong.

Airline choice

Which airlines can be chosen for the 50% off economy?


@Dan’s the Man: You are spot on, this combo pack is a killer package. CF+CFU+CSR+CIC all for $150.00/year



How many MRs do you have total by now Dan?


The need to select an airline somewhat takes the wind out of the sails of this card :/

@Dan, can you select El Al for 50% off coach redemptions?

Amex credit

@Dan you mentioned being able to use the $200 Amex Platinum credit for the United gift registry. To the best of my knowledge, that has not been an option for at least several months now. whenever you try to make a contribution, it takes you to the same page that your link does, which is essentially nowhere. I’ve reached out to United several times about this issue and received the usual worthless assurances that they’re looking into it or that the system is temporarily down due to overhaul, etc. I have yet to have any rep actually return my call about this. If you have any other info, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


If I buy the remainder of the ticket since not enough points to cover the whole ticket with my Delta Card for a Delta flight – Will I get the $100 Delta credit (I have the Delta PLatinum)?

Or it posts as an AMEX charge & not Delta?

Do you have to use your Amex Business Platinum card to Get the points back?


you missed my point. Youre right that a family trip to Israel can wipe out hundreds of thousands of points. My point is is simply that the Amex benefit wont help you unless you fly to israel twice! once to book the initila booking and the second time with the rebated 50% points. You could use them all for the same time but then the points arent worth 2 cents each; theyre 1.75. For example if 1 have 100k points thats not enough for 4 $500 tickets. Bc i book the first two at 100k points, get 50k rebated, book 3rd ticket and get 25k rebated. SO i only have $250 towards 4th ticket. Still not bad but just pointing that out for someone that spend a lot and is comparing this with other 2% cash back cards…


is there a limit to how many times a year you can use the benefit ?


They do.

@Airline choice:
Should be any domestic airline.

Sure is.

Enough 🙂

No, would work for business/first only for El Al.

@Amex credit:
Hmm. I’ll look into it.

I’d guess it posts as an AMEX charge and not a Delta charge.

Except it’s not just 2%, it’s 3-9% with Everyday Preferred.

The 50% rebate is unlimited.


@Dan, how will this at all effect my credit report, as you said it won’t show up at all. Does that mean there will be no record of it at all amd no effect on my score, whether I get approved or not? i’m going for a mortgage soon



One thing to keep in mind Dan – the limit on Everyday Preferred on Supermarket spend is $6,000 annually.


Didn’t read all the comments,but Reserve is accepted anywhere, gives much more free travel protection benefits, much easier to spend 4k, much easier to redeem points for 1.5 without needing a business version, more perks and more automatic travel $300 reimbursement that counts not only towards Airlines. No brainer I’m all in for the Reserve.

Deal dude


It won’t report as a new account as an Amex Business Card is hidden from your credit reports.

It will only get reported if you are delinquent.

The only hit you will take is from an inquiry.

Dans Fan

Considering that this would be considered a paid ticket, would you be able to write a post detailing which airline is the best to credit the flight miles to?? Or did you already write a post on this?


I have the business gold, do the MR from the gold combine? and if so all do my previous points become eligible for the 50% rebate?


Read the post, clicked on the Amex post. Sorry Dan, still confused.
How is the no fee Amex Everyday offering such a return when you get 2x / dollar at supermarkets capped at $6K annually? Thanks

Dans Fan

Where should we credit the miles earned from flying on these “paid” tickets? Do you already have a post on that?


If I ask to increase my credit limit on a card, does that affect my credit score at all?

Joe Land

Dan – If I currently have the Business Green care, Can I just switch it to the platinum card (without applying) and get the 50% rebate ?


Which business class from NYC – TLV is better ? Elal VS United ?


An inquiry will show up, but that’s easily explained and shouldn’t cause issues.

@Dans Fan:
That depends on the airline that you fly on.

Yes and yes.

“by spending on the Everyday Preferred card and redeeming with the Business Platinum card.”

Ask them if they need to hard pull or not.

@Joe Land:
Yes, but then you wouldn’t get the bonus.



Are there any lounges that can be used when traveling on air France from new york -France -Rome -israel? Does the United mileageX Amazon still work for airline credit for $200 plus $200?

Dans Fan

I understand that it depends what airline you fly on. But I wanted to know if you have a post that helps show the smartest way of doing it for all the different airlines. If not, can you write up such a post?? Please!!


what is the policy regarding a mixed economy ticket with “the chosen airline” and another airline, for example: delta + air France? would i get 50% back on the whole price, half or none?


@Dan: hi dan if i wanted to tranfer out the balance of my hilton amex before closing it and the told me that i have to leave over 500 dollars before closing it does that make sense?thanks


Dan, do you need a invite code to get the 100 k bonus miles after spending $15 k in three months ?


If you still have 2 1/2 more years left until your Global Entry expires (it’s good for 5 years) can you use the Global Entry benefit now and renew Global Entry for another 5 years now (for the $100 that the card will refund you)..??? Thanks!


Is the limit of 1mm bonus points on purchases over $5000 for each calander year or 12 month from now ?


For hitting the $15k spend, it says in Terms&Conditions–>”offer terms” that purchases or reloading of prepaid cards do not qualify. If that is so, does it mean the usual CVS vanilla card purchase MS strategy won’t work?


Received 100k from Platinum signup and then closed platinum account. Spoke to rep (before closing) who informed me that because I had a Gold Rewards account the points would remain as they use the same Membership Reward account. They didn’t. The points were removed a couple weeks after account closing. What to do??
Filed complaint after complaint to no avail. Main complaint; the account closing was only on rep’s recommendations. Even if she provided incorrect info, should I lose out on an Amex rep’s mistake??


$15,000 in 3 months is a lot to get the 100K. I haven’t had to meet such a threshold in a while (usually my regular spending will do it). What is the latest, best way to spend this? I’ve been out of it for a while. I remember the bluebird, redcard and serve options. What works best right now?


hi Dan
I have several credit cards and have good credit.
I am now seeking for a credit card with major benefits and large sum of bonus points.
is this the best offer, 100,000 points, please advise?
i will use this card for me and my employer i assume it will only get me the points once.
i will use the credit card for tickets approx 5000usd a month.
please advise asap.
thank you


Do you think that if I buy a Southwest gift card it will count towards the airline credit?


Has anyone heard that you can’t get the 50% points back on Insider Fares (i.e. purchase lower Insider Fare for 100% points or 50% back on a higher priced non-Insider Fare)?


Anyone know if the Centurion lounge @Barclays Center has Kosher food available?