AMEX Refreshes The Green Card

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Update: The Green Card is no longer a charge card, starting today it is a regular credit card.

AMEX has long ignored the Green card as it marketed its Gold and Platinum cards.

The old annual fee was $95 and it was most useful as a downgrade option from the Gold or Platinum cards as it didn’t have any compelling benefits. The annual fee has been increased to $150, but it comes with new benefits.

With this link you can get 35K points for spending $2,000 in 3 months and you’ll get a $150 statement credit for purchasing Away luggage (You can also get a $20 Away discount at final checkout via this link). You may be able to get 45K points in an incognito browser, though I wasn’t able to get that offer.

The cards now offers triple points on travel and dining. That’s nice, though I value Chase points higher than AMEX points and those same categories are bonused on the Sapphire cards.

The Green card offers a $100 annual statement credit for CLEAR, which is great. That lowers the cost of membership from $109 to just $9/year for Delta or United cardholders/elites or from $119 to $19/year for non-cardholders or non-elite members. You can read more about CLEAR membership and pricing here. Hopefully we’ll see more cards give a CLEAR credit instead of the ubiquitous Global Entry credit.

The Green card also offers a $100 annual statement credit for LoungeBuddy. That will get you a couple of lounge passes, though their lounge network is limited. This is very weak compared to the Priority Pass membership offered by cards like Chase Sapphire Reserve®.

There are no foreign transaction fees.

The card is a charge card, so it won’t have a hard credit line and it won’t count towards the maximum number of AMEX credit cards that you can have. As of today this is now a credit card and no longer a charge card.

The Green card offers 90 days of purchase protection, 1 year of extended warranty, secondary car rental insurance, and $300 of trip delay insurance as of 1/1/20. Return protection is being killed on 1/1/20. These benefits pale in comparison with the benefits offered by Chase premium cards.

Overall, I don’t see a compelling value here other than the welcome bonus. CLEAR is a nice benefit, but not enough to justify the $150 annual fee unless you can’t get cards from Chase.

Will you apply for the Green card?

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In case it is helpful, I will note that I am seeing the same terms and conditions as on many AMEX cards: “Welcome offer not available to applicants who have or have had this Card or previous versions of the American Express® Green Card.”
So unfortunately, might not be worth trying for this card and the new benefits if you have had it in the past.
Thanks Dan and team for everything you do!


Do I get these benefits if I am already a card holder?




Not if you already have this card.


the card benefits, yes. The welcome bonus, no.


I do alot of Home Depot shopping. What card would give me most points per dollar spent…. not as concerned with signing bonus….


Maybe try something like the AmEx Gold, which gives 4x points on grocery stores. Then buy HD gift cards at a grocery store.


I’m doing too much to buy gift cards


You can buy gift cards of home depot on using a chase ink cash or plus to get 5 points per doller. Also i think you could buy it in store as well as office depot/ office max.


I have a few green cards for additional card holders under my platinum card, how are those cards affected? Who receives the benefits? Platinum is still a charge card will the green get limits?


So is there any option left for downgrading the Platinum card and getting a prorated annual fee refund?


Are you sure about the charge card to cc change? I got approved as a sixth card


45k if you apply incognito!!!


I read your source and it say “The Green Card also will function more like a credit card” . It just says it will function like a credit card not it is a credit card .

Big joe

Why do you consider chase points more valuable then amex after united devaluation?


So you’re stuck if you want to downgrade from Gold then? What would happen to all my membership rewards points? Am not sure I want to keep my Gold anymore but my renewal isn’t up till next spring. Any ideas what to do?


Applied incognito for 45k instant approval as charge card without set CL.




” (You can also get a $20 Away discount at final checkout via this link).”
How does this work? Is there a code?


Dan- if your renewal date is before 1/1/2020, will you be charged the old $95 AF and still be eligible for the CLEAR benefits and/or Away credit? Thanks!

Dans Fan

Hi Dan,

Thanks for all the informative posts. Would you consider writing a post summarizing which cards to use for booking tickets (with miles or cash) for travel insurance etc.? Thanks.




I just got this email from Amex…..

Your American Express ® Traditional Green Card benefits and fee haven’t changed.

You may have heard that we recently made some changes to the American Express® Green Card, including enhanced rewards and a higher annual fee. While we did make changes to some Cards, please know that we didn’t make any changes to your American Express Traditional Green Card account. Your existing Card benefits and Annual Membership Fee are remaining the same.


Earn Membership Rewards® Points

Beginning October 24, 2019, you will earn one Membership Rewards® point for each dollar of eligible purchases charged on the American Express® Green Card. Travel: You will earn 2 additional points (for a total of 3 points) for each dollar charged on eligible travel purchases including airfare, hotels, cruises, car rentals, campgrounds, trains, taxicabs, rideshare services, tours, ferries, tolls, parking, buses, subways, on third party travel websites, and on You will not earn additional points for purchases of timeshare properties. Restaurants: You will earn 2 additional points (for a total of 3 points) for each dollar charged at restaurants. You may not earn additional points for purchases at a restaurant located within another establishment (e.g. a restaurant inside a hotel, casino, or event venue). For example, purchases made at a restaurant located within a hotel may be recognized as a purchase at a hotel, not a restaurant. You will not earn additional points for purchases at bars, nightclubs, cafeterias, and convenience stores.


Hi Dan, I had the gold, and got downgraded to green for $150 , but I fighted out with them cause heard friend did the same and got 15k points but I only got 3k, any other option downgrading from gold? Didn’t wanna cancel didn’t want it on my credit


Very Strange. I just tried opening the card and received a pop up saying “based on the prior card openings you are not eligible to receive welcome offer”. I was in incognito browser mode and was able to pull up the 45,000 point offer. I have not opened an Amex card in over 3 years and never held the platinum, gold or green cards. I also do not think I am over 5/24. Why would I get this message popping up? Also, I chose to cancel the application after the receiving the pop up message. I’m assuming that means there was no credit pull?


Does the American Express Business “green” card still have global entry credit?