AMEX Giving Business Platinum Cardholders A $200 Statement Credit Upon Renewal!

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AMEX added a plethora of new benefits onto their cards on Friday and the giving continues today.

Multiple DDF members are reporting getting an email about a $200 statement credit on their Business Platinum cards that are up for renewal. The email promises the credit within 8-12 weeks of renewal.

It’s unclear how long the $200 statement credit will last for, but it has been added onto this page of new Business Platinum perks which highlights the new $400 Dell credit, $160 shipping credit, and $160 wireless credit that comes on top of the $200 airline fee credit.

Did you get a $200 statement credit email and when does your Business Platinum card renew?

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Would it work if mine renewed in January


Same q
Mine was in February


I have two cards. One for DW and one for myself. The one that renewed in March did not get the part about the $200 statement credit in the email that was sent out.

Oh well…


Can you please give some suggestions on how to liquidate/get future credit for the shipping and mobile credits for those who don’t otherwise have any use for them. Thanks!


Didn’t get email.
My renewal was approx a month ago


Is that 2 $100 credits per half yr or could be 1 $200 credit? Meaning if I spend 200$ will that trigger only $100 (assuming i didnt use any of the credits yet) or the entire $200. I enrolled and it doesnt say anything about the additional credit on the terms page, still teh same page that they had all along


would it work if i just signed up a few days ago


what about personal?

Ba\'al Hatayna

Just to clarify, “…which highlights the new $400 Dell credit…” is that they added another $100 spending credit to each half of the year. There was already a $100 Dell spending credit per half year on this card. They just doubled it.
As a side note, they also offer a 10% off Dell purchases that you can add to your card. I did this and made a $100 purchase and they actually credited my account with $110!


And some cards were also targeted for 5X MR on Dell purchases.


Last time they clawed back any extra money you made off the dell so you might want to make sure to spend at least $111


i got this notice when i logged in to my amex acct.

As a special thank you for being a Business Platinum Card® Member since 2019, we’re giving you a $200 appreciation credit, which will be applied to your Business Platinum Card® account upon renewal. Plus, explore more ways we’re supporting you in 2020. Terms apply. Learn More


my renewal date is in november/ december


I also got this on my login page, my renewal is January


Yes, Got the email
My card renews on June 14th


Any offers like this on the platinum consumer card?


Yes, got the e-mail this morning. Mine renews in December. I’m guessing they targeted this e-mail at people with expiration dates from now through the end of year.


FWIW my AMEX Hilton bus annual fee will be reduced $50 automatically when it renews!


I got 30K MR on my personal Plat by calling


I did not get the email. Mine renewed in April. I called and got a confirmation from a rep that i’ll get it. She spoke to manager and he said any renewal March and on will get the credit


Same notice upon log in


Does anyone knows if Google Fi wireless services is eligible for $160 in wireless credits?




Amex doesnt give any details on how to use the $20 per month shipping credit… anyone know how to use that?


goggle voice purchases count?