[One Day Left To Get A Card Made From A 747!] The AMEX Boeing 747 Augmented Reality Site Is Incredible, As Is The 747 Reserve Card I Just Got!

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Originally posted on 7/19:

  • Delta Reserve Consumer 747 Limited Time Offer
  • Delta Reserve Business 747 Limited Time Offer

I’m not a big Delta fan. Their miles, or as frequent flyers call them, Skypesos, are worth less than most other mileage currencies. They rarely provide opportunities for outsized business or first class redemption values or last minute bargains as other mileage currencies offer.

I have Executive Platinum status on American and Global Service status on United, but nothing on Delta. They’re much stingier than American and United for economy plus seating and their systemwide upgrades are a joke compared to them.

But, I applied for and was approved for a Delta Reserve Business AMEX. That had more to do with the card than the card’s benefits. You see, 25% of the card’s metal comes from a retired Delta Boeing 747 and I’m a sucker for anything related to the Queen of the Skies.

Here’s how they did it:


There’s nothing quite like seeing and flying on the mighty 747.

6 years ago I took my son Rafi on a 747 trip, an experience he still talks about today.

5 years ago I used miles to fly on United’s final 747 flight.

You can still fly on a 747, but it’s not easy anymore. Air China flies the 747-400 and 747-8, Asiana flies the 747-400, Korean Air flies the 747-8 on routes like Seoul to/from Honolulu and Los Angeles, and Lufthansa flies the 747-8 on routes like Frankfurt to/from Chicago, Houston, JFK, Los Angeles, Miami, Newark, San Francisco, and Washington D.C.

747 swag from its final United flight:


I also redeemed miles for the 747-400 cut from the plane:


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So, when Delta announced that the Reserve AMEX would be made from a 747 for a limited time, and they were offering a 6 figure signup bonus to boot, I naturally decided to go for it.

Sure, it’s gimmicky, but as far as gimmicks go, it’s a pretty cool one!

The card is a beauty indeed:


The augmented reality site that AMEX created to go along with the card is also awesome! Open that link on your phone for a fun ride and tour of the 747’s history and how they turned the retired plane into credit cards.

Fair warning, I showed the virtual 747 to my airplane obsessed 2 year old son and now he wants me to open the augmented reality site all day long to park the plane all over the place!


Will you apply for a Delta Reserve Consumer or Reserve Business card by 8/3 for 100K-110K miles, plus a card made from a 747?

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ok, and the flip side?


How are you a member since 84?


AU on a account that was opened then.


Interesting. Thanks


@Dan can I get this edition of the card somehow even though I already have the Delta Reserve?


The one thing I want to know – how were you a member since ’84? Talk about a points prodigy!


The better question is how is your MEMBER SINCE date 1984?!?


I am not a sucker to pay the hefty $550 AF


How are you an Amex member since 1984


Can I get the bonus if I already have a Delta Skymiles Platnuim?


why is the card worth 550 .If you have a amex platinum it does not seem to provide much value at all


Member since 84? HOW?
Did your parents make you an authorized user as a newborn?


Finally another Amex black card!

That 68,000,000 miles flown is your BIS miles? 🙂


Oh, I am really sorry and would regret to inform you that this card design was a limited edition and it’s not available with us in stock anymore. As due to the high demand we have already finished the stock with us and have no confirmation about the new release of this design. If it was available, then I would have loved to process the cards for you and your user.

Please accept my sincere apologies and I hope you will understand this, Much appreciated!


I actually just spoke on the phone, and upgraded my Blue Delta card. The representative said that we was able to select the 747 option.
I guess I never know until the card actually arrives, but it’s definitely worth calling them.


Do employee cards get this same version as well?


I hope you realize you can make your own custom metal credit card with a 747 on it, on sites like https://iconicace.com/ and not actually sign up for the Delta card…..

Plane difference?

What’s the difference between the 747-400 and 748-800?


Would you to fly Lufthansa for a 747 experience?
If yes which cabin?


Wow Dan – I can’t believe you’ve flown 68 million miles on Delta!



On thé business version of this card,
Is there a fee for additional employees? If yes any free option?
Do employees/AU get the same card design?
Can anyone that has the card please chim in?

Boris Johnson

You forgot to mention that BA still has the 747 in service


I’ll always cherish the memory of LY 747 F.
Food was simply incredible for kosher-rabanut. And the 2 attendants for up to 6 pax was wonderful.

Good times


Interested in this, Dan. My 4 year old is also obsessed with planes. But Delta doesn’t fly out of my local airport with enough options for me to carry long term thou. So what are the downgrade/convert options if I decide not to pay for the annual fee on year two? Thanks!


If anyone wants to check out the augmented reality thing, you can just scan the QR code from Dans picture LOL


I got a luggage tag made from an el al 747. that actual airframe was used the first time I flew . planetags.com


Dan your 747 timeline is not accurate. Or your meaning of launch not consistent.


I added an employee card on the business version and they didn’t get the same card design?
What did I do wrong ?


This might be kind of silly, but should I upgrate my Blue Delta to Reserve for a short periodof time, in order to get this unique (perhaps collectable) card?

Moishe C

I just chated with Amex to see about opening a Delta reserve card and getting the boeing card. This was their reply:
“I would like you to know that the Boeing card is a limited edition card.
From 16 June 2022 to 3 August 2022, new Delta SkyMiles Reserve and Delta SkyMiles Reserve Business Basic and Additional Card Members can receive the limited-edition Boeing 747 Card design (if stock is available). However, currently the stock is not available.”

I guess we missed out. Perhaps they will have a re-run at a later point?