Need To Meet A Spending Threshold Deadline? Send And Receive $1,000/Month With No Fees Using Amazon Payments!

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This has been discussed on the DansDeals Forums for the past year or so, but it’s good info in case you’re not (yet) a DansDeals Forum user!

Amazon payments lets you send and receive up to $1,000/month per Amazon account without any fees!  Send $1,000 to a friend from your credit card and your friend will get $1,000 deposited to their bank account without any fees and you’ll get 1,000 miles or points, and more importantly, be $1,000 closer to that spending threshold you need to meet to get signup bonus miles!

Just be sure to select that the payment is for goods/services and not cash advance when making the payment on Amazon.

This can help you meet thresholds on cards with spend hurdles like the Starwood American Express

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Well, I give it about 6 months before they either terminate this program or start charging a fee. They’re gonna see a huge spike in $1k transactions with the mint program shut down.


It should be noted that this should be used with caution or else you risk being shut down.


So much for using amazon payments… this will kill it for sure.


talk about a sure and fast death


All morons that have a tendency to call the companies and tell them about these deals.

Please don’t


Please take this article down! Don’t ruin a good thing!




Take this down pleeeeeasse.


This is probably the last month folks… if you’re lucky


If you already publish it, it makes sense to tell people that they can bee banned from Amazon completely if Amazon SUSPECTS that you are exchanging funds with your friends for miles or points. No proof needed. Also, for Amex, such services are a fast track to Financial Review. You can use it, but you should know what are you doing and know the risks. Otherwise, many people will come back here to complain.

don't mr pickle this

Please don’t be a deal killer ala mr pickles

john doe

this does not belong on the main site. your killing the forums dan.

say it ain't so dan

Please pull this down, dan your are becoming a deal killer. You know this will be abused and eventually pulled just like every deal that is posted on your main page. Pls leave this in the forums so it will stay alive.
Dan you underestimate your power I you will kill this deal, its too good to be killed.


Great. Another hyperventilating flurry of “take this post down!” comments. For all of you “I know about it but I don’t want anyone else to know about it” people, save yourselves a lot of grief and give the selfishness a rest. This type of info is easily available already. It’s called the internet. Deal with it. But by all means, feel free to start your own blog and keep it free of any and all useful info. if that will make you feel better.


Really dan? The deal’s gonna go away in a few days now.


you cant do 1000 i tried it wont let the most you can transfer at a time is $500






cmon this isn’t a new deal and the worries have always been the same. if you want to do it thank Dan for the reminder id you don’f like it move on.

aa gold



@Anonymous: the problem is the account that is getting money has to be connected with a bank account thats why it didnt work but now i figured it out

common man

Thanks dan – say good bye to this deal …….why post this now – u know it will be abused especially since mint shut down last week

bless G-d

If I send it to my wife’s account and she has the same last name as me is that a problem?

What about if we have the same bank account? Or, if I use my checking and she uses the savings account which both have the same routing number, is that an issue?


This post wins the award for most negative feedback of the year…by far!

I love the drama!


@bless G-d:

Same last name might be a problem, might not. If its Cohen, you are OK. 🙂
Same account number is a big problem – open second account.
Same routing number is not a problem.
DO NOT use the same computer or the same internet connection (IP) to log in! Have her do it from a different place.
Don’t use same email or mailing address.


Anyone beside me think this may be a halachic issue. Companies want you to SPEND 1000, not send it to a friend who will hand it over to you the next day. Interesting…….(at least the coins was a purchase)

Of course most people will respond that the friend is returning it as a “gift”, please….


Guys chill out!! I spoke to amazon they are not changing this until next year. They know about the shtick



I don’t think so. Thet advertise it: “Send money to your friends and family online or via your mobile phone.”
Even to family.


THANKS Dan. Your not selfish like your boggers who come on your site to see a deal they don’t know and scream at you when you put a deal that they know dan your the best plz keep putting up the best deals for us and who ever dose not like this site dose not have to come visit it.


“Key Am Keshay Oyref who”


Guys give him a break and stop looking out for yourselves.

Thank you Dan for helping many people in klal Yisroel and for being selfless by sharing lots of wonderful deals in order to help your fellow brothers around the world.


This is not ethical behavior. You r abusing what seems to be a generous service when really needed


if the receiver has an account, you could send $1000. if not u could only send $500
i opened 4 accounts with 4 email addresses and send $1000 from 1 to the other with the same cc and bank acount and same first and last name! thats $4000.
if you open 20 account…

dans chusid

Thanks dan smart move


Hay guys stop keveching dan have enough crying form his new baby ps what your baby name well the last name is deals but what’s the first

Get in Trouble?

What’s the final word, if u open many accounts with diff email addresses, but use the same Credit Card to charge, & same Bank Account to receive, will they allow it? & if they allow it, will u get in trouble for doing it? Please only answer if u know. Thanx Guys! & Ofcourse, THANX DAN!! U Rock!


hey dan i was charged a $2 fee from amazon for sending $500 whats that about it says no fees


did you click purchase or cash advance?


@Get in Trouble?:
Don’t know if this was smart but I did 2 accts with same cc and same checking and the money ($2000, $1000 for ea.) is back in my acct 2 days later


@Hocker: i clicked purchase


Would this work with amex serve as well?


@Chris: thank you. why are we gathering here if not to find this out? everything ends. get over it.

amex fr

Dan you forgot to mention if you do this with amex you’re guaranteed an FR. Dan – you just officially killed the forums, no one is gonna talk about anything out of fear it’ll go on the main site.


@amex fr:
So be it.
I agree with Chris here. “I know about it but I don’t want anyone else to know about it” people are selfish. If I felt the same way I would’ve never started a little blog for my friends called which was started to help friends know about stuff that I was doing.

And BS that you guaranteed an F/R. Hundreds of people have done this without getting an FR.
Sure, it can be an FR factor, but so can dozens of other things!


What is an F/R FR?


I was wondering, what is an FR Factor? Will using amazon for my Amex card spending threshold hurt me?



Wow, it’s really scary to see how selfish all these people are.
I think people have to just chill out. Enjoy the extra perks you get with miles but don’t make it something you must have, because it seems to sometimes bring out the worst in people.
Remember it’s just an added bonus in life- not life itself.
Chill and enjoy. 🙂


tru dat


If i send money to somebody thru Amazon payment using my credit card, does it show up on my credit card as a cash advance or a purchase? I don’t want to pay a fee.

Post above also discusses a $2 fee being charged by amazon. Is this for a purchase or cash advance?

Please explain how to send money wiothout any credit card or amazon fees being charged/



how do you access amazon payment system using your credit card and sending it to someone elses’s bank account????thank you


I have used amazon payments many times successfully, last week I used it for a sapphire card and transferred $1000. It did not count towards the threshold, it was registered as a cash advance and I got charged $50 + interest. I got the charges cancelled, but it still won’t count towards the $3000 spend minimum.


Then you clicked on cash advance instead of purchase or you paid yourself when you used Amazon because that has never happened to anyone else.


Dan and fans! Thanks for all! And I’m counting of your creative side here…I spend $2,000 a month in mortgage payments, and another $400 in car payments; I’d like to leverage that (30K annualy) for CC points/miles; so what can we come up with?
I have some raw ideas (Amazon payments? Paypal? Recurring no fee cash advances and then CC bill pay) but they need polishing, and would surely appreciate your input!

need to spend

can i still use amazon payments for a spending threshold? is everything about it still free? if you dont mind can you post exactly how to do it?


can someone please respond to 54 need to spend! thanx!!!


@jim: @need to spend: yes. you can do it. if you have an amazon account then go to and create an amazon payments account. i use amazon payments all the time and dont pay a dime. i even had a credit on my credit card for something and charged my own cc from amazon payments and now that money is in my bank account for free


If the Chase Freedom card gives you 10 points for every transaction, do you see an issue with making a whole bunch of 5 cent payments to rack up points?



amazonpayments state that recipients may receive “up to $500 per month. The receiving limit may be raised or removed entirely once a credit card and verified bank account have been registered in the account.”

does that mean that if I want to send more to one person (my sis- in order to meet a threshold) she must have both CC and bank account verified?? I know her bank account is verified but I don’t even know if she has a CC? Would a debit card count as a CC?

love this blog

Please pull this down, there is a reason why it was postd in the forums. Dan this makes people hesitate to post deals on the forum.


Don’t do it with AMEX. They will call you and ask what this is for. ( they want you to use serve).


Just make sure you do it as a payment and not cash advance so your CC shouldn’t charge you a finance charge for cash advance


@Anonymous: THATS because You must verify 1. a CC 2. Your routing number to your bank TWO things
if its just a CC you can only do $500


Any chance this will bring on F/R of you use an amex card?


@Dan: Can you please explain how this works? If I use my CC to do it, does the money have to really goto “someone else” or can got myself? Also how long does it take to get the money?? Please answer. Thanks,


Thank you to Dan for posting this. Sharing this with everyone was a very thoughtful and selfless thing to do.

Regarding the $1,000/month, does that go for each calendar month? For example, if I do it now in August, can I do it again in 2 weeks in September?


Lol, I’m guessing you skipped the bolded update.

I haven’t had problems with $1,000/month, but if you do multiple amazon accounts with the same card to rack up a lot on AMEX it may cause problems.

Yes, just find 1 or better yet 2 other people to make a circle with.

Correct, calendar month.


Any other ideas to reach the $5000? Any stores give back cash for returns that was paid for by cc or something like that?


Yeah, I need to find a 3rd person for a decent circle.

Wife and I each have a separate Amex SPG and linked to a separate checking account, but it seems fishy just sending money back and forth to each other…really need a third to avoid suspicion better I think.

I’m willing to circle with someone here if we can verify each other’s identity, etc. unless someone has a better idea on how to do it.


I did this at the beginning of the year and now i get a message from amazon every month stating that i need to give my social or tax id in order to meet with their new regulations? I’m sorta scared to continue using this due to the fact that i may get taxed on it….thoughts?


@Luke: i gave my ssn and i have no problems


@hudi and your not afraid of amazon sending you a tax return form? saying you paid person “X” $12000 over a year and that person getting a tax notification saying they received $12,000 as income?


Dan, you rock, thank you as always for your amazing work.

Does anyone know the financial/tax implications for this? If I pay a friend for ‘goods and services’, can that create IRS related tax issues since he obviously won’t be reporting that as revenue?



The IRS doesn’t care that you are passing back and forth $1,000 for miles as that’s not income.
And anyway it’s not reported unless you process at least 200 transactions AND receive at least $20,000 on Amazon Payments.


If u wanna fill a spending threshold u can buy visa gift cards in an office supply store, with an ink card ull get 5% back.


Can I make lets say 5 accounts for 5 family members and transfer 1,000$ a month between them from my different personal credit cards?


i sent 100 dollars to someone as a test. why was my credit card charged 1.00$ twice?


@anonymous: your credit card most likely wasnt charged. you probably see a transaction from amazon as pending. amazon just wants to make sure you are using a valid credit card. the authorization will drop after a couple days and you will only be charged for the amount you charged.


Thanks! I paid (some of) my rent via amazonpayment! More points every month!


@Dan: so if i sent 1k today 9the 29th) i can send another one on the first of sep?
also how much doe amazon charge after 1k?


Dan, do you think if I would make a payment to my business through amazon or paypal using my personal cc, they would put it together as the same person and not credit the points? especialy beacause i have the business amex card as well with my name and business name on it


@dan: can i send 1000 to my wife’s paypal account (under her maiden name.. And should she claim from same computer putting it into our account?

Chana k

I sent 1000 to my son. Now they don’t let my husband send to me or my son. Is this correct? If not, what do I do differently?
We each have different cc’s and checking accounts (except my husband who has no checking account registered)

Chana k

Also Jay (comment #53) says he pays his mortgage with a cc. My mortgage website only seems to allow bank drafts for payment. Is there a way I can use a cc, or only some banks allow it? My car payment sounds like it will allow cc on phone payments, yet not on the website.(I havn’t tried it yet.)


How do i add a credit card to my amazon account? they only show instructions how to add a checking account? thanks



Same with me with a Chase Mileage Plus Explorer Visa. Spouse’s $50 fee was reversed immediately via Secure Msg, but mine took three tries plus a threat to cancel the card.

“The transaction to AMAZON PAYMENTS dated 10/16/2012 for
$1,000.00 is listed as a quasi cash transaction.

I credited your account $50.00 in transaction fee. You
will see this adjustment listed on your xx/xx/2012

A quasi cash transaction is one that is similar to a cash
advance. Money transfers, money order purchases, gambling
transactions, and other transactions where cash is
accessed will be classified as quasi cash transactions.

Quasi cash transactions are subject to a 5% transaction
fee with a $10.00 minimum and no maximum. Also, they earn
interest on a daily basis and accrue interest from the
date they post to your account until paid in full.”


Did you choose cash advance or goods when you made the amazon payment?


Dan, Does cashing out GCs on AP only work with MC GCs? Is there anything different you need to do compared with adding a CC?


The deal appears to be partially dead. The rebate number no longer works online and must be mailed in. We’ll probably still get the standard rebate, but this appears to be how they are fixing the “glitch” that some people have cashed in on.


Hi Dan, i’m pretty new to the forum, does amazon still have the option available. i only see the option of adding a checking account?
thank you


Hi Dan,
If my husband applied for one of the Amex business cards and got me a second card under his account, can we each spend $1000 monthly on amazon payments which will add up to $2000 monthly for the account? This would add up pretty quickly for the spending threshold…


Dan, you rock rock rock! thanks for being so selfless!

So to confirm for the last time, if i send my wife for example $50,000 with 50 $1,000 transactions (keeping it under 200), will she be sent a 1099? will she get hit with a financial review?


DAN, is there any problem to send money from my friends amazon payments account with my cc which has my billing address to my own amazon payments account which obviously has the same billing address (my own)?
ps. please answer… i wana do this this month.


if u send and receive between same people,it is a guaranteed shut down.

Just don’t use amazon payment unless you have to



if your friend uses your card to send you money, it will be rejected and your account flagged for shut down!

your card is registered in the credit card system with your name and address so it won’t go through.


@Dan is this legally considered kiting and illegal?


I just opened a separate amazon account for my wife and completed the email verification, and sent her $500
she received an email telling of the money to claim, however when she clicks (or actually I click for her) the
claim button on amazon payhments nothing happens.
Any idea?


Hi Dan, how long does it take for amazon payments to verify your credentials…i just signed up for one and i am not able to add funds..the website says it needs to verify my info.


Dan the man:

i dont see the Amex Business Gold card listed above does that mean amazon payments wont work for getting the $75000 points?

thank you

Shmuel Z

Does anyone know if this works outside the US, like say Israel?


I added $1000 to amazon but now I don’t see it amazon payments


Does anybody know what I can do now with the $1000 I thought all I gotta do is add it to my amazon and then send as payment PLEASE HELP


you send money to someone else by charging your credit card. how did you add the money to amazon?


@sam (not meant for isaac)

not true. ive done it plenty of times.


@ yosel
Withdraw it to your bank account. It will take 5-7 days to get there and then pay the bill with that money !


Does anyone know if I can deposit from amazon payments to my bluebird account with the account number and routing number on my bluebird checks? Or it needs to be a real bank account thank you


Can I purchase gift cards from any retail store and transfer them to my amazon payment account? or my blue bird account? If yes how can I do that- New at this


Does anyone know if its safe to use amazon payments to meet Amex SPG $5000/6 mo. as of Aug. 2013, or will my account get shut down?

John A

Dan the Man,

Thank you for the plethora of knowledge that you are spreading out! I was wondering if the Amazon Payments for points is still working, and whether or not I should worry about my current account being flagged or closed. I’m new here, and there hasn’t been any conversation for a few months now, so I am just being cautious. Please let me know. Thanks!

david R

IS their another site ,like amazon that i can do the same ?


I too am wondering if this is still available. Are we to assume that it’s not since there has been no reply in here for such a long time?