Last Chance For Hilton American Express 100K and 75K Limited Time Offers

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Update: These offers are no longer available.

American Express is a advertiser.

-Until May 4th, The Hilton HHonors™ Surpass® Card from American Express is offering 100K points for spending $3,000 within 3 months.  It offers 12 points per dollar for spending at Hilton, 6 points per dollar at supermarkets, restaurants, and gas stations, and 3 points per dollar elsewhere. The bonus is valid if you haven’t had this particular Hilton AMEX before.

It has a $75 annual fee and gives Gold elite status for as long as you’re a cardholder, which gets you free breakfast, including the most over-the-top breakfast I’ve had in my life at the Waldorf Jerusalem.  If you spend $40K/year you’ll get top-tier Diamond status, which gets confirmed room upgrades and space available suite upgrade at hotels like the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem. You’ll also get discounted 4 night award stays and the 5th night free on award stays.

-Until May 4th, The Hilton HHonors™ Card from American Express is offering 75K points for spending $1,000 within 3 months.  It offers 7 points per dollar for spending at Hilton, 5 points per dollar at supermarkets, restaurants, and gas stations, and 3 points per dollar elsewhere. The bonus is valid if you haven’t had this particular Hilton AMEX before.

It has no annual fee and offers Silver status for as long as you are a cardmember. You’ll also get discounted 4 night award stays and the 5th night free on award stays. If you spend $20K on the card you’ll also get Hilton Gold status.

-There’s no limited time offer for the Citi Hilton Reserve card, but it’s a great card as it gives 2 free nights at any Hilton in the world when you spend $2,500 in 4 months, including the excellent Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem, the Conrad Maldives, the Grand Wailea Maui, or the Hilton Bora Bora Nui. The bonus is valid if you haven’t had this particular Citi Hilton card in the past 24 months.

It offers 10 points per dollar for spending at Hilton, 5 points per dollar on airline and car rental spending, and 3 points per dollar elsewhere.

It has a $95 annual fee and gives Gold elite status for as long as you’re a cardholder. You’ll get the 5th night free on award stays.  You’ll also get an additional free night for spending $10K in a calendar year. This card has a $95 annual fee.

The Hilton award chart can be found here.

Rooms range from 5K to 95K points per night depending on which of the 10 categories it falls into. If you have any Hilton credit card you’ll have elite status which also get the 5th award night for free. There are also point and money awards which are a great way to stretch your points, though those awards are capacity controlled.

As long as a standard room is for sale you can use points for the room without capacity controls or blackout dates.

The awesome Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem is a category 9 property requiring 80K points per night. As a Hilton cardholder the 5th award night is free, so the cost for a 5 night stay is 320K points or effectively 64K points per night.

Alternatively, AMEX Hilton cardholders can also book discounted 4 night award stays as follows:
Category 5: 130,000 points
Category 6: 160,000 points
Category 7: 190,000 points
Category 8: 220,000 points
Category 9: 260,000 points
Category 10: 300,000 points

These discounted 4 night awards are called AXON awards and can only be booked over the phone (800-920-5649), but will have the same availability as regular awards.

Hilton is a tough currency to love due to the high point requirements, but we absolutely loved our stay at the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem last year and hope to stay there again. These limited time offers are all some of the richest that have ever been offered for these cards.

At the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem we were treated to a fantastic daily breakfast, which is free for Hilton Gold and Diamond members. There is a mind-boggling quantity of awesome kosher food there, from dozens of daily hot dishes to hard cheeses, fresh fruits and pastries to fresh squeezed juices, as well as on-demand dishes like french toast, pancakes, waffles, and eggs. Unlimited wine, hot or cold chocolate drinks, and espresso drinks are included as well!

Gold and Diamond members get upgrades, food and drink amenities, late checkout, and other great benefits. Their Friday night Shabbos meals are pricey, but are well worth the expense (DDFers agree with that take as well), and the in-house restaurants are excellent as well.

With a breakfast like this, you may not even be hungry for dinner…







































Many, many more pictures when I get around to writing the trip report

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Which card would be best to open if I am looking to earn as many free nights as I can at the Waldorf in Jerusalem? Thanks!
Also is it true that the free nights on the citi reserve Hilton card can only be used on the weekends?


Anyway to get bonus if I already have regular Hilton honorso card


What is a Diamond member confirmed room upgrade?
I just stayed at a embassy suites as a diamond and did not receive any upgrade. How do you get a confirmed room upgrade?


I got this card and earned the 100,000 bonus. I then booked a two night stay at the Waldorf Jerusalem. I called them up to confirm I get a free breakfast with the reservation and they said I do not.

Any advice Dan?


JF is 100,000 points enough for a free two night stay in the Waldorf Jerusalem?


No it is not, you need 160,000 but I used some AMEX points to get up there.

I am just trying to confirm the free breakfast.


All of the ones in this post.
Officially the Citi is only for weekends, though I was able to change it and use it on a weekday.

You can get the bonus once for each card.

The Waldorf Jerusalem can confirm one.

All Golds and Diamonds get free breakfast and hundreds of trip reports from the Waldorf Jerusalem confirm that.


Any suggestions to spend 3k in 3 months. Thanks


Can I apply for both cards? Will I get both bonuses?


Dan, can you use the 2 free weekend nights for weekdays instead? You just wrote ‘2 free nights”…thanks!

Dan Fan

Hi Dan,
around how much ca$h would you say I can get for the 75k sign up points?


@Dan does it pay to sign up for both cards?



See comment 7.



Do point bonuses post immediately after you reach spending requirement or after 3 months? Also, can you transfer hilton points between spouses?


Typically a few days after meeting the spend requirement.

You can’t transfer to your spouse, though you can book a room for someone else.


Just curious – though probably not the best way to use the points, can these points be cashed out through AMEX for 1 cpp?


@Dan, I saw comment 7 but when I called Hilton/Citi they could not tell me for sure. I just wanted to confirm that you used it for a weeknight and also find out how you did it. Thank you!


So whats the best card for going to Israel


Yes, I too like AW would like to know about how you go about getting the reward for weeknights as I am looking to get the card specifically so I can use it for a 2 night stay during the week in December in Switzerland.


Does Hilton give suite upgrades to gold members if they request it (and it’s available)?


anyone have luck with a 2 bm on the amex hilton cards?


Does this card get you 100,000 points AND the 2 free weekend nights? or just the 100,00 points? Thnx.


1-is the current sign up for citi visa good or do you think it has been better?
2- Are there black out days when using the points for Hotel stays such as the Waldorf? ex. holidays
3-Is there a fee when using the points for a hotel stay?
4-Is the citi reserve card the only hilton card restricted to weekend stays or does this apply to amex as well?

Thanks @Dan!


is there any award chart of ALL hotels in each category ?
travelisfree has a map and list but its outdated



Can the AXON award be granted if some of the nights are paid some free nights of the citi reserve card and some paid or they all have to be all points?


Hi Dan, First thank you very much, you helped me a lot since I moved from Brazil 2.5 years ago.
I have a Premier Rewards Gold Card and today I applied for the Surpass, I heard that when you apply and you get the credit check by amex you could apply at the same day and you only get one hard inquiry on your credit score is that right?


Hi, I have the non-AF Hilton card and have a notice on my account saying I’m eligible for the upgrade. Is that a credit pull? Hard? None?




1. Sometimes they waive the fee.
2. No blackouts, but it’s only good for standard rooms which can sell out during peak demand. Search on their site to see.
3. No.
4. No restrictions on AMEX/points.

Needs to be 4 consecutive nights for AXON discount.


What’s the point of upgrading?
You don’t get points for the upgrade. Apply new and you get 100K points.


@Dan: four consecutive nights in any form?


If I already have an Amex Plat. can I get the HH blue on my business account?


Around how many points us it for a weeknight in the average Hilton (meaning around how many nights does 100k get me for the average hilton)

If anyone knows, id really appreciate it!


Question about the citi offer

1) Do you need to keep the card active to retain the free nights once revived?

2) if you hit 10k and get the 3rd night award, will that be as soon as you hit it or at new of calendar year?



No, points nights.

Read the post, click on the links.

1. No.
2. It’s after account renewal.


I’m pretty new with Amex can I also use the Hilton points for airline use?


@Dan Because the msg in my account said “Limited time offer, upgrade and get 100k after spending 3k…” so doesn’t it mean you get points for upgrades?

Side Q: If I was planning on spending the 100k (80k) for Waldorf Jerusalem, it would be better to apply for the Citi free 2 nights, right?

Side Q2: If there aren’t any credit pulls on upgrades, then I should go for both, right? (besides 2MB)


Dan, with no specific Hilton stays in the foreseeable future, do you think it’s better to apply now, or will the bonus be higher in a year or 2? I assume Amex won’t change the lifetime language, agree?


@Fortune: Get married, have kids, live a frum lifestyle and you’ll reach 3k in a few weeks.


1. just got email now and it seems it is to late, anyway i can still do it?
2. i havent applied for a card for more then a year, want to apply for 2 cards at once, 1. for max months free apr. 2. for max points.
many thanks


Dan, Thanks – Just got the Hilton cards to start saving for the Jerusalem Waldorf. Any other chains in Jerusalem – Starwood??


Seems like to use for weeknight is dead 🙁