[Don’t Forget To Cancel!] 12 Free Months Of iTranslate PRO And More For AMEX Cardholders!

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Update 12/24/2023: Don’t forget to cancel your annual subscription if you signed up for this!

Originally posted 12/23/22.

12 Free Months Of iTranslate PRO And More For AMEX Cardholders!

AMEX is offering its members a variety of new temporary perks including 4 months of Panera+ which includes a free coffee every 2 hours, 12 Month Subscription To iTranslate PRO, 6 Months SiriusXM, and more.

Be sure to set iTranslate PRO to not auto-renew, otherwise you will be charged $69.99/year.

Will you take advantage of any of these perks?

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21 Comments On "[Don’t Forget To Cancel!] 12 Free Months Of iTranslate PRO And More For AMEX Cardholders!"

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How free coffee?

Tirza Swift

SiriusXM is only temporary ?


Link is not working?


It’s saying if you cancel your access ends immediately?


If I have Suirs XM already how to get this to be free for 6 months?

John Beckingham



Read the terms.


What do you mean?

If I cancel and start again will this work?


I chatted with them – told them to cancel so I can get above and they instead gave me 3 months free and $5.99 for 12 months ($7.75 after tax) after that. So may be a drop better than above over 12 months. (After 12 months back up to like $25 which I think is regular price)

This way I don’t have to swap my car radio over to another account as well.


i cant find where to turn off auto renew for itranslate
i dont even know why i signed up in the first place..


Because Amex wanted you to sign up!

Kat man

how do set not to auto renew i do not see that


What’s the advantage over Google translate?


How is this different than the free translation services through google?

Mendy m

Are any of things offered through Panera+ kosher??




Looks like the Sirius one is just for streaming, not for car – anyone able to apply it to car radio?
Also, tried downloading the upside app and it is not even opeing for me, it keeps freezing – does anyone use this app?

Adam C

For itranslate, you can delete your card info after setting up the account in order to prevent auto renew. @ys @a @kat man @


Hi, how do you receive iTranslate PRO free for 12 months? The link in the article does not work and I tried to google it, unfortunately I could not find anything. Any help would be appreciated as we’ll be travelling for a few months soon 🙂


anyone having trouble canceling the subscription for itranslate? I have tried several times but not working. Customer care is useless. Keeps sending me instructions that do not work