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Update: 09/30 is the last date for 5+ points per dollar at gas stations and restaurants.  People have reported getting the 5 point per dollar bonus even for gift cards purchased inside the gas station, where you can find gift cards for all kinds of other stores.

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-Chase Freedom Mastercard-Earn $100 cash back (in the form of 10,000 Ultimate Rewards points) when you spend $500 in 3 months.
-Chase Freedom Visa-Earn $100 cash back (in the form of 10,000 Ultimate Rewards points) when you spend $500 in 3 months.
Some DDF members are still reporting success getting matched from 10K points to 30K points by requesting a match by sending a secure message or 2. Can’t hurt to try!

There is no annual fee for Freedom!

Q4 Activation Linky

-You can earn the bonus points on up to $1,500 of spending between 10/01 and 12/31 on hotels, airline tickets, Best Buy, and Kohl’s..

-You can earn the bonus points on up to $1,500 of spending between 07/01 and 09/30 at any restaurants and gas stations.

Bonuses are on top of 10% bonus points and 10 points per transaction if you also have a Chase checking account.

Of course if you have multiple Freedom cards you can spend $1,500 on each of them.

Don’t have enough to buy right now? Considering buying gift cards at restaurants or gas stations to get a ton of bonus points up front on up to $1,500 of spending and then use the gift cards as needed! I personally value my Ultimate Rewards points at a minimum of 1.9 cents each, so this is like a rebate of almost 10%.

Although they are called “5% categories” you really get 5 Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent which can be cashed out for 5% cash. For $1,500 in spending you will earn at least 7,500 Ultimate Rewards points.

However if you or you spouse have a Sapphire Preferred, Ink Bold, or Ink Plus card then you can transfer the points over to one of those cards and then transfer them at a 1:1 ratio into much more valuable airline miles (United, British Airways, Southwest, Korean, etc) or hotel points (Hyatt, etc).

Have any Chase checking account as well? You qualify for Chase Exclusives which gives you even more bonus points!

You will earn:
-10% bonus points on top of all base points earned.
-10 bonus points for every transaction you make.

And that’s on top of points for spending in 1% and 5% categories!

For smaller purchases there is no more lucrative card than Chase Freedom if you have Chase checking. Even if you are just buying a cup of Coffee for $2 you should use Freedom over Sapphire Preferred as Sapphire will earn 2.14 points per dollar for a total of 4.28 points while Freedom will earn 1.1 points per dollar plus 10 points, for a total of 12.2 points.

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@Dan: When I clicked on the link it says activate until 9/14 (I didn’t look into the discrepancy too deeply i.e. vs 9/30).


… Clicked on FAQ’s….

Q. When is the deadline to activate this quarter?
A. This quarter, the deadline for activation is September 14, 2012. So in order to earn 5% cash back at gas stations and restaurants on up to $1,500 spent this season, you need to activate by then.


Hey there is there anyway to check on whether you have been awarded exclusives points – are they on seperate category on statement?


@michael: Look at the picture…


Do I need to get a new card for this or can I use my old freedom card to get this promotion?

Deal lover

On click on Statement summaries.

Any freedom card.


when does it pay to use the sapphire?
I have the freedom and I also have a chase checking so y is there an adavantage to use sapphire?
please explain clearly


I linked to the related post for a reason, have you read it?


Dan – my husband & I would like to open a credit card or 2 for spending. (and would like to make some money on the opening miles as well…) what do you suggest? is chase saphire, and starwoods good – which is better. also if we open them at the same time in 2 diff browsers will it only pull one credit report? thanks!


Dan I did read but I don’t understand how sapphire gives more points
if I purchase 100 dollars with freedom doesn’t that net me 120 points? (10 percent bonus plus 10 points bonus)
how does sapphire net more? is there a bonus that I’m not seeing?


is there way to check how much of $1500 you already used?


Use your Freedom card for the muni meters in NY. If you have a chase account you get 10 points for each transaction so you can get 10 points for spending a quarter. If we have to be so inconvenienced at least you can get something for it.


Thingywingy- sign up for their text alerts and they send you your balance periodically. If not I’m sure you can call them


@Anonymous: I believe the Sapphire comes in handy, as it enables you to transfer the points (earned with Freedom) to Airlines/Hotels which would then “increase” the “worth” of your points.

I don’t believe it actually earns you more points, just increases their value… Although I could be mistaken.


@thingywingy: Call Chase. They’ll be happy to tell you.


If it’s airfare, hotel, car rental, dining, or a purchase made abroad then Sapphire will come out ahead.
And you need it to transfer to miles.



I have the Freedom card, if I open a Chase checking account now will I be eligible for Chase exclusives? Any restrictions/guidelines to how I use the checking account in order to be eligible for the bonus points?


Does bedtbuy and kohls sell gc for gas stations?


So the only time I should use my Sapphire Preferred is for Restaurants, airline tickets, car rentals, taxis, parking and tolls? If i am using a munimeter for $1 should i use the sapphire or freedom? I am assuming based on what you posted that it should be the freedom.


“Some DDF members are still reporting success getting matched from 10K points to 30K points by requesting a match by sending a secure message or 2. Can’t hurt to try!”

Pardon my ignorance… Which offer is being matched? And how do I send a secure message? Anyone?


r u sure gift cards at gas stations will work? I have heard if its not at the pump they arent listed as gas?


i signed up for the chase sapphire preferred card but i’m not sure if i used the right link, how do i know how much i need to spend in the first 3 months?


can anyone please post here some gas stations in brooklyn which sell gift cards ? im looking around and stoping @ every gas station and no one i saw sells them




How do I link my chase checking to Freedom?


Where can I see online how much money I spent already on gas for Q3 and where can I see how much I spent altogether by Q2?



And for purchases outside the US.
Parking goes on Freedom.

You can send a secure message when logged in on

Good question, probably depends on the station.

Send a SM and ask them.


It’s automatic within 3 months.
You can also try sending an SM.

You can call them.
Or you can enable Blueprint and then go to track when logged in on, not perfect but should do the trick.


do you have an email I can reach you at?


@Dan: I just received my Freedom card a couple of weeks ago and still have about $1300 to go in each category for Cat 3. Are there any gas stations or restaurants in The Beachwood, OH area that would be easy to get amex cash cards or some sort of similar currency that would qualify for this bonus?


@ dave: I just spent $900 on gift cards at a gas station service shop, i called in a day later the told me that it was a gas trans.


Which one?


Dan-can u answer Moshe’s question as to what 10k to 30k points are being matched by some of your readers. Ty


Can yumi disclose which one?


where could I get gc at gas staton in brooklyn?


Dan which other chase cards can i downgrade to Freedom card?


Is a Coffee shop considered a restaurant?

Sean Roos


I applied for this through your site several weeks ago and have yet to hear from Chase. Beginning to get a little nervous. Do I have to worry about identity theft?