What You Missed If You Didn’t Go Shopping On Black Friday…

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    The most incredible thing is that there were better deals to be found online from the comfort of your home. Black Friday lives off the hype from years gone by when there actually were incredible deals to be found in stores. But this is 2012 and the weeks of Black Friday and Cyber Monday belong to the internet.

    Brick and mortar stores have long ago decided that it’s not worth competing with Amazon on price because savvy shoppers will still shop from Amazon and the stupid shoppers will still come out to the stores, even if the deals stink.  People camped out in some places for a week at Best Buy or WalMart for deals they could’ve obtained online with no fighting and without tax in most states as well.

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    We need to be careful not to let the word out about this new magical invention called the “Internet”.


    anu ameilim, veheim ameilim! nuff said


    Black Friday: Because only in America, people trample others for sales exactly one day after being thankful for what they already have.



    david g.

    wow crazy! 1 thing you overlooking b&m store = shoplifting
    amazon no shoplifting!
    I personally was in walmart later in the day when there was no one there. I found a camera box empty cant do that with amazon!


    Guess this is the “non digital” equivalent of an online store crashing due to to much traffic from a good deal.

    Would rather wait the 20 min to add something to the cart than fight like these people!




    I’m sorry but it’s so much more fun to shop like that. It’s so boring to shop online.


    “We need to be careful not to let the word out about this new magical invention called the “Internet”. ”
    or we could have some spiritual leaders ban the internet leaving this as the default alternative iv said for years B&M stores and real newspapers fund the calls to ban the internet in our community


    @lawrenceyid: ALOL

    Humble gumble

    I was once at a chasidishe rebbes tish and the scene was pretty much identical when he gave out apples to everyone


    lol.. what r they even getting over there?? looks like things from a dollar store


    that is crazy. i read on some news site some ppl waiting in line had their turkey delivered to their spot in line.


    How long till black Friday is gone?


    are they realy fighting over a stupid ” straight talk phone ” witch is normaly like $20.00 ??


    Amazon + Prime + no tax = every day deals that will always best B&M deals any day of the year.


    what is it anyway? i dont know, who cares! it must be a good deal. Definitely worth the waiting in line for a week and the near death experience!!!
    Hay, its mine!! you cant take it out of my hands!!!!!!


    @Humble gumble: חיות הקודש


    @Ron: anything but קודש




    In terms of electronics, it is true. Online is where it’s at. But when it comes to clothing Black Friday week in stores is where you need to be. Some stores tack on additional percentage on BF as well.


    Wow, I guess Thanksgiving has been replaced with ThanksTaking and Thanks I’LL Take That…
    Call of the wild !


    Something SERIOUSLY wrong with America!

    20 years ago this stuff would never happen.

    4 more years 🙂 (again)


    @Dan Im assuming that means you did not go anywhere Black Friday WINK WINK


    I got shoplifted on Black Friday. I was shopping online at Kohls and getting my bargains. Next thing I see that some stuff was missing from my checkout list. I called the 800 number and they said that the item sold out. Almost feels like the people in the crowd that got something grabbed out of their hands.


    its so good to know that i was sleeping that night…..


    When I was traveling in South America, a German tourist once told me. “Follow the Jews, they know what their doing”. Didnt notice any kippas in those videos.


    I’m surprised we’re still allowed to call it Black Friday. Isn’t that racially insensitive?