Usa Today Article On Dumpster Diving For Wendy’s Airtran Cups!

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Hopefully most readers of this blog will stick to buying the airtran cups on ebay, as i have blogged about for the past 2 months now.
However here is an article taking this whole wendy’s cups thing to an extreme!
Usa Today Article Linky

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hey Dan just wanna say thanks for all your posts. its awesome. also perhaps post this. whenever my crdit card bill is due and i dont have the cash yet i call the credit card company and say i never recieved the bill this month in the mail and they give me another two weeks it works all the time i think its post worthy thanks dan!

Manhattan Spelling

Hey dude if you can’t afford to pay the min. payment due.. I feel for you.. let me help you..

other guy

do you do that often? i dont think they will take that more than like twice.

btw if you use internet to pay than that wont really work either…

oh m.s. i need some cash to pay my bill as well…