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On October 1st Sprint raised their SMS rate to .15/message.
This is a material change to the contract, and as such you have 30 days(from 10/01) to cancel your sprint service.
You cannot just cancel the contract and keep having service, you must actually cancel the service.
Not all of the CS agents will agree that this is a “material change” so it may take a couple of phone calls, buy you will be able to cancel for free.
Even if a CS agent says that the change won’t affect you because you don’t use SMS, just explain that you plan to start using it, or that incoming SMS gets sent even to non-sms users, and will now cost .15
To save yourself from future headache, be sure to take down the NAME and SPRINT ID of the agent that let you cancel for free!!!

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Does this go for Nextel users as well?


1) what the sitch, if i received a free phone on a 2 year plan ,would i be penlized for the free equipment,(canceling the plan with 14months left)

2) can i port the number to a differnt carrier


Anon 1:I’m not sure about nextel.
Anon 2: you wouldnt
2.yes but thats a little more complicated, basically you would have to get a CS agent to notate your account that you are free to leave without an ETF, and only then could you port out.
If you do this, be absolutely sure to get the agent’s name and login id!


do you know anyway to get out of a cingular contract

dan jr

hey well we do have a serch box on the top and you can type inn get out and you will see it but hear it is


What’s an ETF?

Should I first arrange to sign up with a different carrier so that I can keep my number, or can I have sprint notate my account and then… what can I do with it?


ETF=Early Termination Fee
By porting out your old service is automatically disconnected. You need a Sprint CS agent to go into your account before you port out to make a note on your account that your ETF is waived, and only then can you go to another carrier to port your number out.
If you dont really need your old number it will be a whole lot simpler to just give up your old number!!!


getb a cinncanaty bell phones ecellent plans no contract cheaper deals then all thev other companies


if i have a family plan, can i cancel only some of the plan or do i have to cancel the entire plan? because usually they look at each phone as it’s own contract, and if i for example get a new phone on 1 of the phones and have to sign a new 2 year contract it would only be for that phone not for the plan.
please let me know about this.
thanks allot


Can I cancel my family plan and then sign up only some of the numbers with a better Sprint plan with the same phone numbers? Is it true that Sero plans are still available?


i got great results from the exec office
for 50 dollars i upgraded my sanyo 4500 for a treo 650
a 50 dollar credit to my account
free night from 7 for the rest of my sero contract