New Roundup Of Great Airline Mileage Credit Cards!

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For all of these cards you are able to earn the bonus miles on the consumer and business sides!
Even if you don’t own a business you should be able to open a business credit card just using your SSN as the tax id number, and creating a business…
1. Delta-Consumer:17,500 miles at signup, or 20000 miles if you request a 2nd card. No fee for 12 months.
Delta Consumer Amex Linky
2. Delta-Business: 50,000 miles at signup, spend $25,000 in 1 year and get 50,000-75,000 more miles. $80 fee per year if you have another amex business card, $135 if you don’t.
Not available online, to sign up call: 1-866-265-6584 Use RSVP code 3W68WDM
3. United-Consumer: 20,000 miles at signup, no fee for 12 months.
United Visa Linky
4. American-Consumer: 20,000 miles at signup, 7,500 miles off award tickets, no fee for 12 months.
AA Consumer Mastercard Linky
5. American-Business: 20,000 miles at signup, 7,500 miles off award tickets, no fee for 12 months.
AA Business Mastercard Linky

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Doctor Deal

I have the consumer card, and got the 15,000 miles. For the business card – they only gave me 35,000 miles – presumably b/c I already had gotten the 15,000 miles. Is this the same experience as others.


did you tell them that you never got the business bonus before?
Personally i would try to do a chargeback against amex themselves on the annual fee if they wont give you the 50,000 miles.

other guy

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what can i do if i wass refused due to not enough of a credit rating

B) in the buisness card that you say i can use my ssn number as buisness id will that increase my chances or will i still be refused due to not enough credit



if youre being refused for not enough credit you need to build up your credit before you’re going to get these cards.
Start with perhaps a secured card from a bank, or a card from a store like gap which has more lenient standards and make sure to always pay your bill on time.


I applied for the Delta Business card and received it today. They are only giving me 15,000 miles. I called Delta with this code and they said it will take 10 days to get back to me.

Doctor Deal

If you used the code, it’ll still only say 15,000 miles on all the literature that comes with the card, but they will still be giving you the 50,000 – (I got 35,000 and trying to get the rest of the miles).

Doctor Deal

Okay, I got 35,000 miles a few days after my first purchase. Per American Express, I will get the other 15,000 miles in 2 months. Hopefully, this is true. Since, otherwise I would just cancel the card now, b/c if I cancel before the first bill goes out, I don’t get charged the annual fee ($80, sincle already have OPEN card).