Earn 20% Cash Back When You Link Your SoFi Money Account To Lyft, Plus Earn $50 For Opening A Sofi Money Account!

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Earn 20% Cash Back When You Link Your SoFi Money Account To Lyft, Plus Earn $50 For Opening A Sofi Money Account!

When you link your SoFi Money account to your Lyft account you can earn 20% cash back, up to $1,000 through 2/18/20.

  1. Add your SoFi Money card to your Lyft account.
  2. Set SoFi Money as your default payment.
  3. Earn 20% cash back every time you use Lyft and pay with your SoFi Money.

If you don’t already have a SoFi Money account you can open one here with this referral link and earn $50, when you make your first $100 deposit.

The $50 bonus will be added within a week of funding the account.

SoFi is a cash management account, which is an alternative to a checking account.

  • There is no hard pull credit check.
  • There are no accounts fees, monthly fees, minimum balance requirements, or overdraft fees.
  • You can order checks free of charge.
  • There are no ATM fees and SoFi will reimburse the fees charged by any ATM worldwide to take out cash. Note that the maximum daily ATM withdrawal is $610, but you can withdraw more money via ACH transfers.
  • You’ll earn 1.6% APY on your balance, which is variable based on the federal interest rate.
  • There are no foreign transaction fees. SoFi will also reimburse the 1% foreign exchange fee that is charged by Visa. That makes this a better option than other banks that advertise no foreign transaction fees!
  • Money is automatically swept into 6 partner banks, so that you get $1.5 million in FDIC coverage instead of $250,000 on a regular checking account. It takes up to 2 days for the deposits to reach those banks to be eligible for coverage.
  • You can send money instantly via the app or online to other SoFi holders, deposit mobile checks, setup automated bill pay, make ACH transfers, etc.
  • You can earn $50 by referring your friends to SoFi.

Will you signup for SoFi Money and link it to your Lyft account?

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If they dont do a credit pull then why do they say that they candidate open me an account because my Experian file is frozen and they need access to it?


Because they need to verify your identity. It’s not a hard pull.
Unfreeze it?


Same happened to me. I didn’t have to unfreeze, instead I answered some questions on the phone with them and they approved the account.


Sofi is giving away money like candy


When can you remove the money?


Anyone know if you can get card info before it is mailed?


Dan, there is a foreign exchange fee of 1% charged by Visa that is *NOT* waived. It’s a great account but not that great lol.


Look at bullet point 2 on the referral page:



He wrote in the post they even waive that fee…


20% cash back. Hilton points. Delta points. All stackable. Pretty cool


is there a limited amount of days from opening the account till when the $100 must be deposited?


Can I tranfer free money back to my chase checking account?


yes. once your money gets available in your account you can transfer to where ever you want


Do realize that SoFi is not insured by anyone (including FDIC or SPIC). Insurance is only in affect once the money reaches a partner bank, until then or if at SoFi’s discretion the money isn’t there – you are completely unprotected.

Beware of putting to much money into an account like this…

Texas Totty

Help! I put $100 in the account and today I got an email saying they deposited the $50 bonus. I opened my account and there’s $0 in there!! Where’s my $150? They’re closed now, I’ll have to call tomorrow…


it takes few days till you will seed it in you account


Referral and welcome bonus now down to $25; also 1% Visa foreign transaction fee is not reimbursed per terms and conditions