Boiling Hot! Hurry! Free AA Miles For Playing A Game!!!

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Update: It appears that the odds of winning miles has gone from 100% to 0%…check back here for future developments!
Just match some bags up and get free AA miles!!!
Don’t sweat it, it seems like you are guaranteed to win at least 500 miles!
Please post back with what you have won, or if you didn’t win anything (All 8 of my family members won 500 miles…)
You can play once a day!

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19 Comments On "Boiling Hot! Hurry! Free AA Miles For Playing A Game!!!"

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I tried 4 tiems with 4 different names, and never one- they don’t all match. Every game the last 2 standing don’t match so it is impossible.

What can we do?????????????


same!! didnt win


the last two on mine didnt match and i did not win but got a link to get $10 off $140 at


i dont know how you got miles bc youre always left with 2 that dont match and then they offer you some patehtic deal


I won a $10 gift card to sephora


i just tried and the same thing as the first comment the last 2 never match and i did’nt get any miles! Dan, Please help us!


Hmm…If i had to take a gander I would say that they ran out of miles to award.

Maybe there are daily quotas of miles to dispense…

Suggestion: Try it again tonight as soon as it lets you do it again!

Good luck!


all u need to do is change your email address, and u can play as much as you want!!!


I logged on at 12:13AM and I won 1,000 Miles!


Does cosco sell daled minim? I can even buy it at a store with a 30 day return policy like target (if they sell it).


1,000 miles! Congratulations!


500 miles here


i got 1000 miles at 1:45PM


How’d you guys do that?

Share the wealth! 😉


i played a few times. in mid afternoon,i won once 500 miles. i played 4 times at like 12:30 am, and didnt win any.


Second try, in the middle of the day…500 miles. Yasher Koach!!!


Hi! I’m a Hacker.
And when I discovered the source code for the Flash file, the name was… Believe it or not- “egame_lose.swf” –

And for winning it’s : egame_win.swf

But You can’t claim the prize you win.

Can any other hackers please contribute?


ive played like 50 times over the past few days and only won once!!!


As far as i can tell, if you just change the email address but have the same mileage number you are guaranteed to lose!