AAmreican AAirlines AAdvantage ChAAlenge—The Fast-Track To Elite Status!

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Every major airline has special elite level programs for top flyers that offer various perks, such as free upgrades, ability to pre-reserve premium seats, expanded reward travel availability, priority boarding, and additional bonus miles.
Usually these program require between 25,000 and 100,000 actual flying miles (No, those credit card miles wont count for this…)

American has an undocumented program call “The Challenge” which was designed for travelers who wanted to switch their business to AA, but didn’t want to have to wait until they fly 25,000 miles to become elite.

American has 3 elite program levels, Gold, Platinum, And Executive Platinum.

The gold challenge requires you to attain 5,000 Q-points in a 90 day period.
The platinum challenge requires you to attain 10,000 Q-points in a 90 day period.
The executive platinum challenge is by invitation only(if it actually exists…)

Here’s how Q-points work:
-Every flight segment earns a minimum of 500 Q-points. Example: A one way flight from New York to Chicago with a stopover in Cleveland will earn you 1000 Q-points even though the actual flown mileage is only about 750.
-On flights longer than 500 miles the Q-points are dependent on the class of service you bought( to check the class of service just go to the reservation you have online)
These letters earn 1.5 Q-points per actual flight mileage: A, F, P, D, I, J, B, or Y
These letters earn 1.0 Q-points per actual flight mileage: H, K, L, M, V, or W
These letters earn 0.5 Q-points per actual flight mileage:G, N, O, Q, or S

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Another benefit of the Dallas flights I took last week (besides for the 10,000 mile per flight dallas bonus) was that I got gold elite status from the gold challange(12 flights x 500 Q-points=6000 Q-points)

To sign up for the challenge just call 800-421-0600 and ask to sign up for whichever challenge you believe you can qualify for!

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why didn’t you just travel 10k miles within 3 months by going back and forth to ny? it’s cheaper – and all u have to do is 1.5 times th e trip


1. Its not cheaper, all 12 dallas flights only cost $400
2. The 10,000 mile bonus was only for travel to dallas.


Forget traveling the 10k miles… i saw this post and decided that i realy wanted and could make good use of the platinum status… so i called the 800 number here and complained about a bunch of stuff and “missing flights” on my account and they upgraded me to platinum “for all my troubles” and my card is coming in the mail. i also called to be put on the waiting list for a first class seat on my upcoming flight, this sunday iy”h. Dan, i feel sorry for all the nausea your going through for nothing, my head hurts too much just to think of you doing all those consecutive flights. find a friend whose a good smooth talker and forget chasing these ridiculous deals. i hope as a husband you wont be addicted to it to this extent. plus, i saved $400, which i can save for a time when ill actually have the time to tour and appreciate the time i spend in those cities.


I didnt go to dallas for the gold status, i’m not that insane!
I went to pick up an easy 80,000 miles!