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Been to Dansdeals.com/forums lately? If not you’ve been missing out!

There are now over 4,100 members that have made over 210,000 posts in over 12,700 thread topics since the forum launched in 2008! The DDF (DansDeals Forum) community is expanding faster than ever!
There have been over 4 Million hits on the Dansdeals Forums just in 2012 so far and over 50,000 posts made just this year!

Ever wondered how to best use your miles for a trip? Or did you just want to know about the kosher restaurants and shuls in a destination and what else there is to do there? The forum is in incredible resource with input from users spanning the entire globe.

You can of course continue to comment on every deal here at the main Dansdeals.com site, but it’s much easier to discuss miscellaneous issues over at the forums. Whenever a topic is discussed at the forum it is automatically bumped to the top of the page, so that unlike a comment on a deal, it isn’t lost once the deal falls off the page.

There’s a “smart” search engine on the forum for you to look up topics that have been discussed in the past. If you’re on the home page the search engine will search everything on the forum. If you’re in a specific board topic it will only search that board. If you’re in a specific post it will only search that post. Easy as 1-2-3!

Registration for the forum will just take a minute of your time, and best of all it’s free! You can read all of the discussions at the forum without registering, but registration is required in order to participate in the discussions. Once there you can easily search to see if your issue is already being discussed, or find the category that your topic falls into and start a new topic thread.

Before staring to post on DDF have a look around and search.  Odds are your questions have already been asked and answered.  If it’s being discussed already just make a reply in the appropriate thread.  It’s it’s not being discussed yet you can start a new thread by choosing the correct board subject to put it in (A credit card question will go in the credit card board) and making a descriptive title.

Members can also send a private message (PM) to each other on the forum.

There is a learning curve, reading though the Airline acronym thread or the regular Acronym thread may help you figure out some of the abbreviations being used.

Don’t know how to use or make a new topic in the forum? Post a comment on this post and I’ll help you out.

Members of the forums have a real sense of community, and many have gotten together to finally speak to each other in person after communicating so often online. On this forum thread people in NYC have made dozens of impromptu meetups and I’ve even had the chance to have meetups with a number of members within the past year in LA, NYC, and in Cleveland.

Here’s a small selection of what people are talking about over at dansdeals.com/forums

General Discussion:
-Buying a car? DDF’ers discuss different models and strategies to knock the price down.

Tech Talk:
-What is your favorite Android app? Using your phone as a free wifi hotspot? Check.

Trip/Destination Reports:
-Links to 90 threads with tons of helpful information for places all across the globe.

Up In The Air:
-Can’t figure out how to find a free award flight? Post what you need in this helpful thread and a DDF’er may help you out for free!

-Airline make a mistake? DDF’ers share how much they received for compensation.

On The Road:
Did you register for 5% off at BP in January and fillup there on your AMEX card? Surprise! You just got 5% cash back on top of points for every single purchase made on that statement!

Credit Cards:
-Don’t close that card, get a retention bonus or leverage it to get approved for a new card!

Deals/Deal Requests:
-OK, fine, it’s a Chalice, not a glass. But happened to the wood case?

Just Shmooze:
-Interesting Poll: Do you sign the back of your credit cards?

Goods For Sale/Trade:
-Making Amazon Prime more affordable…

And I’ll even post some tutorials on the forum that you may find helpful, such as how I:
Bought my freezerBought my washer, Booked my brother, and Booked my shver.

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Congratulations Dan! Shalom!

Some stickied FAQ's

First, congrats on reaching this milestone!

If I may make a suggestion, one excellent way to improve the already great forums, is to have more FAQ’s that are stickied to the top.


dan ! is there an estimate number how much cash those posts are saving every day?

dan is a batlan

dan u think u deserve all the credit in the world saving yiddin hundreds sometimes 1000s of dollars … in all honesty without ur website do u feel yiddin would go to the poor house or would they instead not buy the latest cameras, computers or subscribe to all those dirty magazines that they do. u create problems with shalom bayis as well when a wife or husband look on ur site and says “oooo this is so cheap i want this i want that” is this what u set out to accomplish if so mazel tov


@dan is a batlan: Get a life!! Dan is the MAN and you are the looooooser!!


@dan is a batlan:

It’s a shame you’re having Sholom basis issues and can’t control your shopping impulses. I suggest you get rid of your internet immediately and talk to a Rav or another source for help with your Shalom Basis. You’re smart for reaching out. We hear your pain.


@dan is a batlan:
@dan is a batlan is a batlan

dan is a batlan

i am not married i am still a yeshiva bachur but the truth is what i wrote…. admit it or not we all know this is true and the bottom line is dan is responsible for all the wasted time and money from all 210000 yiddin who posted or used this website i would be terrified if i was dan …what will be his defense in the next world


@dan is a batlan:
if you are a bachur in yeshiva you would sit and learn not waist time online writing stupid things.
i guess you will have to grow up to understand things you didnt get to yet, its a matter of time you will have to get a credit card and start buying things like cars and freezers, fly places rent cars etc.. Chap arain now and learn while you can!