2 More Record United Credit Card Offers!!!

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-25,000 miles after you spend $250.
-No fee for 1 year.
-Apply for both and double your fun!
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dan, if i $250 worth of stuff and return it will i get the miles?





I don’t know United’s policy, but I can tell you AA’s.

I you return a purchase, you WILL get the miles IF the reimbursment occured AFTER you paid that month’s CC bill.

HOWEVER, on the following month’s statement, you will find that they will deduct those miles from the previous month’s return. In fact, you will not earn any more miles until you pass the amount of the return.

And I quote: “In the case of returned merchandise, when your new purchases exceeds the amount of returned merchandise, mileage posting will resume.” (From AA freq. asked questions)

Therefore, although you gain nothing by buying/returning in the long term, you can capitalize on the loop-hole during the final month that you plan on using your card (i.e. just before you cancel to avoid the anual fee) buy buying a computer, car, house ect…

Hope this was useful.


interesting stuff, but wat i meant is to get past $250 for 25000 miles and then return


hey can you explain car rental insurance from credit cards and which are the best to use


Hey Dan,

Just wanted to let you know that you’re doing great work, and this blog is a great service for the deal seeking community.

Just one thought:

As this blog grows in popularity, would you consider starting a “CTown Forum” were we can all suggest, discuss, and “plot” deals.

I noticed that many of the commenters have some great deal and general information that would benefit everyone.

Happy Holidays, and keep blogging!


hey dan
i have amazing credit and appleid for one credit card
do u think it is possible that they will accept a second application (one personal and one bussines)
and do u know how bad it will affect my credit