[Last Day To Buy Annual Pass With Silver Status On Sale For $499] Frontier Launches GoWild All You Can Fly Pass

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Update, 11/28/23: Today is the last day to buy an annual pass good from 5/1/24-4/30/25 is on sale for just $499. You’ll also earn Silver elite status for purchasing. That status offers standard seat selection at booking, free changes and cancellations, priority customer care, family pooling, and zone 2 boarding. Read more about 2024 status here.

You can also match status from other programs to get a higher level of Frontier status.

Do you have a Frontier unlimited flight pass? Share your experience in the comments!

Update, 6/7/23: The unlimited winter pass is on sale for $299. It’s good for travel from 9/2/23 through 2/29/24.

Additionally, passholders can book travel in advance by 6/13 for flights from 9/5 through 11/15.

Update, 5/3/23: The unlimited summer pass is on sale for $499. It’s good for travel from now through 9/30/23.

Additionally, passholders can book travel in advance by 5/16 for flights from now through 6/8!

Update, 4/11/23: Frontier has opened the ability to use this pass earlier than the previously promised 5/2. You can use your pass effective immediately and if you book by 4/19, you can also book select flights in advance, for travel from now through 5/24! Just login to your account and click on the GoWild fare column to book now.

Starting 4/20, domestic bookings will only be available 24 hours in advance and international bookings will be available 10 days in advance of the flight.

Passes are currently $699 for the summer or $1,999 for a year pass.

If you book any flights, let us know how it goes and what it costs in taxes!

Update, 2/1/23: Frontier has now launched a new all you can fly summer pass from 5/2/23-9/30/23 for $399.

Update, 11/29: This pass is now available for all ages for $799 until 11/30. Note that children under 15 must be accompanied on a flight by an adult.

If you buy a pass for anyone under 18 by tomorrow, you’ll also get a $200 Frontier voucher.

“One $200 Frontier Airlines voucher for each GoWild! pass purchased for a child under 18 on November 29, 2022 and November 30, 2022 by 11:59 pm MT. The flight voucher will be issued to the Frontier Miles email account of the under 18 Pass holder and is only valid towards future purchase of base flight fare and ancillary products on Frontier Airlines. Vouchers not valid for taxes and fees. The flight voucher will expire 180 days after issuance. The voucher will be issued and emailed by December 8, 2022. The voucher has no cash value and may not be applied to past bookings or subscriptions, refunded, sold, bartered, or traded. Vouchers will not be awarded on previously purchased, canceled, refunded, or free passes. Must be purchased at flyfrontier.com.”

Update, 11/19: This is now on sale for $799 through 11/30.

Originally posted on 11/18/22

Frontier GoWild Pass

Today is the final day to buy this unlimited flight pass for the $599 intro price. The regular price will be $1,999 per year.

Frontier has been slowly trickling out information on their unlimited flight pass, but now they have made a huge upgrade to the pass by allowing international travel reservations up to 10 days in advance of the flight! It’s truly a once in a lifetime travel opportunity, especially for people with very flexible schedules or who can work on the go.

Here is everything you need to know:

  • You can fly anywhere that Frontier flies with the pass, as often as you’d like to fly!
  • The pass will be valid starting on 5/2/23 for 1 year.
  • You will be able to use the pass to book international travel as early as 10 days before the flight. That’s in order so that you can have time to get a confirmed return flight, which is required by some countries for entry. International countries served by Frontier include Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, Belize, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Jamaica, Mexico, and S. Maarten! Here is a full list of Frontier destinations.
  • You will be able to use the pass to book domestic flights the day before or the day of the flight. That means you won’t be able to secure a return domestic flight until the day before you want to fly back.
  • Flights will cost $0.01 and taxes and fees for a nonstop one-way domestic flight will be $14.60. Connecting domestic flights will be $23.60 with shorter connections or $29.20 with longer connections. International travel will have higher taxes that vary based on the departure country.
  • Bags and advance seat assignments are not included, but are available for purchase.
  • Elite status benefits will apply to these tickets, though you won’t earn miles or status from these tickets.
  • The pass will renew for $1,999 unless you cancel it.
  • Blackout dates include: 2023: May 25, 26, 29; June 29, 30; July 1-5, 8, 9; August 31; September 1, 4; October 5, 6, 9; November 18, 22, 24-27; December 16, 17, 22-24, 26-31. 2024: January 1, 15; February 15, 16, 19; March 3, 10, 15-17, 22-24, 29-31; April 5-7, 12-14. Blackout dates for May 2024 and beyond will be posted in advance of accepting any enrollments for pass periods which cover those dates.
  • “The ability to make bookings is based on flight and seat availability; not all Frontier flights will be available for booking through the GoWild! Pass. Last seat availability is not guaranteed.”
  • “You should only book flights that you intend to board. You may not book flights that overlap each other, that are duplicate itineraries, or that are impossible to fly. Pass holders who repeatedly book and no-show flights, or who otherwise violate the terms and conditions contained in these Rules, are subject to financial penalties up to and including the revocation of pass privileges without refund.”
  • You must be a US resident at least 18 years old to enroll and the pass is non-transferrable.

Will you buy a GoWild pass? Be sure to post your experiences on DDF!

HT: Yaalili, via DDF

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When does it expire?


Reading is hard….


Read the article?


Getting more interesting, if it would be a different airline, more people would likely jump on it.


Couldn’t this just be a money grab where the board plans to fold up the airline within the year?


Sounds like they charge cancellation and change fees for your free flight!


Most people won’t book a one way without knowing if the return will be available since you can only book 1 day in advance. Also I believe if they would include seat assignment and 1 bag it would be a game changer

Thanks Dan!

Sounds AWESOME, but I just can’t get myself to fly Frontier, am I wrong?
Are you willing to fly Frontier often enough to make this worthwhile?


Yeah… it’s an airliner with foreign call centers. When we once had a medical emergency that prevented us from making the flight and called before to see if anything was possible… they literally laughed at my wife. How is that for poor training.


Are you getting it Dan?


You’ll probably only know once the year is over


Ill bet folks will buy the pass and barely use it. Like the SW companion pass


That’s the whole point. It may actually be free money for them and free publicity.


At first sight it appears to be a good deal. Baggage (carry-on or checked) fee is approx.50.00 per piece. If I buy this pass for my wife and myself it will add 200.00 for each round trip. Southwest bags are free, other airlines with their credit cards are free too. Hmmmmm…. Adds a different perspective.


Wondering if Dan or anyone else has an idea. I booked a flight on Frontier, for cheap, to Orlando, then received an email that the return trip was cancelled, with one option that didn’t work for me. However, I saw a similar flight going to PHL (instead of the original TTN), so when i called and asked for it, they told me that I would have to pay an excessive amount to change destinations. When I pressed and told them that I wasn’t the one that cancelled and they should help me out, they HUNG UP ON ME – How’s that for customer service? (No, I wasn’t yelling or obnoxious. I just told them matter-of-factly that I thought they should help me out.)


Keep on calling(ask for the supervisor), write to costumer service, go on their FB site…. I did & they finally switched me….


I got one. Their timetable is ugly and they discontinued lax & ewr, but even if i just use it for sh*ts & giggles a few times, at $600 it’ll be worth it. For $2k renewal, no chance. I LOVED the Jetsmarter thing years ago–milked it. I had the jetblue pass and also got my $ worth.


Be aware of the fees. I flew with them to Cancun this year, non stop, for $174.70. Flight was fine. Airfare was $26.36. Taxes and fees were $148.34. I am assuming that the pass would have covered the $26.36, and out of pocket would have been the $148.34.


I agree this is ridiculous. I almost bought it. I am not saying you can’t save but it’s really not such a great deal aspecially with all the T@Cs just look at the following example….

New York to Santo Domingo – 1 Stop (MCO)
Flight 1335 & Flight 98
Jan 19, 2023 10:45 PM
Taxes & Carrier Imposed Fees
Image for returning city
Santo Domingo to New York – 1 Stop (MCO)
Flight 99 & Flight 1334
Jan 30, 2023 9:41 PM
Taxes & Carrier Imposed Fees


Some comments:

1. Does not mention that you can book domestic the day of the flight. In fact, it implies the opposite

2. Says that cancellation will entail fees.


Would kids fly free apply on applicable flights?


Can I buy a pass for my kids? They are under 18…. and you wrote 18 or older?


I just cannot stand how they lowered their checked bag weight to 40lb


Do you think this would qualify as an “airline incidental fee” for Amex or chase ritz Carlton card?


The most concerning part in the T&C is “not all Frontier flights will be available for booking through the GoWild! Pass”.

So they could theoretically block out like half of the more popular routes, even if seats are available.


They no longer fly out of EWR. The cost of tolls for the schlep from North Jersey to LGA and back costs almost as much as Frontier’s typical base fares. Hard pass.


@Acap according to Wikipedia: they fly out of Trenton

Ari D

and Philly


So can this work for international connections? If I fly out of Albany to Florida or the hub in Denver, would I then be allowed to book a connecting flight to cancun? For some reason on the frontier website, I am only able to see the “city to city” destination list.
Obviously I would incure the intl booking fee.


The don’t fly to Israel, and a lot more dates are blacked out than you’d think. Check your dates before you buy the pass, because it might not do you any good. 🙁


the website says $799, not the $599 listed in the first paragraph of this post. DD typo?


Read the post


They just got rid of their telephonic customer service lines. Frontier may be holding on to dear life.

Kobe Bryant

Bought 2 passes for $600/each. Will try to take advantage and update on a dedicated DDF thread.


This was absolutely the worst post and deal I ever fell for on dans deals.

I tried canceling one min after receiving the email of the real terms that where not shown at time of purchase.

There is no one to speak to defiantly not by phone, email reply stated it will take up to 30 days to hear back. after trying for hours and finally getting a rep on the chat. I get a response that although it says in there terms one may cancel at any time it is non refundable?

“The GoWild! Pass™ may be canceled at any time by selecting the cancel option within the FRONTIER Miles account profile on the Site. Go to flyfrontier.com, click on the “account sign in” link, and log in to the account. Then click on the name on the upper right hand of the page and click on “My Profile.” GoWild! Pass™ status and ability to cancel are on this page.”

This is false there is no such option.

Rep response: “Yes, it was sated that the cancellation can b processed anytime and you can process the cancellation on your end but to set a proper expectation that we can no longer process the refund.”

I am still active on the chat waiting for over 40 min for the rep response after this message.

Now I can start believing the nightmare people go through when flying.


Anyone have any suggestion on how to proceed? I just checked BBB they literally have thousands of complaints.


File a complaint with your credit card company…


But do you still pay the carrier usage fee?


what if i do not have ID for my child?

How will they know which child the pass was bought for?

i have 4 children under the age of 14

Snorro Park

Basically employee travel for a fee lol.

Snorro Park

Employees pay nothing domestically and have no blackouts though.


I’d get it if they weren’t vague about taxes. You ask SW they tell you $5.60 per flight per direction. Frontier specifies nothing. All I know if that that they run “50% off promos” all the time. When you go book that $300 flight you wanted the final price is still $280 because they allocated 90% of the cost towards “taxes and fees”. The fact that airlines don’t have to break this down before they sell you something is awful. Not saying it’s not a good deal but I’ve seen these “taxes and fees” range from being 5% of the ticket cost to 95%. I can’t trust them and you know they are not a company known to go out of their way to please customers.

The other issues is it’s a very low cost airline and they have no interest in creating long term loyalty, they’ve historically made it very difficult to take advantage of offers/coupons/promos/vouchers they give (ie: this is good for 3 months on morning flight departing on tuesday or wednesday only). If you ever tried speaking with their CS you know how little they care, they are mainly about making a dollar off you and moving on to next customer. For me all of it together isn’t worth the discount.


I think it’s crazy to only be able to book one way and have to wait until the day before your return trip (domestic) to know if you can come home or not. That would be so anxiety inducing if you need to get back home on time. They should make round trips bookable for a certain period (like 10 days, like intl)


Friends don’t let friends fly Frontier!


How Lang is this for?


ane year.

Quick question

I have to be 18 to buy? Can I buy for my child who is 17?
Thanks in advance.


Wait. You aren’t yet 18 but you have a 17 year old?

A Little bit Jewish

That’s how it works today.

A Little bit Jewish

He child is older than his father.


HARD PASS – too many unknowns and not a reputable airline. they once just cancelled my flight and re-booked me for a day later (no reimbursements)


trying to clarify… the summer pass now being offered for $399 is just for the summer, not a full year


It’s called a summer pass and the two-line update specifies 5/2/23-9/30/23. Even the topic was edited to reflect this.


From my understanding of reading how people feel about this pass, it was a big loss and regretful purchase. I heard about fees for domestic travel hitting $40, $50 RT. Hardly worth it at all!


got it yesterday and paid $29.82 for a roundtrip from PHX to DFW.


I bought the summer pass and was able to book an advance flight from PDX to DEN for about $30 before my bag for 4/21 – booked on 4/19. I would really like to understand if there are any tricks to determining if a Gowild ticket will be available (probability) in advance of 24 hours. Obviously, if the flight is already sold out, that’s obvious.


The early access is a SCAM! Frontier tried to do too much. All flights from April 26th through May 2nd, Go-Wild pass holders will not be able to book flights using their pass as intended (booking with a 24 hours period).

They opened access April 20th to for the annual Go Wild Pass holders to do two things: 1) to book in advance through May 24th only for the days Tuesday Wednesday and Saturday. This promotion ended April 25th. 2) start using the pass EARLY as intended (instead of the pass starting May 2nd). This means you can start booking flights within a 24 hours period. Guess what happened? It is April 26th and I couldn’t book my flight for April 27th. This date didn’t land on a blackout date. But they stopped the first promotion after April 25th which means they didn’t keep the early access open.

Despite their website news.flyfrontier.com stating:
“For bookings made April 20 onward, pass holders may continue to make reservations using their GoWild! Pass under the standard booking window and program terms that were originally set to begin on May 2.”

CLE Rocks

I’d be much more interested in a “go wild luggage pass”. often spend more money on luggage then the fair itself with this airline.


Honest question, does anyone think that Frontier is holding onto their last leg? I’m going to make an assumption that this strategy is their final attempt to try to invigorate their model of business and profits. I’m guessing, but I don’t think enough people have bought their Wild pass, thus they keep twisting and shouting to lower the price. I think they are the next major domestic carrier to fold their cards within a couple of years.


Why is DD promoting such a ridiculous thing?


They just gouged my brother trying to fly out of midway. His “personal item” bag that was just fine on the flight to Chicago was suddenly “too big” when measured in the absurdly small measurer thing they ha e at midway.

They systematically shook down every passenger for $100 each right there at the gate, further delaying a flight that was already 3 hours late.

$100 for a carry on. These bags didn’t go under the plane.

I was never gonna touch frontier ever, but this makes me want to not touch them even more. Even if this pass costs 3 carry ons.

Hell, they could pay me that and I still wouldn’t fly them.


I’ll fly them, but Spirit is far better

Flight Pass

Make sure to buy a Spirit Bag on amazon that is collapsible . That way if the bag too big just take something out and the bag gets smaller …

Marques Burgess

I have the yearly pass and it’s been a nightmare. I’ve been able to use it once. Now when I book an error code comes up saying I need to erase my member number to book but there’s no way to do it. After 6 e-mail interactions they rewarded me 20,000 flight miles but have not fixed the problem. I am still unable to book and they have seemingly stopped communicating.

Flight Pass

Thank you ! I was considering it !


I don’t fly enough to make this worth it. I purchased a $52 RT ticket from PHL to FLL at the airport for the weekend after TishaBav. I’m in no need of this pass. I’m sure the winter pass is blocking off Thanksgiving, Christmas-New Year’s week, and I’m sure availability might be limited or vanished for January Yeshiva week.


At least from Boston, not good for much. Only Orlando and Philadelphia have direct flights. Cancun has a 10 hour layover and costs $180 for the “free flight”, due to most of flight cost being fees and taxes, not the fare. Almost all destinations have 10 hour layover, other than the 2 mentioned above. Probably works better for other airports.


do you get the tax refunded when you cancel?


How long will the fall/winter be on sale?


Would this work for an amex offer on frontier?


I was wondering the same thing. Just noticed a $40 off $200 in my AMEX.


Can you buy the pad using the $300 travel credit from venture x card?


No you can only book travel offered through the Capital One travel portal

Frontier pass

Deal expires today.