United Issues “Civil Unrest” Travel Waiver For Israel Next Week

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With Prime Minister Netanyahu reviving parts of the judicial overhaul in Israel, protests have sprung up once again.

If you have flights booked via United to or from Israel on July 3rd or 4th and they were purchased before today, you can change to any flight through July 6th without paying any change fee or difference in fare.

The origin and destination cities as well as cabin must remain the same, though you can reroute with connections or nonstop flights on United. United flies from Chicago, Newark, San Francisco, and Washington DC to Tel Aviv. That leaves open to possibility to switch your existing ticket to a better or normally more expensive routing.

United has not cancelled any flights as of now.

In the past this waiver has been extended, so additional dates may still be added next week.

Will you be able to take advantage of this waiver?

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35 Comments On "United Issues “Civil Unrest” Travel Waiver For Israel Next Week"

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Shana Schochet

Will they still be having the scheduled July 3rd and 4th flights???


If you own shares in United airlines sell them immediately.

This demonstrates very poor decision making from the management.






Doesn’t mean stock will go down


This demonstrates how top Management in United airlines makes decisions.

Here is another example.



If a ticket was booked on United website using mileage, but the flight is with a partnet airline, will United also allow me to change?


Does this mean United is planning to cancel the flights on 7/3 and 7/4? Because so far they still seem to be flying. Is that likely to change, or is it just that this is an opportunity to rebook if you wanted to?

Sandi Isaacson

Seems like the “civil unrest” is more likely to occure in USA if United keeps canceling flights. And why haven’t they cancelled service to France? Days of street riots, arrests, injuries.


If United can make such a stupid political move; everybody has to take advantage of them as much as possible.


How can we

Ed A

If you have a United ticket leaving Israel on the 9th will the prospective unrest be over or is United just taking a “wait and see” posture?


It’s the cancel culture we live in


they didn’t cancel the flights did you read the post?


If I am flying on air Canada to israel but one of my short connections is United operated flight would that allow me to book a more favorable routing?


Did they do the same for france?

What are the odds

Pure coincidence!


I sort of hope so. Either way, I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth and would appreciate the increased travel flexibility.


Where are the warnings for SF and NYC bound flights. Its far more dangerous over there!


You guys are being idiots. United didn’t cancel any flights to/from israel. They issued a waiver – meaning you can change your flight without cost if you want to. Stop your MAGA nonsense


Any ideas on how to use this for a El Al flight change?


@amir. This is not MAGA nonsense. Rather this is United’s retarded liberal nonsense………..
United is an extremely radical left airline, that supports organizations that are against all our values.

The One Who Does Not Know How to Ask a Question

What organizations?


“Protest leaders on Tuesday vowed to step up their mass demonstrations against the government, including staging a blockade of the Ben Gurion Airport next week.”
It’s not because of protests in general but because protestors plan on disrupting service at the airport.


I have a nonstop flight so if I change it to one with a stopover I’d get a refund. Can I do that and then use the waiver to change the non-stop without paying extra?


Your a funny guy

John B Tipton

I wonder, did they issue the same warning for Baltimore, MD?



Honestly it makes you wonder the judgment skills of United airlines management.