Israel Will Remain Closed To Foreign Nationals Through At Least March 20th, Airport Now Open To Flights From 8 Airports

Photo Credit: Askii [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
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Israel has published NOTAMs laying out their new rules that apply from now through March 20th:


  • They have extended the ban on most foreign nationals through March 20th.
    • Israel closed their borders to foreign nationals back on 3/18/20 and they have extended the ban on a monthly basis since then. This means Israel will have been closed to foreign nationals for more than 1 year.
    • Notably, they are leaving open the possibility that foreign nationals will be able to enter the country for Pesach as they didn’t opt to extend the ban to April 1st as they have done on a monthly basis since last March.
  • Israelis need permission to leave the country, unless they have an Israeli Green Passport. Families with kids will need to request permission to leave.
  • Flights are only allowed to/from Frankfurt, Hong Kong, JFK, Kiev, Newark, London/LHR, Paris/CDG, and Toronto/YYZ.
  • A COVID-19 PCR negative test results from within 72 hours of your flight is now required to depart from Ben Gurion Airport, unless you have an Israeli Green Passport.
    • Notably, this is much stricter than the US requirement. The US only requires an antigen rapid test and they allow it to be taken in the 3 days before the date of departure.
  • Everyone needs a COVID-19 PCR to enter Israel, even those who have an Israeli Green Passport.
  • Home quarantine is required for everyone entering Israel who does not have an Israeli Green Passport. That includes kids who don’t have a Green Passport. If you have been vaccinated abroad or recovered from COVID abroad, you can take an antibody test in Israel and then leave quarantine if you have COVID antibodies.
  • Foreign nationals will need to apply for special permission to fly to Israel, though it’s still unclear what the criteria will be to apply for permission to enter.

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What happens after March 20th ?

The Lincoln Project

Netanyahu is desperate. He forgets they use Zoom.

Question about flying

You wrote that Israel is much stricter than the U.S. in order to depart from Ben Gurion. What is the difference between a COVID-19 PCR negative test (required by Israel) and an antigen rapid test (allowed by the U.S.)?
(Also, Israel allows anyone with a green passport to leave without testing, including people vaccinated or with antibodies. But the U.S. would still require those people to test 3 days before the flight.)


פסח for spouse of Israeli so couple could come together?


should be able to get aproved by exp. comitee. i did


The pcr rest to leave the country is required for foreigners as well?


Negative PCR test seems to be the standard for most places – US is the exception with Antigen. All Carribean countries that ask for tests want PCR


If the country doesn’t open open to foreign nationals before pesach can we get a refund on a confirmed ticket since we technically can’t get on the plane?


Seems like Israel is just randomly canceling outgoing flights now in an attempt to limit travel. Fully booked flights. Should the FAA be notified? Or will it be blamed on Covid?


united just canceled a bunch of flights this week they say it’s the isrealy government they didn’t even notify the passengers yet they put my daughter on turkish but according to the post Turkey is off the list

Seth Lehman

United just started sending texts cancelling certain flights from Israel to Newark for next week. Anyone else hearing this?


My son’s flight canceled from tlv to San Francisco on United for March 9. Trying to rebook into Newark. Being told that no flights are going until March 16.

Flying Jew

My son had his United Flight canceled today for Tuesday the 9th….Airline said all flight canceled by Govt. First available was Sat March 20th


so I guess chances look slim for Yeshiva students in American going to Israel after Pesach???

tzvi pomerantz

why the heck is Israel doing this. Why can’t let people just frkn leave!?


My question is how are they getting away with tis kind of games not why?


Do parents who have a green passport need to quarantine with their kids?


Does Israel accept the vaccine given in America (CDC certificate) to exempt someone from quarantine on arrival (for Israeli citizens who got the vaccine in the USA of course)?


Any information on if delta would be or can be canceled next week?


My sons flight on United from TLV to EWR departing 3/9 was just cancelled, what are his options?


Can you add your signature? ✍️


Are antibody tests administered in Ben Gurion upon arrival or are you required to obtain a test on your own?


I’m also wondering this. I assume it’s at the airport, otherwise how would you leave quarantine to go get the test? Remember, it’s all monitored by electronic bracelet.

Meir shaarim

I’m sure tge hareadi community is loving this…


I got an email from United that my flight Monday March 15th TLV to Newark was canceled. When I called them to rebook they said that my flight is on and the email was an error. Is there any way to know if my flight is really on?


United cancelled all their flights about 1130am this morning from TLV-EWR then i just spoke to Uuited after holding on for 1 1/2 hours and they said it was a glitch in the system
any idea??


We have ticket for a morning United flight TLV to EWR that is still scheduled, later in March. Is United keeping the evening flights? Should I preemptively change our morning flight to the evening one?


What’s the link to get permission for a foreigner to come to israel? (American married to an Israeli)

it worked for me on appeal after being denied,i live in e. israel so i said that returning to my family is a humanitarian need


Just pointing out that kids who have antibodies/positive covid test on file can get green passes also…




Why do they keep on canceling the outgoing flights..? Last week united was ok this week canceled..and they know the yeshiva boys/girls want to come home…

Bochur trying to get home

Hey Dan! What do you think about flying from Israel to Newark through Zurich on Swiss Air next week?


ISRAEL IS COMPLETELY CRAZY!! They have taken complete control of everyone here. They had their endless lockdowns which meant nothing other than that businesses are driven to the ground and chareidim couldn’t travel intercity. But of course they stop city busses in chariedy areas to catch anyone who’s more than 1km away from their house.
They track your phone and can tell if you violated a lockdown or quarantine.

The mask enforcement outside on the street is out of control. I literally feel like a criminal every time I’m walking around because maybe I’m too far from my house or my mask isn’t over my eyes. I even saw a cop taking a walk one evening in a quiet chariedy neighborhood and bang! he caught a criminal who’s mask was on his chin!

Now they have reached A NEW LEVEL!! They are limiting foreign citizens from leaving the country! These flights that are being cancelled were completely full. WHAT BUSINESS DO THEY HAVE HOLDING AMERICAN CITIZENS HOSTAGE?!

For all those who wonder what America would look like under a far left administration just look at Israel and you’ll get an idea how crazy it’ll be.

American in Israel

Any foreign citizen can leave the country so long as they sign that they agree to remain away for 60 days. You can leave, but not necessarily come back.


is the point of canceling flights to eliminate incoming passengers?


Over last 3 months Israell allowed in 8000 covid positive who donated new mutations to Israel
Sky need to stay closed

If your sons come home they won’t go back
Think well before booking


they allowed most of them in from dubai for bibis political reasons when they new it was a problem so now they have to pretend theyre doing something


We have a flight to go on March 23rd, we are Israeli, have been vaccinated. The kids are not eligible to be vaccinated yet. We will try to put in a request with the vaad but it will likely be denied, and we will only be told the day before. Then we are responsible to pay the $290 cancellation fee on united. $290!!! A TICKET!!! How is this legal? The government is forcing us to cancel the tickets by implementing rules that were not there when we bought the tickets. The children will be tested and tested and tested and will quarantine. How is Israel getting away with this? First they keep our kids home for an entire year (kids still home after 12 months, grades 5-10) and then hold us hostage?? Absurd.


Just to update that I spoke with United and they said all flights until March 20 are cancelled except the night Tlv-ewr flight. And if someone is denied leaving because the vaad denied their request, that letter should be submitted to the airline and they will likely wave the cancellation fee since the cancellation was because of the government.


Hi Dan, We are dual citinzens. We’re vaccinated. Have tickets for March 22 on ElAl. What happens if Elal cancels our flight? Do they put us on a different flight? or can they just say we can’t go for Pesach and thats it? Any idea?

Jack Leberger

My son just got a flight for tomorrow the 9th, at 6:00pm, with El Al. He did it through Kikar Travel. I don’t know what the status is as far as additional seats.

Jack Leberger

I should have added:
1 – He booked it round trip returning to E”Y on April 14th
2 – Cost was ~$1500 (for the full 2 way ticket – into JFK)
3 – Going to hold onto my current ticket with United, booked for March 20th, until his feet are on the ground in the good ‘ol US of A.
4 – He’s vaccinated, recovered from Covid – with a recovery card and has been tested already with Ichud Hatzoloh in Yerushalayim.

I think I’ve got everything covered – the rest in with the one above!


Hi Dan, are flights through zurich to the us likely to be cancelled? Its not on the list of 8 cities allowed to fly to Israel…


Do u think we can fly in august


Can dual citizens without a green passport leave Israel without “permission” or must they also apply to the committee?