[Update On Filing Claims] Bravo! Virgin Atlantic Will Offer Reimbursement For Hotels, Transportation, And Meals For Passengers With Canceled Virgin Flights To/From Israel

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Update: While I confirmed the information in this post with Virgin’s press office before posting, several readers reached out to me showing that their claims were denied. 

I followed up with Virgin’s press office asking why their claims were denied, and they clarified that claims had been made for EC Compensation which covers delays and cancellations as opposed to expenses,

EC Compensation claims are not valid due to the ‘extraordinary circumstances’ beyond the control of Virgin Atlantic. I believe the customers have confused EC Compensation with EC Care, which covers reimbursement for hotel accommodation, transport and meals. They must apply for EC Care to be reimbursed for these specific expenses.”

Sure enough, they followed up with claims for EC Care for food, hotel, and transportation expenses and those claims were paid in full!

Commenter Steve writes, Just received over $3000 from Virgin for reimbursement after cancelled flights. Thanks Dan, would’ve never known about this without you.”

Kudos to Virgin for showing extraordinary customer service by honoring these expenses!

Originally posted on 10/15:

Virgin Atlantic suspended their flights to Tel Aviv last week. Currently, they plan to resume service on October 20th, though of course that it subject to change.

Most airlines are telling passengers they are on their own for expenses due to the war in Israel. Credit card coverage may or may not cover expenses due to the war as well.

However Virgin is standing behind their passengers,

“If your flight has been cancelled and you are away from home, we will offer reimbursement for hotel accommodation, and transport to and from the hotel, in addition to meals and refreshments. You can find more information by visiting our Flight Disruption Policy.”

As with most airlines, you can also request a refund or reschedule canceled flights with no fees or fare differences.

Kudos to Virgin for sticking up for passenger rights during these tough times! Have any other airlines made similar announcements?

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Does chase sapphire or Amex platinum cover?


+1 @dan?


Isn’t this legally required under UK261?

Also, what about the passengers who had to buy new tickets out of pocket? Any word on that?


I wonder how much of VSs response to this war has to do with their CEO being Israeli.


How can I request a reimbursement for the expanses?


Is there any way at all to get anything? These flight cancellations and extended Israel stay costed me thousands of dollars. Would taking a lawyer help at all? Like a class action lawsuit?

Smart Guy

Try a class action suit against Hamas.
let us know how that goes.


Chase sapphire told me that this will fall under trip interruption because they are considering it terrorism (not war) – two different reps told me this. Haven’t heard anything from our airline that cancelled our tickets – not even an offer to refund the ticket (they didn’t even inform us via email that our flight was cancelled.)

Haven’t yet spoken to a CSR CSR

Can you remind us what the story is with Chase protections when you pay for you ticket entirely with UR, as I did? And if that doesn’t get them, what about paying mostly with UR and a nominal amount with the card itself?

Gary D

That’s all very nice
However, I had a different experience with Virgin. I had Upper Class tickets on a flight out of Israel going to JFK that was cancelled. After scrambling for days to find an alternative flight I was able to get a route (through two countries) to London. I found a flight from Heathrow to JFK with available Upper class seats – one day before departure. Virgin refused me access to those empty seats because they were not “reward seats” since I used mileage (in addition to over a thousand dollars) to purchase my original seats. All my appeals stressing the war situation, speaking to a number of reps, being refused access to a supervisor, did not help!
I ended spending $11,000 to get first class tickets on Emirates – WHICH WERE THE ONLY SEATS AVAILABLE.
I can’t understate the level of stress they caused by not being helpful in the least when time was of the essence.
So, I’m sorry to say they are too little too late with this offer.


i had premium eco and took the second leg even though it was not the original date of travel from heatrow they let me take a non rewards’ seat even though i booked with points i did have to be on phone with them for over an hour (close to 2 ) and after alot of talk and asking supervisors they where able to help

I think it depends on rep and how you convince them how they messed you up on the first leg

and btw i got them to not charge me heathro fees (double the price of isreal fees ) and instead kept same fees

Naf naf

If I end up cancelling the flight and finding a new way home, will they still reimburse me for these expenses up until I cancel (as they couldn’t get me home)?


Delta took of the BOS and ATL route for the next 12 months? i dont see any date available with that route


Hi Dan. I bought 9 tickets to E’Y for Sukkos using my Sapphire Reserve on Delta for a total of about 17K. They cancelled my original return and then my rebooked flight. I had to pay for extra time in the Hotel, meals, and then 25K to get out of the country via Ethiopian Airlines on a 40hr trip. Chase says Delta “Hijacked” my flights and since they tried to rebook my original flights, they are no longer responsible. What is your best advice to recoup some of the major expenses? Thanks.


I came to Israel on Royal Jordanian Airlines Jfk -Tlv September 26 with return date October 12 ,as the return date keeps on being canceled,To what kind of compensation am I entitled towards the return to my point of departure,
The flight was purchased online through a travel provider , should I contact them or the airline direct ?


This is what I received from Virgin denying my claim.

regret to advise
that we have declined your claim on the grounds that the arrival delay was caused by extraordinary circumstances which were beyond the control of Virgin Atlantic and could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken.

guidelines of what is extraordinary can be found on the CAA website via the below link:



you for your completed EU
Compensation Application Form. We have now reviewed your claim in relation to the following flight:



Date and Time of Departure









cause of your cancellation was due to ‘extraordinary circumstances’ beyond the control of Virgin Atlantic. With all reasonable steps taken this cancellation could not have been prevented. For these reasons, we regret to
that we have declined your claim.


Just received over $3000 from Virgin for reimbursement after cancelled flights. Thanks Dan, would’ve never known about this without you.


Did you need receipts ?


What do i do if it’s been 3 weeks since filling out their form and I haven’t heard back from them. Hold times are insane and I can’t find any email contact.


Are cancelled flights booked thru Virgin on partner airlines (e.g., ITA) covered by this policy as well?


how come delta wont do the same


My virgin flight was cancelled. I ended up going through two stopovers on a 45 hour trip home. Am I eligible for compensation for meals and hotels in stopover cities? And do I need receipts or would CC statements suffice?


Would anyone know or have any experiance with British Airways?