Live In 9 Minutes! Will You Try To Score A Free Cathay Pacific Ticket From Canada Or The US To Hong Kong?

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At 8pm ET today, you can click on this page to try to get a code for a free ticket from the US to Hong Kong. Valid origin cities are Boston, Los Angeles, New York, or San Francisco.

At 9pm ET today, you can click on this page to try to get a code for a free ticket from Canada to Hong Kong. Valid origin cities are Toronto or Vancouver.

All tickets are sponsored by Hong Kong International Airport in order to bring tourists back to a city hard hit by COVID restrictions and a Chinese mainland crackdown on free speech and demonstrations in the city.

You must be a Cathay Pacific Asia Miles member to book a free ticket. Be sure to be logged into your account before trying to get a code.

Once you have a code, hurry and try to use it for a free ticket as quickly as possible! You need to finalize your booking before all tickets are booked.

  • Some 2,890 round-trip tickets from the US to Hong Kong and 1,555 tickets from Canada to Hong Kong will be given away.
  • Taxes and fees will still be owed on the free ticket.
  • The code will be valid for 1 free round-trip ticket.
  • To be able to use your unique code you must be a Cathay member and be logged into your Cathay account.
  • You can earn miles and even use miles to upgrade the free ticket.
  • You must travel within 9 months.
  • The minimum stay period for the ticket is 2 days, and the maximum stay period for the ticket is 1 month. Changes will incur a rebooking fee.
  • All tickets are non-transferable, non-reroutable, and non-exchangeable. However the taxes & surcharges are refundable if you need to cancel.

If you get a code, you’ll want to use it fast, so have your dates ready! Summertime can be sweltering in the hilly city, I’d recommend going in the fall for winter, which is perfect as the ticket is valid for use through mid-February.

Once the free ticket allotment is used the promotion will be over, so you’ll need to be fast. Bookings are only guaranteed once you pay for your ticket and get a confirmation.

Expect website traffic to be very heavy and to have to wait in a waiting room to buy a ticket.

Post a comment if you win a free ticket!

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Even more feedback:

The time clock for the que is not in real time. My pages now say 3min, 3min, 6min, 8min, 8min and over one hour.


How much are taxes and fees? And is this economy only?


Dont trust Chinese Gimmicks

Dr Moose

No thanks, I’ll rather use points/miles to book a flight in business.


You can earn miles and even use miles to upgrade the free ticket…. Did you even read the post?


why would I go to china?


They were giving away free tickets from tel aviv on May 10th and the taxes came out 300$


Can you book economy flex? The terms are not clear.


Thank you for visiting.
To participate in the Exclusive Ticket Offer sponsored by the Hong Kong International Airport from the United States, please click here to join.
To participate in the Exclusive Ticket Offer sponsored by the Hong Kong International Airport from Canada, please click here to join.
For other matters on our website, please be patient as you will be put through soon. Your estimated wait time is shown on the page for your reference.
If you would like to manage your existing booking or check-in, please use the links below to avoid the wait:

Manage booking
Online check-in

What is this?
Expected arrival time on the website: 06:11 GMT+8
Your estimated wait time is: 2 minutes

Status last updated: 06:08:41 GMT+8


35 minutes to sign in!


Expected arrival time on the website: 08:39 GMT+8

Your estimated wait time is: 42 minutes


i log in 4 minutes early and there is a 41 minute wait?


Can’t create an account


Not that I wanted to go to Hong Kong, but I thought I’d try this for fun. With 56 minutes wait to login I’m officially done trying.


the login on asia miles has shorter wait time than cathay login even though they look the same.


In queue for more than an hour ‍♀️


more than an hour wait


Is the code automatically entered – don’t see any code given


more then an hour


We are experiencing technical difficulties.

Sorry, the system is not available at this moment. Please close your browser and try again or restart your booking by clicking the link below.


Queue number 8800, anyone lower?


where are you seen your number in queue? i am 7 minutes from been allow to sign in.




More than an hour queue, but I got the codes in case someone is able to book
Boston: BOSHKAA23


Need to wait in the que to get into the site now lol

Simple guy

“upstream server is timing out”


the site is crashing, I finished my place in the que and tried to sign in then it crashes


Sign in first… read the post… sorry


Has anyone found a workaround to sign in without having to wait in the one hour que to get into the site?


I sadly did not sign in and now after almost an hour queue, got into the site but can’t make it past the sign in since “The upstream server is timing out.”


This is the second round of that Cathay is offering for the free tickets. The first round was earlier today and the rep does not know if there will be a third round after the 8pm one that does not seem to be working now.


“message”: “The upstream server is timing out”

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again
Error code: 2999

Why are these types of promotions always a cluster …


It’s more fun watching Matza rise. Seriously Cathay? And one person only? Honey, I’m going to Hong Kong for Chinese. Get you the usual?


anyone succeed? or get close? i haven’t even been able to login. “The upstream server is timing out”


I’m already logged in and everything but get this error on the booking page “An error occurred. Please refresh the current page. (Refresh will not affect your queue status”

Not deal

174,000 in que


I’m on the purchase page. Looks like it’s working ok. Any way to see what the fare class is before booking?


Was the code automatically entered somewhere for you?


No, I had to input the code once it cleared me for the homepage.

Boston: BOSHKAA23


Did you get a flight? How much were taxes?


I didn’t complete the transaction and then it timed out. I needed to know what fare class the ticket was, or it isn’t worth it for me to purchase it as I am chasing Oneworld status.
The total for a roundtrip flight though came out to be $348, for any date it looked like. (initially $895 or something before the discount)


The trick is to wait in the queue around 7:15, 7:30. I successfully got on the site at 8:03, but did not find the code anywhere on the page. No luck for me.

Simple guy

I hope their planes run better then their website


Also having difficulty. I created an account and signed in, then I waited in the que for 1 hour, it asked me to sign in again. now im getting the error “{
“message”:”The upstream server is timing out”


C. A total of 2,890 tickets will be offered for purchase on a first come, first served basis.


Some feedback:

At the end of the hour long que, it redirected me to the que one more time after I inputed my login info, que 196996! I had made duplicates of the web page ques and Cathay Pacific booking pages previously so I just pressed “back page” a few times and I got to a page that showed I was already logged in. I remained logged in even after I refreshed that page. All good until I tried to search for the flight. I used the code upthread since I didn’t see any discount code on the webpage I was logged in to. After I input the flight info,…it redirected me back to the hour que!!

Also, since you can only book one ticket at a time, we will have to go through the entire process a second time, from scratch, to get a ticket for the spouse. Trying to log in to a new page for spouse brings up my name since I am still in que; no chance in putting in a different name. IOW, I think you need two computers or devices to do this simultaneously.


How do I get 2 hours of my life back? Logged in early and got all sorts of error messages. Finally, got accepted to booking page and attempt to make payment. It would have been $348 roundtrip BOS – HKG only to be prompted to another page that said ” The discount code you have entered is exceeded the maximum number of usages”


Further feedback:

There are different algorithms (or glitches) for que times. Try going through Dan’s link, opening up a new page from scratch, making duplicates of ques pages, going through Asia Miles, going through ‘manage booking’ link, etc. Each one gives different que waiting times!


My waiting times on different pages are now 12 minutes, 13 minutes, 20 minutes and over an hour.

Going to HKG

OK, we were just as frustrated with the queue…but we found a workaround. Yes, we booked 4 tix (one at a time) for $348 each r/t from JFK. It seems that Cathay Pacific has closed the loophole we found, so i won’t discuss / disclose here….now we just hope to not get cancelled. And yes, we have received email confirmations.


You just blocked certain requests. It’s well known.


I managed to book a RT from JFK to HKG for early February after trying for two hours. Paid $ 348 taxes/fees. I believe the non-discounted price including tax and fees was $ 1,151. The actual free ticket would have cost $ 803 plus taxes and fees. Not sure if it was worth the hassle but, still, that’s pretty cheap for RT. It did let me pick my seats and the ticket allows two checked bags.


Did you manage to get the same flights/times for all 4 tickets?

Going to HKG

yes, all the same flights.




Does anyone know:
1. Hong kong covid policy, masking social distancing etc.
2. is a it safe place for jews to travel too (communist gov, muslims etc.)
3. jewish life, like minyanim, kosher food etc.


Tried to submit within 1 second of 5PM PST beginning of offer…..waited in a queue for over 3+ HOURS…then suddenly the deal was dead. Horrible! Cathay OBVIOUSLY know that thousands of people like me would not get through the ticket allotment…but STILL asked us to wait! HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE! I’m certain the main purpose of this gimmick was for the communist government to gain access to your data and phone! Horrible Horrible Horrible! I will be deleting all of my phone info tomorrow to prevent access by Communist China!


Horrible !


Are you allowed to cancel after 24 hours and still get taxes and fees refunded? I can’t seem to find that information on the ticket.