HURRY! Virgin Australia: Sydney To Los Angeles For $148 One-Way Or $251 Round-Trip! Los Angeles To Sydney For $591 Round-Trip!

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Update, 2pm EST: DEAD! 


American Express is a advertiser.
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Bookable on Orbitz. Orbitz tickets are refundable until 11pm ET tomorrow.

In order to find this deal try searching from your desktop and be sure to use the Orbitz link from this post. Going directly to Orbitz won’t work!

Many Virgin Australia flights departing from Australia to the US have massive price drops after selecting them.

These prices only appear to drop when departing from Australia, not when departing from the US. However you can book a one-way from Los Angeles to Sydney on sale for $443 and a one-way return for $148. Or you can always use miles for a one-way to Australia and then fly back to the US for just $148.

There are also cheap flights from Brisbane and Melbourne to Los Angeles with this deal.

To find these fares just go to Orbitz and narrow your search to Virgin Australia:




















The flights will appear to be expensive:














But select one of those flights (both the Delta and Virgin Australia operated flights will work) and the price will plummet to $148 one way from Sydney to Los Angeles:













Or $251 round-trip from Sydney to Los Angeles:














Be sure to check all of the flight options if one of the flight times don’t drop in price.

I’m still working on gathering valid dates, but all of the following dates work on the outbound flight from Los Angeles to Sydney:
February: 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29
March: 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29, 31.
April: 5, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29.
May: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 16, 17, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30
June: 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 17, 19, 20, 21,
July 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31
August 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 28, 29, 30, 31
September 2, 4, 5, 6

If you’re booking a round-trip from Sydney just start with a valid outbound date and then pick a return date, select the flights, and see if the price drops. If it doesn’t just try another return date until you get one where the price drops.

Post a comment if you book this amazing deal!


How long should you spend down under?

Back in 2010 Mimi and I flew around the world on AA’s defunct round-the-world award and for Australia we stopped off in Melbourne, Sydney, Tasmania, and the Whitsunday Islands. Truly an awesome country!

-3-5 days in Sydney would give you enough time to experience the phenomenal Park Hyatt, climb the Harbour bridge, check out the Opera House, pet some Koalas and Kangaroos, and have a day in the Blue Mountains.

-4-6 days in Melbourne would allow for a road trip of the sublime Great Ocean Road and the breathtaking Grampians before going to to Malborune for Shabbos at the excellent Park Hyatt which is around the corner from a great Chabad House. A flight from Sydney to Melbourne is 4.5K BA Avios with no fuel surcharges.

-2-4 days in Hamilton Island or Cairns would give you time to snorkel or dive the Great Barrier Reef. If you’re based in Hamilton Island you’ll also be able to checked out famous Whitehaven Beach and the Whitsunday Islands. A flight from Sydney to Hamilton Island is 7.5K BA Avios with no fuel surcharges. Sydney to Cairns is 10K Avios.

-We spent 4 nights covering the entire beautiful island of Tasmania without realizing just how much driving that would entail. Doing over a week would have been ideal.  A flight from Sydney to Hobart is 4.5K BA Avios with no fuel surcharges.

-We didn’t make it to more remote places like Uluru, Kangaroo Island, Perth, or the Australian Outback, but perhaps on a future trip?

Then again 10K BA Avios can also get you from Sydney to New Zealand. That’s been on my bucket list for a very long time…

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Any dates out of NYC? I tried a few and couldn’t find any.


How do you search past September 6?


What are the least miles to use for the one way there?


I followed all your steps but it’s not working, unfortunately…


Orbitz is letting me pull up any dates past 9/3/16…how are you finding availability in Nov on the Orbitz site?


Post says only starting in SYD.


Doesn’t seem like you can 🙁
Was pulling data from GF.

Which miles do you have?

Works fine for me, what route and date?


I booked SYD-LAX for May. I’ll start figuring out my schedule now to see if I’ll keep it. Thanks 🙂


dan is probably finding availability on matrix



GF, I’ve deleted everything after 09/06 as they don’t seem bookable.


I’m not seeing the price plummet!?


What route/date?


Dan, I just booked on 11/30 SYD-LAX but it is full price. Remind me how to cancel on Orbitz?


Not seeing it either! SYD-LAX 4/4 or 4/5


May 2 one way SYD-LAX

Considering It

1) Are you only seeing this into LAX?
2) Is $443 the cheapest to get to SYD from LAX?


what are available dates to depart from syd?


Never mind.. it works.. awesome thanks


is it crazy to spend shavuos there? I don’t know anyone who lives there


I can’t get it to work either.. Was trying your April dates


Tried booking for 6/21 at 10 am. Price did not plummet


Tried dozens of dates from SYD to LAX and the price never dropped 🙁


What dates seemed to work


Not seeing dates for one way from Syd-LAX around June 15-16 and outbound from LAX-SYD from the 8th of June.


Not crazy, can always stay in a hotel.

And you give up that easily?
The 9:50am still works just fine.

For which dates?

Did you read the post?

June 15-16 are not listed in this post.


I’m trying to book outbound from LAX May 30 or 31 for 2 weeks and everything is $922.66 after price drop


You need to book one-ways.

One-way LAX-SYD on May 30 is $444.
One-way SYD-LAX on June 14 is $148.


May 11th worked one way from SYd-LAX


As does every date I wrote in the post 🙂


@Anonymous: consult your local orthodox rabbi about crossing the dateline during sefira and when you observe shavuot


Trying 28/29/30/31 SYD to LAX but no price drops. Is it just one page after clicking Select


Not working for me either – trying to find a one way on March 20, 21, 22 from SYD – LAX and it still shows the full price when I follow your instructions too


Month would be good.

Still working:

If one flight time doesn’t work then try another.


I booked from SYD to LA – 5 seats for $586
now i need to get from LA – beginning of july…any dates???


Just booked round trip from Sidney may 21 to June 19!!! Thanks Dan
Also for some reason my friend wasn’t finding it on his iPhone but it worked on my Galaxy… Don’t know why


When will we know they will honor it ?

they already issued me the E-Ticket

Anyway to upgrade to business class using miles ?

high end hobo

Cant find a single date in August to drop from SYD-LAX OW


Any luck with SYD-LAX the week of 4/3? I can’t find anything 🙁


June 21 is cheap, then it gets pricey from LA.


@high end hobo:
Try other flight times, works fine.

April 5, as the post says, works fine.


MEL to LAX APR 12- MAY 2 (Pesach)


How did you search past September?


Makes no sense! I’m doing literally exactly what you’re doing and it’s not working. What browser are you using? Are you signed into an account??



Read previous comments.

Chrome from a desktop.
You selected all of the flight options?
Try requesting orbitz desktop site?


can you book on virgin Australia directly with these prices? then maybe wed be able to book dates past sep. 6?


Well sadly apparently it works for some and not for others 🙁 Using chrome too, not signed into an account and can’t get any dates to show the low price.



AUGUST, sorry


If you figure it out let us know.

Are you on a PC?

Works fine:


Trick is, DONT select ‘narrow search’ just hit search which pulls up offers from all different airlines, then select Virgin Australia.


Please help me
Looking for flights SYD-LAX 2/3 May nothing seems to be discounted?


Narrow works just fine for me.

Works for me after selecting the flight on my desktop:


3/29 from syd not available
you say its 148 from sydney and then your provide outbound from LAX? i tried the entire last week of march and nothing available one way from sydney


I’ve tried numerous dates and times but to no avail. Anyone have any dates they know work? Thanks


Maybe try a different browser. I couldnt do it in firefox, but was able to in chrome.


no dice 6/21


Works for me:

Be sure that:
-You’re on a PC
-You used the Orbitz link from this post.


Be sure that:
-You’re on a PC
-You used the Orbitz link from this post.


So weird, I figured it out Dan!!! If I go through your link to Orbitz above, I can see the lower fares! If not, I can’t! Just booked for March 22!!!!!

How soon will we know if they will honor the fares? THANKS!


Thanks Dan. Looking for SYD-LAX leaving March 10 and returning March 14. Doesn’t seem work when I do 2 ways either


Dan, If given the option, Which would you pick, Virgin or Delta?


Trying to book February 25-39 Syd yo lax not workimg


Yup, using my link is the key!

They’re both good airlines.

@South: February 39 would be quite the challenge.

If you mean 29 then it works just fine.
Be sure to use a desktop and click through using my link.


Thank you Dan! Need to also thank you for Vancouver trip, got those cheap $50 tix and had an amazing time. Got these tix as well! Thanks!

high end hobo

Thanks Dan. Just booked this is a tag on to my IGU trip

Im flying SCL-AKL-SYD in LAN J



@high end hobo:


Tried from desktop for several dates in May and it’s not working, the screen layout is different to the one in the pictures.. Do I need to be a member?


looks like it’s dead even using the link, virgin atlantic “No flights are available from the airline partners search” -on Chrome.


You need to use a desktop and use the Orbitz link in this post.

Still working for me. What date?


Just booked another 4 tix in Aug, SYD-LAX for $148.56 each.
I’m using chrome on iOS and it all works just fine.


Please assistance
I am looking for a flight from Sydney to LAX on the 3rd of May. I doesnt seem to be working. can you send me a LINK please? (not a picture)




Just try using a desktop and be sure to use the Orbitz link in this post.


Got three tix SYD-LAX $341, not thru link but did it right away so maybe has changed. Before I book the other direction w miles, any thoughts that this might be cancelled?


Do you think I can book two round trip tickets from syd to lax and just use the lax –> syd and the syd —> lax for the dates I want and disregard the other two flights??


no luck for me, pricing around 900.


I got 5 tix Aug 25 on Virgin for $117 each. I feel I need to cancel though b/c would have to fly out during 3 weeks. Sigh. Weather is also in the 60s. I hope Orbitz wont give me a problem. NOTE: Tisha B’Av 8/13 and 9 days start 8/4


Thank you Dan! Just booked lax-mel may 17-29


just got 5 tix for $117 each on 8/25. may have to cancel b/c departure would have to be during the 3 weeks. Good to note when Tisha B’Av is.


What are the points earned for the flight worth ?
Can they be transferred into Jetblue points ??


Got it for June! Thank you, Dan!!! Please share ideas for hotels, things to do there, etc if you get time. Again, thanks.


I added some links to trip reports in the post.

Ed Travel

Thank you! I got one, now I have to find a way to Australia…


booked LAX-SYD and SYD-LAX in august! thank you!
need cheap tix NY_LA now please 🙂


@Dan, what’s the difference between the link in your post (other than it being a referral link)? I was able to book flights by going to


It works, but YOU MUST BOOK using the link provided above. If you got to on your own (like I did), it may take you to an updated site that does not provide these deals.

Just booked 3 flights each for 6 people. Ill decide later which ones I want to keep.


Several other people have commented the same thing.


booked nyc to mel on aa miles 37.5k each and syd to lax for


Thank you! Just booked a trip for May.


Success on 6/19! Amazing! Now for the points flights outbound and back to the East Coast. THANK YOU DAN!!!


@Dan: thank you DAN!!!


No luck for me, but I’m not motivated as I already have flights for the summer to SYD. Good luck folks!!


Just booked graduation trip for my daughter June 5-14!
Thank you!!!!


For the flight from LAX>SYD, would it make sense to just book a round-trip flight originating from Sydney and have the return flight (LAX>SYD) be on the same date you would want to book the one way? That way you’d only pay $250 instead of $425+? Or is it a problem because you won’t be on that first flight? Sorry, I’m not so familiar with the rules.

Ed Travel

Hint: Once you book and receive the booking code from Orbitz you can go to Delta and find your flight in that way you can select your seat…


Just booked LAX > MEL, SYD > LAX for $600 even. Will fill in the gaps using points or…..Dansdeals! Thanks!


Thanks Dans deals!! We are going to LA for Pesach to see our family thanks to you! 15 APR-09MAY booked for 2 adults and 5 kids. Thanks to you our daughter will meet her grandparents for the first time:))


delta doesn’t work for me..did it work for anyone?


I was able to book on my phone with the link for two from Sydney to LAX for April 12


Thanks, Dan! Just scored two o/w LAX-SYD on 9/4 for $148. Will use miles to fly SEA-SYD, and then enjoy a lazy Labor Day inbound before going back to work. Cheers!

SYD to JFk

I booked SYD to JFK on May 3rd for $296


Dan, now those dates worked!!! Thank you so much!!! At what point can we know they will for sure honor it?


Melbourne is also available for about an extra $10

Christine K

Booked SYD-LAX August 22nd. Thanks so much.


Are you guys using this link:

Even Apr 12, Apr 15, June 15, June 19 shows up as $650+


Booked! Thank you so much 🙂


Dan, Can I book at this price and then call up and move it for succos time?

Kate K

Worked for me! Thanks!


Just booked June 21 SYD-LAX on Virgin 6552 for $148.56–Its actually a Delta flight………………………


reminder: it is extremely halachacly COMPLICATED to CROSS THE DATE LINE DURING SEFIRAS HAOMER, keep that it in mind if you plan on traveling between peasach and shavous – you might end up keeping shavous a day earlier/later then everyone else around you


Just booked graduation trip for my daughter!! Thank you!

Michael Schneider

i cannot find a single fare that works on delta – anyone have any luck? virgin aus works fine.


Thank you so much!! Booked 5 tickets for the family. =)

I used Firefox

Michael Schneider

@AC: wont work for me either


Booked 7 tickets round trip LAX-MEL! Connecting from MEL through BNE is about $140 one way!


@Dan: used link from post and it worked. booked MEL to LAX 3/31 one way $162. thanks




Hi, I am currently in America and need to return to Australia. I booked one of these cheap fares BUT I bought a round trip out of Melbourne as it was cheaper than buying a one way from LA. Does it matter that I’m not boarding the flight out of Aus (as I’m in the USA)?




I had a flight from mel-lax for 273 and then right before confirming it switched back to 755


@leibel: going back and forth within sefira isn’t an issue.


I’ve tried every Syd – LAX from Aug-30 to Sept-6 and none of them are doing down in price..

Ed Travel

@YItzy: Which dates did you use?


I booked syd -lax already for sep 5 but not finding any really good deals syd-nyc


Appears to be dead.


Worked for me too. Not all dates are available though, so you need to keep searching till you get one that works


Just booked a flight from Sydney -LAx. I put in the dates and it came to $251 . went to checkout and it tells me that its now back to $700 whats going on are all the specials gone?? Looking for April 21 from Sydney to LA ret to Sydney April 26 HELP


Appears to be dead now.


I booked a few hours ago and it still didn’t ticket.. 🙁


This is a scam for him to get more followers.

I’ve tried every date from June 1st to July 31st. None work. I followed the link, etc


Thanks Dan! It worked for me after using your link
I hope they will honor!


This is when reading the post update and previous comments is useful…

lucky tickets

whats the cheapest way for me to get to sydney from ny and whats the cheapest way to get back from la to ny afterwards?


@ahoy it was probably dead when you tried. You have to make sure to click on the nonstop flight plan and it’ll show a glitched orbitz price. It doesn’t show right right off the bat. I got BNE-LAX early this morning when it first came out on flyertalk. Don’t be so negative just because you didn’t find anything. You were just too late. Dan did everyone a favor and actually looked deeper to find possible dates. The other bloggers didn’t even do that.


@ahoy: worked for me – you had to click the booking and then orbitz reduced the ticket price – he didn’t gain a follower as I have been following him for years!

Ed Travel

@ahoy: Is not a scam…I bought one…This type of deals you must jump on it right at the moment or you (literally) will miss the plane 🙂


Thanks Dan. Booked 2 tickets one way from SYD TO LAX>in may.


I got one way but couldn’t get the way back, it was dead already so I will probably have to cancel.


I would like to fly to Israel on 20.10.16


Does anyone know what fare class it books into?


@skylash: According to delta it is a ‘T’ Class


@Dan: LOL some people. Thanks for posting Dan!


I was able to book for beginning of September, at what point will I know if these tickets will be honored?

Michael Schneider

pretty sure this is dead now. I booked 5/30 SYD-LAX for $148!

Plymouth voyager

Anyway to upgrade?

Christine K

For what it’s worth, I just booked LAX-SYD for $443 less than 10 minutes ago.


I have tried booking multiple dates and multiple flights over the last few hours and it doesn’t. All I can say Dan is “your full of sh*t”.


This has been dead for 4 hours now as the post update says, thanks for playing!


I just booked LAX-SYD for $433 less than 10 minutes ago also, just as before the fare changed on Orbitz once the flight was selected. The eticket says the base fare is $160.And this time my seat request showed up on VA where as this mornings SYD-LAX the seats didn’t. Fingers crossed they honor them. Will we hopefully know within 24 Hrs. as some have said?


@lilia: wait! don’t cancel! if ur worried about flying during 3 weeks you shud know I called halacha hotline once about that and they said its no problem flying a commercial airline during 3 weeks. the worry of travel refers to a private plane or helicopter ride where there isn’t so much precautions involved as a commercial airline. flying is perfectly fine.

Denis the menace

Denis i booked a flight from syd-lax reform for 250 so i guess that makes you fill of sh@#. Don’t blame your incompetencies on others.


I was able to book 3/18 Syd-Lax, for $148.56!


somebody asks:
What is the 24 HR cancellation deadline on these? Is is AU time?


“Orbitz tickets are refundable until 11pm ET tomorrow.”


@Christine K: what date did you book?


hi dan, i looking for lax to syd or mel round trip dates april 6 to may 8
i am on a pc and trying to do one ways following all your directions but prices not plummenting…any advice? thanks so much in advance!


just got an email.. they are not honoring the tickets


Just got an email that these tickets are not being honored ;(


How did I just see that I could have booked to Melbourne?!? I only saw Sydney and now I have to find a second flight to Melbourne!


Step 1. Turn your clock back 7 hours.


Best coast here- no emails yet, I only booked 2 one ways, SYD-Lax-SYD in their Fall, May- hoping it goes through as I want to Barbie some Dingo!


Got ticketed with an hour of booking this morning…Dan’s the best so stfu all dissing him. Your inability to read blogs and deal updates is your problem and no one else’s


AF– I’m on the Delta 9/4 flight– see you there!!

I got the confirmation email from Orbitz, and I can pull up my record on Virgin….looks like this is good to go….

thanks, Dan!


I booked this morning at approx 10AM in LA.

No emails yet!


I didn’t get an email to say ticket is not honoured, so technically still have a confirmed ticket, when do we know it’s definitely confirmed


thanks Dan. we’re booked!!


I got a ticket number and confirmation email, nothing abt cancellation so I think flights leaving from la-mel went through..


Is there a possibility that they could cancel the flights originating from Sydney but not the one-way tix from Los Angeles to Sydney? It would be really frustrating if they cancel the one-ways originating from Sydney after today so we would already be outside of our window to cancel our LA to Sydney flights since we wouldn’t have a way back without paying full fare. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


If you have a ticket number you should be good.


just booked lax-syd for $435 a person as of 20 min ago. Called orbitz and checked Virgin w/ ticket number and locator and seems like syd-lax tix still good. Getting nervous! total flights from lax $555 rt. Now if only NY-LAX weren’t practically as expensive!


Curious if anyone has had a similar situation, but my LA>SYD tickets have ticket numbers and my seat numbers as well. But my SYD>LA tickets have ticket numbers, but when I try to select the seats, it doesn’t save my preferences. Starting to get nervous here. Even though I have ticket #s, does my inability to set preferred seats through Orbitz or directly with Virgin Australia indicate that the tickets will be cancelled? 🙁


@Yossi me too…..have you tried calling Virgin. I purposely booked my LA SYD tix today so I would have another 24 hrs to cancel those in case the less expensive tickets get cancelled. I mean there has to be a window of time for them to let us know…..


@Yossi: Same thing for me, doesn’t save my seat preference, not sure what that means.


I haven’t received any cancellation emails (fingers crossed that doesn’t change) and I can see my booking on both Orbitz and the Virgin Australia website but like above I cannot seem to save my seat selection even though it says it has.


@Sarah: @Sarah: Sorry this is late. Booked August 18.


Hi all

I booked a flight coming back syd to lax and I am looking to book miles from lax to syd or akl (and then using BA to syd)
… I found miles tickets on united or 40k or delta for 45k is this a good deal ?

I have plenty of other miles …. is there a rewards company to use?

thank you for your help!


I booked it within 20 mins of the original notice and total cost is ~$600. I received an eticket number and seat selection on the Delta portion. Thanks DansDeals for the notice of this awesome deal because without it, Australia would be out of my price range! Many Thanks!


@Hio- 45k is okay, but if you buy it at $433 on Orbitz ( I think they were still working today), then it works out to less than $.01 return on points. ?Anyone know if you can tell Virg. Aus. that you want to earn Delta points Virg. Am. / Atl. on the flights? I have tried to read the Velocity rules but unclear and they would only let you enter a velocity #- Two hours left to deadline to cancel.


I love how people like you pretend you’re a hero when all you did was lift the information from forums and paid no credit to them. “I’m still working on gathering valid dates” *lol* you mean you are copying them from everyone else’s work. At least don’t pretend you did anything.


Are you joking?

The deal itself was sent to me by a DDF forum member.

I manually clicked through every single date to find valid dates. I don’t know of any other website that had a list of dates like the one in this post, but feel free to share it if there is. Odds are they copied it from me.


Dan is the MAN. All those haters should simply fade away into the background. WE appreciate your hard work. Ignore the silly haters


Quick question. I was able to book lax to Cairns and then SyD to lax. I would like to upgrade to business as it is a long flight if possible and dont know if there is any suggestions on how to do this with other airline points or with credit card points. Any suggestions?
btw, the entire trip was under $600 for each person (we have a family of 7) This was an unbelievable deal and scuba diving in the barrier reef has always been on my bucket list. Thank you


I just received the following from Orbitz:

“Dear Welder,

We have been notified by the airline of a significant change to your travel itinerary. Please contact Orbitz at 844-834-7905 from 9:00 AM to 8:30 PM Central time, 7 days a week. We’ll do our best to accommodate you on flights suitable to your schedule.”

Looking online, I see they’ve changed my nonstop VA SYD-LAX to SYD-BNE-LAX. Haven’t called yet. Any recommendations?