How To Check If Your UK First Class Tickets Are Confirmed And How To Cancel If You Need To

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Update: 10:10am: is no longer pricing any tickets in Danish Kroner, so this appears to be dead.

——————————————————————————- isn’t currently sending ticketed confirmation emails, but you can still check if your ticket has been confirmed.

Just go to and plugin your record locator and last name as shown in red below:













That will pull up your itinerary.  If it says “ticketed and confirmed” as shown in red you should be good to go.

If you need to cancel just click the cancel button as shown in red. As long as you cancel within 24 hours of the ticketing time you should get a full refund:













Post a comment of what you’ve booked!


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If not yet ticketed, any chance it gets ticketed?


Mine says conformed!!! Thanks Dan
can they still cancel the tickets?


LHR-EWR-HNL/LIH-LAX-EWR in F (or as jaywhy said F and BF) for $72 pp. Amazing. Concern is that “ticketed and confirmed” happened 2 minutes after I got the “booked” email. Seeing ticketed and confirmed is definitely a sign it ticketed properly?


strange thing. I booked LHR-ZRH-TLV and back but my record locator is only pullng up ZrH-TLV and TLV-zrh-LHR not my LHR-ZRH. Ever see anything like this before? Any ideas?


i have to fly next week i booked that ticket and i got that message how can i be 100% sure its fine
if not now there are cheap tickets now on a normal ticket

i dont want at the last minute to have to book another ticket


Looking at my CC charges it looks like they charged the online booking fee in USD and not DKK- any one else?


Booked LHR-FRA-ORD-SEA with a day in FRA and TATL flight in Lufthansa 1st. Thanks Dan!


Dan, not seeing opion to cancel on that page, I compared your screenshot to what I am getting.. not there.. any ideas without calling?

Dina Kops

My sister just booked multiple tickets!!!thank you!!!!


Is there still the posibility of them cancelling it? Mine says confirmed (booked 6 ppl LHR-EWR for after Pesach) but I’m wondering if I should book all of us EWR-LHR dependant on that?
Thanks Dan, you’re the man!!

not sure

Manage Reservations
! We could not process your request. Please see the message below and make revisions.

Does this mean its not confirmed?



I am trying to cancel one reservation that I made and its not giving me a cancel option. It’s a codeshare with swiss. What do I do?


@DP7 Yeah I’m seeing the same thing


We just did London to Hawaii to NYC for $62 RT, all first.

Thanks Dan!


Dan are you saying once it says “ticketed and confirmed” United will not cancel? I don’t want to make my PHL-London reservation until I know for sure.


3 United First Class LHR-ORD 31 Dec 2015 have confirmation code awaiting final confirmation. Fingers crossed


Deal is Dead


Manchester-Chicago on business for $51.75. Thanks!


I am booked an confirmed for Business First from LHR to IAH but, not ticketed. I see that the site is no longer working for the great price. No change to my reservation but, not ticketed. Do you think they will eventually ticket confirmed flights or?????

Sholom Ber

Call the chabad shaliach in Denmark and get him to offer his credit card for a fee for anyone who wants a Danish billing address.

not sure

nevermind, confirmed!!!!!!!!

think we will have a problem though leaving london with an american passport? cause we did leave denmark as the country of origin


Can i miss my first leg from london to ewr and only take the flight from ewr to london?

Has anybody done this before? I booked two rt in order to get to london from nyc…


booked from london to ewr in may ($50), and london/maui/ewr in aug ($63). Dan- can I enter my mileage info now withour getting the res. cancelled?


The fact that these tickets are selling for less than the UK departure tax means that the airline will have to come up with the money for that. No way in hell this gets honored. But good luck to everyone who booked.


The page keeps switching back to the US site after I search.. Anyone else experience this??


I don’t see option to cancel?



soll roberts

i booked but did not get confirmation email and did not write down the code!! How can i know that i have a flight?


If I book a return from London to New York and then just skip my first flight, will they then cancel my return?


is it says confirm but not ticketed will it still get ticketed ?


I did the same thing- hoping it will work and we can change the flights around!

Desi Guy

Its dead, United removed Denmark from the list of countries on its website.


one of my flights says confirmed and ticketed. hooray!
But the other ticket says
Thank you for choosing United Airlines. Your purchase is confirmed. You will be promptly notified once the internal processing of your reservation has been finalized so that you can request additional receipts, export to Microsoft Outlook, refund or change your flight, view/change seats, check-in, or email or print your itinerary.

What does that mean?????


booked a return from london after pesach and a dummy return a week later
i went on united and tried to change it for sukkos and the booking class P wasnt available so i got Z class for 7 dkk which is 1.06us dollars change fee……….. its ticketed


Dan i booked and it says that its confirmed.

it says no refund…
if I cancel will I for sure get a refund???




I booked from London to Israel and Back for $150 for 2 people… but the ticket says:

‘There is a delay in the issuance of your ticket(s). We have requested confirmation of your flights from SWISS International Airlines. This process may take up to 24 hours. Your credit card will not be charged until your flights are confirmed and your ticket is issued. We will notify you via email upon confirmation.

This reservation is not ticketed. Pending confirmation from SWISS International Airlines
Thank you for choosing United Airlines. Your purchase is confirmed. You will be promptly notified once the internal processing of your reservation has been finalized so that you can request additional receipts, export to Microsoft Outlook, refund or change your flight, view/change seats, check-in, or email or print your itinerary.’

does that mean they won’t honor it?


anyway to change the CC I accidentally autofilled the wrong one


They even took of the option to change to Denmark…………


Confirmed but GULP! look at my GBP price

Fare Breakdown
Airfare: 2,892GBP
Equivalent Airfare: 29DKK


I see on my recipt that I was charged that amount in usd 3042usdgbp
what does this mean


Chayim – that is against the T&Os, not sure what they can do about it though…


Can it hurt to save the reservation to my account once it has ticketed?



I misread your post… They will likely cancel. A friend of mine tried it one in all sincerity.


@DP7: yes me too I saw it by a few booking I made


I booked a few different flights as my dates changed.

I went and tried to cancel the flight I didn’t need

I saw a message saying there would be no refund.

I tried to look at the itinerary again and do not see any cancel option>

I have several flights I would like to cancel. Help!


Yay, by brother and his wife and 4 kids are coming for pesach, first class, all for under $500!!!

Now that’s what I call a deal


Has anyone checked the receipt? Mine shows the following. Does it mean my card will get charged with 2 grand?

Fare Breakdown
Airfare: 2,682 GBP
Equivalent Airfare: 27 DKK
U.K. Air Passenger Duty: 2
U.K. Passenger Service Charge: 1
U.S. Customs User Fee: 37
U.S. Immigration User Fee: 47
U.S. APHIS User Fee: 33
U.S. Federal Transportation Tax: 234
September 11th Security Fee: 37
International Surcharge: 4
U.S. Passenger Facility Charge: 30
Per Person Total: 452

eTicket Total: 452

The airfare you paid on this itinerary totals: 27 DKK

The taxes, fees, and surcharges paid total: 425 DKK


I got this in my receipt- does it mean I will get charged 2, 286 quid?

Fare Breakdown
Airfare: 2,682 GBP
Equivalent Airfare: 27 DKK
U.K. Air Passenger Duty: 2
U.K. Passenger Service Charge: 1
U.S. Customs User Fee: 37
U.S. Immigration User Fee: 47
U.S. APHIS User Fee: 33
U.S. Federal Transportation Tax: 234
September 11th Security Fee: 37
International Surcharge: 4
U.S. Passenger Facility Charge: 30
Per Person Total: 452

eTicket Total: 452

The airfare you paid on this itinerary totals: 27 DKK

The taxes, fees, and surcharges paid total: 425 DKK


looks like i got ticketed for 2 of us from london to vancouver in september. many thanks to dan 🙂

the only possible issue i can see is it seems our passport details must have reverted to danish even though neither of us are danish. think ill let things calm down at united and ring them up to change passport detail..


It gave me a cancel option before, now its gone.

David G

Can’t cancel either booked multiple reservations that overlap. Cancel option shown on my screen is non-refundable.


Thank you Bloomberg…. Clearly not a very intelligent reporter… Or just never hung around here too much 😉


Booked LHR-EWR for a colleague on my credit card. He’s the passenger. Will there be issues?


Thank you. this was great. haven’t received confirmation from their partners but if its meant to be it will happen.

Everyone can also check the partner airline reservation codes as well if its stuck in pending. Lufthansa and Swiss confirmation codes show me and my wife have seats on those flights. Not sure what else would happen… though, my card wasn’t charged yet which makes me a bit uncomfortable…


Booked return flight from London to Newark July 4th weekend, business first for $101.20 (two tickets), and one ticket to Israel, via Zurich, for Shavuot, mostly first, some legs business, for $300. Thanks Dan! My family has been flying well thanks to you.


Sholom Ber Says:
February 11th, 2015 at 10:17 am

“Call the chabad shaliach in Denmark and get him to offer his credit card for a fee for anyone who wants a Danish billing address. ”

mi k’amcha yisroel


Check your credit card’s credit line, it should tell you how much you’ve been charged. I don’t think you have to worry about being charged more than the DKK rate. My DKK rates that I received in the email confirmation match the amounts on the receipt in the manage reservations area. It will be interesting to see if United will honor our tickets though…


Does anyone know if the tickets to Tel-Aviv with SwissAir are confirmed?


first of all thanx dan. just got 2 weddings covered.
it wouldnt let me book using my usa passport, so i put in the nationality as danish with my usa passport #, is that a problem?


@DP7: yup. by me too


Hi Dan,
First i want to thank you for this great tickets if they will confirm,
2 I wanted to ask you what about unborn child, how is the best way to book in this situation? i have booked under infant, plus last name if that ok?


I booked 5 ticktes, one I misspelled by switching 2 letters of the name, do you think I should call and change or wait, or take the risk?


Dan when I select cancel it tells me no refund. Is that false or can I not get a refund?


Go on to the website confirmation and get the receipt emailed to you. Then you can see your eTicket confirmation number.


Check confirmation number + surname as per Dans instructions and glad to see this message: This reservation was ticketed and confirmed


also not finding the cancel link? anyone have luck with cancellations? i booked two options that are showing confirmed, but i need to cancel one of them


The first flight I booked says this:

Thank you for choosing United Airlines. Your purchase is confirmed. You will be promptly notified once the internal processing of your reservation has been finalized so that you can request additional receipts, export to Microsoft Outlook, refund or change your flight, view/change seats, check-in, or email or print your itinerary.

But the flight I booked a few minutes later does say ticketed and confirmed.


yes they did that to me too. Still worth the money for the flight though….


My itineray has now disappeared from the United website after it had been ticketed and confirmed.


! We were unable to review the latest information for this itinerary.”

Looks like they are not going to honour the tickets.


once the tickets are confirmed, can you go into the reservation and add your frequent flyer number so you get miles for flying or will that mess things up?


yup me too


“CANCEL BUTTON” you can find at the bottom of “PRICE” section (View receipt) 3rd one down. Hope this help


@ Bracha in the email u got click on
Manage my reservation on top u will see the cancel option


@Anonymous: @dp7 @mike @Dan do you think it’s possible to have United fix the USD booking fee or take it up with the credit card company? My receipt clearly says 80 DKK…


@dansdeals did you find that the $40 was charged use? we were hit with $40 charge per ticket in addition to the roughly 70

Cholent Fresser

The ticket I booked is leaving London for Hawaii on Sunday morning at 6:30 AM so it looks like I’ll have no choice but to go London on Friday and stay for Shabbos (we’re coming from NY). Any suggestions on where to stay?


ok, now that these are ticketed, got 2 overnights in London, need someplace cheap for 7 to stay thats near the airport. Any idea are greatly appreciated.


in the bookin process there was never mentioned the Airfare cost of 2,695GBP.
I only found them after i get my E-ticket via Email request.

@Dan or anyone else
Will they charge that?


I know what happened to the currency converter in the receipt.. If you check their converter, you will see that they divided the GBP price by 100 instead of multiplying it!


Are first class tickets automatically refundable on united?


If anyone is going to cancel their tickets, please let me know before as I may want to buy them from you!


called my credit card company after looking at receipt. was told there was two transactions?? one for £120 ish and the other for £50.00. not sure why two transactions? add the two together gives more than the price i was quoted in danish krona but still rather good for two flights london to vancouver 🙂

re passport details i wouldnt worry too much about it.. its an optional item anyway and sure can be cleared up later on.


this is the message i get when i try to cancel “This reservation has no refundable value if cancelled. A refund will not be credited.”


Has anyone confirmed that they only paid the DKK glitch price and not the GBP price on the ticket reciept?????


Thanks for the tip- got the alert on my phone and did exactly what you said. Booked LHR-PHX via SFO and went on and my record says it’s ticketed and confirmed!
I have couple of questions though:

1) Can United still cancel the tickets?
2) The reservations says MileagePlus Members: Upon completion of this itinerary, you will earn up to 6,019 award miles.
Are there any better partner options to credit this to?



Mine is in USD as well. I’m not sure if it’s worth calling out?? Its still so cheap.


I bought 7 Tickets first class London- Newark
price on email is 3,383 DKK but on the receipt it says airfare – 1,800GBP .

what does this mean?????????


@N how can you buy them if they are in my families name? @martin I also got multiple charges on my credit card..


I wouldnt say anything they may cancel the flight


yes, my amex shows the right price.
BUT it does charge $40 fee per ticket in USD as oppose to the DKK


@bracha: I think you can change the names of the passengers but not 100% sure


If anyone has 2 tix from London – nyc rtn and don’t want them- please email me so I can buy them off u. Providing that United doesn’t charge the full original price. Email address thank you


mine too… but i don’t want to cause attention to this! we may loose the flights!






I just spoke with somebody who says his credit card was charged a stupidly low amount and United told him on the phone that his tickets are ok. It seems that some people are getting their bookings!


I tried to put my CC thru (Amex issued in South Africa), and it didn’t accept.


I got my confirmation– does that mean that they are honoring it?


same as @martin
i’ve got 2 charges on credit card.
1 is exactly the conversion of 910DKK in GBP90.27.
another for £50+ – not sure what this is for?


Ur all wasting ur time guessing or calling reps this is going to be an executive decision made by the board not regular customer service, this has the potential to lose them Millions of dollars so don’t get your hopes up


So three of my legs are confirmed – london to zurich to tel aviv and tel aviv – zurich to london but now I am stuck without a way to get from tel aviv to zurich. Any ideas? Or should I just cancel everything? I booked 7 tickets for approx $500 roundtrip.


@SFUZZI-CAN I BUY some of those flights off of you? What are dates and destinations?


@sfuzzi: What are the dates and destinations? I might be interested. I will pay you the DKK value

Evan H.

@avremy: GBP= great britain pound.



Mine is the same:

Airfare: 4,000 GBP
Equivalent Airfare: 40 DKK

Seems like a conversion error 😀


my plan (passport details say danish and im not) is to let the dust settle. at some point united will say whether or not they will honor these tickets. if they dont then full refunds. if they do then they are on record saying they will honor tickets then we can all ring up to change various things that need changing..

worst outcome is they dont honor tickets and we all get money back.


Dan do you think they need to honor it if booked from the US by a US citizen even though the country selected was Denmark?


They’re aware of the low fares so calling them about it won’t make a difference at this point. However, my checkout page and receipt make no mention of 80 USD charge so they have no basis for charging me that, even if the fare is still below market.


Are u aware that London International Airport is in Canada?


Mine was ticketed and confirmed. dates are feb 16 – mar-31 to jfk.
does any one interesting?


@sfuzzi: what are your dates and destination?


Guys, the high price in the breakdown section doesn’t mean a thing! its the total you have to look at which is the cheap price.

I booked 3 tickets LHR to EWR and was only charged about £150. they take it in 2 payments for some reason.

if you it says “ticketed and confirmed” but u didn’t yet received an email with ur E-ticket you can go to “Add E-mail Address and Request Receipt” and they will email you the E-Ticket.

still not sure if they will honour this tickets in the end but u cant blame a guy for trying lol

we all have to wait a few days and see how things shape out.


i have 6 digit United Confirmation Number.

This reservation is not ticketed. Complete this purchase now.
We will hold this reservation until midnight Fri., Feb. 13, 2015 in London, England (LHR – Heathrow).

any chance i can get this ticketed?


I see no one is wasting their breath on this- so i will. Airline tickets are not a grocery store- you can NOT transfer tickets which has a name attached to it.


my tickek does not say ticketed and confirmed it just says confirmed?


Hey Dan, when flying to cabo San Lucas with ba points on american can I book a lap child at the desk or is that only for flights in the usa mamish?

Captain Obvious =)

@Jman: You can’t buy a ticket with another person’s name on it. Dumb.


Need help!! Booking tix to cabo San Lucas with ba points on american can I get free lap child at the desk or only in the USA mamaish thanks!!!


Congrats on the Business Insider HT


just realised, United’s prices are based on USD and because we said we live in Denmark it converted it to DKK and it seems their system had a wrong conversion code.

that’s just my theory but explains why on the receipt it has a few thousand USD


Jman, the tickets are in mine and my sisters name. I don’t believe there is any way to sell them.


If United hasnt sent me any emails but they charged my cc how can I check the reservation? I don’t have the confirmation number? Any help pls?




This reservation was ticketed and confirmed on Wed., Feb. 11, 2015 at 8:24 a.m. Central Time.
Wed., Apr. 1, 2015 | London, England (LHR – Heathrow) to New York, NY (JFK)

Sun., Apr. 12, 2015 | New York, NY (JFK) to London, England (LHR – Heathrow)


Hi Dan. I booked flights for my entire family from london to Heathrow for Pesach! Thank You! However, I just discovered that in the rush to enter passenger information, I wrote my married name, although my passport still has my maiden name. Do you think I’ll have a problem if I call the airlines?
Regards, and thanks.


I booked two roundtrip tickets from LHR to Jnb for 195$ total and United charged my card. I didn’t book it through my mileage plus account and they have yet to send me any emails. Anyone know how I can look up my reservation without my confirmation number?


how do we get from NY to London?


@Cholent Fresser:

The Pillar Hotel in Hendon


i missed it by a few minutes, is there an option to buy someones ticket and change the name?


anybody have ideas of cheapest way from tlv-lhr?


I was not ticketed, although it did all fo through at the time. is the dream over for me?


call united and ask if you can change the name, if so, i’ll give you mine


@lea: Dont call the airloines unless you want your trip canceled. Wait a bit, if they honor it then its time ti get a new passport with your married name.


when is your ticket for?


Thanks soo much for this.

My husband and have been loking into going away this summer and the palce we had in mind was Peru.I live in London and tried booking by following the instructions and it did not work, but I have a friend who lives in Denmark so I asked her to book it for me with my vard details and my London billing address and it worked. I have checked the website and from what I can see it says we have been booked and ticketed. So far all looks good.

My sister also lives here and she booked to go to NY and worked, she has also been booked and ticketed. ALSO my sister-in-law is leaving tomorrow to NY. All looks good!!!!

BTW if all of this works out we are flying FIRST CLASS!!!!


I see a $40 charge for each ticket I ordered. Does anyone know what this fee is about?

The regular charge I see from “United Airlines Denm” and a $40 charge from “UNITED”

I paid with mastercard from the US.


Dan, this time you really made it famous. Maybe you should look into getting insurance in case companies try to sue you for helping others like UA is trying to sue skiplaged


i bought 4 tickets from london to NYC first class for $198. any ideas for cheap tickets from israel to london – specifically the LHR airport?

thank you @dan !!


I am ticketed and confirmed but I still find it hard to believe United will honor these tickets. Trying to find out what they have done in the past and it has been hit and miss:

I’ll keep dreaming of my first class flight coming true in the fall, but I don’t think it is likely. I wonder how long before the dust settles and they start to do something with us. A few days? A few weeks?


Of course not.

We’ll know for sure by the end of the week either way.


@Wolfman: Same here…strange. Not sure what to do.


Just FYI – seems like Swiss Air dropped a lot of the flight options from people’s itineraries after booked, and the reservation won’t be ticketed because the flight doesn’t exist anymore. Anyone else having that issue and been able to resolve?

Kyle B

Was it brave, or foolish, to book a flight for this upcoming Monday, knowing that I’ll need my outbound flight to occur before knowing whether the return flight will be honored…..


Checked again…still there

First class, London to Tucson.

There is a tweet out by United that they are looking into the tickets.


@Kyle B:
During 4 mile island the ones that flew free were the ones that booked travel within a week.


London to Sao PAulo for pesach! 340 $ RT 2 adults 2 children FIRST CLASS!


@rh: I just called United airlines to check if you can “miss” your flight from London, and go “back” from Newark. She said that if I am not on the first flight, they will cancel the reservation for the second flight. So I asked her if I could cancel just the first half of the reservation, and go on the second half, and she said that will be possible.

Dans the man

@Dan: I Booked 7 deferent trips thinking i can cancel some of them. how do i know if they will honor it or not? i dont want to wait until the end of the week as you say because i wont be able to cancel…


Lol, so tell her to cancel them for you now.

@Dans the man:
Why not just cancel the ones you don’t need now?


I booked with my married name and my passport only has my maiden name. What do I do?


Just bring all documentation that you have to the airport (Birth cert, SSN cards in both names, marriage licence, passport, etc) and you’ll be fine.


swiss air overbooked my flight. there arent enough business class seats available for all 7 of us on 2 separate tickets for the same flight LHR-ZRH-TLV on both legs. anyone know what they might do assuming the tickets are honored ?

naomi halpern

Anyone wanting to sell their tickets please let me know. I missed it 😕 thank you


Dan, saw you mentioned how booking 2 round trip tickets won’t work, meaning if I book LHR-Newark than use the return ticket from Newark without taking the origin flight from London, I called United and they told me that if I call in advance to tell them that I am going to miss the first flight, they will honor the ticket.
So I am confused by what you wrote, if I am wrong, please let me know so I cancel soon!



@naomi halpern:
Doesn’t work like that.

That’s not how it works. You would still need to pay the difference in fare which would be massive.

naomi halpern

I thought first class tickets can cancel and change names. Oh well worth a shot! Next time

naomi halpern

Oh well worth a shot! Thought you could change name on tickets


I think first class passengers can change names – so if anyone wants to cancel their first class ticket can they let me know so I can change names with them..?? Xxx


Looks like Swiss aren’t honoring – Booked LHR – JNB via Zurich, No ticket available

Daas Torah

FYI just was by a big Rav in Eretz Yisroel and the cheap tickets came up – he is telling anyone who asks that if you put in a non-Denmark billing address with Denmark as a country then it is sheker gamur and you need to refund them – well there goes 3 tickets leshem daas Torah…

alyssa t KAPLAN

how soon would we get notice that fares are not being honored? my credit card was charged.

Daas Hakohol

Dear Daas Torah.
Please give me the tickets you bought…


Dan I purchased ticket for a friend in London. Put her name as “Rivka” and she just told me that isn’t her name on her passport or any other documentation, instead it is Rebecca. Is this a problem? Will I have to cancel the ticket? The flight is for this upcoming Tuesday.

Thanks for everything!!


I’ve been following this website for a while. I think it is reprehensible to promote mistakes made by airlines or any other business for that matter, especially when, because of federal regulations or otherwise, they have to be honored. In the end, the airline or other business will suffer, which will make them in turn raise regular rates, and add additional terms and conditions, which in turn makes everyone else suffer. Furthermore, isn’t this a huge חילול השם given the number of yidden that go for these offers and protest profusely when/if there is pushback? I’m terribly disappointed in my fellow man.


alyssa t KAPLAN And Others Your credit cards have not been charge as yet. The way is works is that as soon as you purchase anything on a credit card, the show the amount so that it is covered by your credit line and it does limit what you can buy but, it is called Charges Pending. This is just like going to a gas station and $100 or some other amount shows as pending since they don’t know how much gas you really will pump. When the actual amount is determined it is charged to your account and the pending amount goes away. United is simply holding the amount so you don’t overspend your credit line and if the tickets are not honored, you won’t be charged and if they are honored the correct amount should be charged and the pending will go away. No worries.


@Daas Torah: can we have the name of the big Rav please?


so this is strange- couldnt cancel online so called to cancel, and they told me i was refunded 456 pounds per ticket (i booked 4) but when i look at my credit card online i was charged two charges one for $160 and one for $275 for all 4 tickets..


If I got a confirmation code does that mean it’s confirmed?
What does it mean it says codeshare delay?


@Dan Now that so many people booked London – we need a Trip Review
Definitely need to go check out the Blogs – before my trip.


did anyone get this in thier cc or bank statment
$69.96 Temporary merchant authorization
Amount may change – waiting for final amount from merchant


they just canceled my tickets



dates? 2 bookings for me, 1 good with seats, the other overbooked lhr-zurich but zurich to jnb good…


once you have bought it with DKK currency can they charge you what it cost in USD Because my card said authorization not final and the same with the charge amount. someone help!!!


Dan, is there anyway to do it before the 24 hour deadline??


@Samual: I got the same tickets and was able to assign seats thru Swiss site with booking code. Though still waiting for tix to be assigned on united


I have a round trip ticket from UK to NY for multiple peeople ont he same reservation. If only one person shows up for the initial leg of the trip does the ful itinerary gets canceled for the other passengers because they did not travel on the first leg of the trip?


@Dan: Dan I purchased ticket for a friend in London. Put her name as “Rivka” and she just told me that isn’t her name on her passport or any other identification, instead it is Rebecca. Is this a problem? Will I have to cancel the ticket? The flight is for this upcoming Tuesday.

Thanks for everything!!


@DAN Thank you so so much I just booked me and my wife to SA for the summer. First class one way Lufthansa A380 way back Swiss… problem is my bank wouldn’t let United charge because wrong address. Called them they said Lufthansa confirmed but not Swiss. Called Swiss they said United has to issue because booked on their system. Please help me @dan what do I do?

sam the man

@Anonymous:and @dan – to cancel the 2 way to make it 1 way incurs a charge somehtng liek 400 buck, still worth it


@Kate: (Y) Nahon



Dan, if this deal stays, we will need to book an award ticket to get to London. What are the best mileage redemption options with and without fuel surcharges to get there for summertime?


I’m also wondering what that charge is.

Can Anyone help please.

not dan but...


use Avios to fly to Ireland via Boston on Aer Lingus


@SJ: It depends on the availability for the date. For the date I wanted from NYC to LON Delta had availability for 30K for coach and 62.5K for Business which is pretty good.


@Jason: I don’t think so, i know someone who booked in rush in the morning and spelled esterr instead of esther phoned up united they said it shouln’t be a problem as they will only use the first letter as Mrs E ……… to be on the safe side give them a call.


@Misu: Not true, called the airline and requested Special Meal, had no problems.

sam the man

united will be honouring all the tickets


@dan i booked one way to Israel from london but now a one way back from Israel is more expensive then a two way what can i do?


@dan I’ve read the post that you should book with a cc that doesn’t charge foreign transaction fee, why? I’m asking as i booked 2 lhr-ewr in june for $148, is there a reason to be concerned cause i used a regular thank you mastercard?

Sam Collins

For you folks that got confirmations and your credit cards charged by law United must honor them. Regulations in both the US and EU mandate honoring the fares.

Here’s a link detailing the US DOT regs


@Aaron: thanks for your reply!! I am currently on hold. The woman told me that it can’t work, especially because it is an international flight. Was your friend’s flight international? The customer service rep is trying to work it out for me while honoring the price


@Aaron: Thanks for the reply! I am currently on hold with United. The woman told me that it cannot work, especially because it is an international flight. Was your friend’s flight an international one? The customer service rep is trying to work this out for me while honoring the price


any body have 2 extra lhr ewr i could buy


do you know if its possible to get kosher wine in first on united? Also i am flying virgin atlantic to india in July, u think i could get kosher wine too.. or is it not even worth akkksing?


Congratulations on making it to yahoo news!!!! through bloomberg


@Kate: get a life


@sam: I have a couple extra. How would it work to change name / date. Its part of a multileg flight and id want to keep the other legs. Is this possible?


@Dina Kops: @Daas Torah: who is this da’as torah please? we booked multiple tickets and this is a concern. thank you


(Bloomberg) — United Airlines said it won’t honor cheap flights booked by passengers as a result of a computer error that showed trips such as a $75 first-class fare from London to Newark, New Jersey.
“United is voiding the bookings of several thousand individuals who were attempting to take advantage of an error a third-party software provider made when it applied an incorrect currency exchange rate,” Rahsaan Johnson, a spokesman, said in an e-mail. United filed its fares properly, he said.


It doesn’t say all the tickets, just several thousand. Keep us updated on if your cancelled and how you booked so we can figure out what situations are/are not getting cancelled!


All my flights showing now as cancelled


will they issue full refund? i still see pending charge on crredit card


will you get refund , i still see it pending on my card..


They just canceled my reservation that was ticketed and completed. My reservation that was still waiting to be ticketed has not yet been canceled.


To Dan, just to let you know that before my ticket was voided I was capable of changing it into a one way from Newark to London after about an hour on the phone with multiple reps, to bad the tick got voided


@levi: It seems to me that I hit a nerve…


Do remember that EU has different standards so 1,000.00 $ is apr. 6.500,00 DKK. The decimal and thousand separators is NOT The same.
Just to clearify 1.000,00 in EU = one thousand 1,000.00 in EU = one


Any word about תחיית המתים?
We want to fly united!


Dan, now 3 days and confirmed reservation not ticketed still in my account. Should I leave it there or cancel since last time United had a change of heart and cancelled the cancellation of the tickets and people flew at the low prices. Seat shows taken by me, flight is in 4 1/2 weeks.

Dan's famous!

United officially not honoring tickets and dansdeals credited!


In order to gain from this, you had to lie about where you lived. I wonder if people asked a sha’aleh before doing this? Not my idea of a kiddush Hashem.


No you didn’t. Read DDF and become a little more informed about the situation.

Mark Hobson

Hi everyone,

I successfully booked 2 First Class Tickets LHR to Newark using this glitch and just like everyone else United refused to honour the tickets. I had a lengthy email exchange with Customer Services in which they declined to offer any compensation for the cancellation and so eventually I issued proceedings in the Small Claims Court. I have now received United’s Defence to my claim in which they allege that I have been criminally fraudulent ! Has anyone got any advice as to how I should proceed ?