Save Up To 60% Off Base Fares On Breeze After Cyber Monday Savings

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Update: Extended to 11/28 at 11:59pm ET!

David Neeleman’s Breeze Airways is continuing its rapid growth in previously underserved markets. The airline is losing gobs of money for now, but so did JetBlue when he founded it (and so did every other airline that was bailed out during bankruptcies earlier this century and again during COVID). Hopefully they’ll find their niche and provide much needed competition!

Breeze recently announced over a dozen new routes to Florida, including Plattsburgh-Orlando, targeting passengers from Montreal. They also recently announced that they will soon fly to 7 new cities: Burlington, VT; Evansville, IN; Grand Junction, CO; Madison, WI; Myrtle Beach, SC; Stewart/Newburgh, NY; and Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA.

The airline’s typical A220s features first class seats, called “Nicest” seating, in a two-by-two configuration at the front of the plane, “Nicer” extra legroom seats, and “Nice” seats in a two-by-three seat configuration. First class seats will feature a whopping 39″ of seat pitch and 20.5″ wide seats and a footrest.

Family seating is free on all fares.

Breeze flights can be cancelled up to 15 minutes before departure at no charge, with the funds valid for 2 years.

You can download the Breeze app for iOS or Android, signup for an account, and instantly get 500 BreezePoints, worth $5 for airfare.

Plus, save up to 60% off base fares on select flights with code (Exp: 11/27 at 11:59pm ET): CYBER


You can enter the promo code at the end of the checkout process.

As with airlines like Allegiant, Frontier, and Spirit, you can save even more by purchasing flights at the airport. Officially that’s only available on Tuesdays between 11am-1pm, though some readers have said that it also works on other days.

How much will you save?

Just click on “taxes and carrier fees” on that same checkout page. The carrier fee will be waived if you buy the flight at the airport, but that fee can vary by a lot, based on the route and date. I have seen them range from $10 to $90 on Breeze.

Unfortunately, based on the promo code’s terms, it’s only redeemable online and not at the airport. But if any readers happen to be at an airport, let us know if an agent there can somehow use the promo code with the airport discount!

Have you flown on Breeze yet?

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A warning to all Dan’s Deals followers: If you fly Breeze Do NOT check luggage. They lost my bag. The only customer service they provide is via text. No way to call. No way to email. Looooooong text response times. No urgency at all to reunite customers with bags.

My baggage was “delayed” for four days. The baggage fee on that route was $50 each way, but because I purchased a bundle they only refunded me $25 saying that was the portion of the $300 “nicest” bundle that covered bags. My CPAP machine was in the bag, but there was absolutely no urgency to get it back to me. It sat at the airport three days not going anywhere.


Frustrating. But why would you ever check a CPAP….


Four sleepless nights and a lesson learned, but at the time I wasn’t thinking about losing the bag. Regardless, text-onlu customer service and the bag being located and still missing three days of flights is unacceptable.


I can confirm their customer service is brutally terrible. Not having in person employees at baggage claim is bad enough, but to reiterate what Wally said, it sometimes takes days just to get a text message response. Sometimes your trip will be over before they even text back asking you what’s wrong. And that’s not just for bags. If anything goes wrong there’s no one to talk to. They brag about not having a customer service line. Truly embarrassing that they can operate so poorly and also take pride in it.

It’s a shame because it’s otherwise a decent airline with a lot of potential. Maybe someday they’ll invest in customer service and be a great airline. Until then, buyer beware.


Flew nicest on the short lived lax-hpn route was great flight although they had delays and flying from small airports does come with risk if you get stuck..