AWESOME! Southwest Is Finally On Google Flights!

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Google Flights is an excellent way to search for flights. It may not be nearly as powerful as the dying ITA Matrix with advanced routing codes, but it’s quick and offers easy to use filtering options.

One notably missing airline is Southwest. Until today that is, as you can now find Southwest fares on Google Flights!

Now you can easily see which dates Southwest flies nonstop in a market and the price for each date:



And you can track pricing to get alerted of fare drops, as Southwest allows for free repricing on all fares:


Or you can search for prices for everywhere Southwest flies nonstop from your city for where to use your Companion Pass for a getaway:


Do you use Google Flights when researching flights?

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El Capitan

Is this specifically Google flights? Or all sites now including kayak expedia Priceline etc.




what other major airlines are missing? i don’t bother to check other airlines, only google or ITA matrix


I was a bit surprised, I noticed over the past 2 days that Southwest was appearing on Google Flights. When searching on the Southwest site (as well as when linking thru Google Flights) I kept getting an error and redirecting me to speak to a live agent, who does that anymore?! Anyone else have trouble searching Southwest flights in the past few days?


I guess it is a big deal….

Southwest is only exciting if you like low fares, flexible policies, 2 free bags, superior boarding and seating for families, good mileage redemptions, easy-to-use mileage system…. and you live in one of their hubs.


Did Google have to get their permission or have an agreement? Is this why others have not had it?


Not working for me to choose Southwest when clicking “Explore” as it only gives Oneworld, Skyteam, and Start Alliance as options.


I have never flown Southwest in my life . The reason is , I book 95% of my flights via Google Flights . It is not worth the extra time to check Southwest separately . Looking forward to fly Southwest and perhaps get their credit card in the future .


That was foolish.




Disagree. I never found them competitive. AFAIK he saved himself time.


How did you get the Southwest filter?
When I do a search on my own (not through your link) there is only an alliance option, not an individual airline option. Even on your link if I toggle the “select all airlines” button the southwest option disappears


How would you compare Google Flights to Kayak?


Google flights is faster, less spammy, and easier to use. But Kayak makes it easier to price out separate one ways – “hacker fares”.


I hope this is not a sign that they are moving closer to becoming a regular airline. I always thought that they don’t appear on Google flights as part of their uniqueness


Does Southwest fly to the Middle East?


I have flown southwest but will only do it as a last resort.

I find the airport experience insane that you need to get there extra early and wait in line for an extra hour or two at the gate just to get a decent seat. It ruins the travel.

You cannot sit or do work or get a snack while you wait. You can’t even use the bathroom or you lose you place in line.


Dan, why in the first place were they never on google flights?


My prediction is that Southwest is soon going to start assigning seats. The new rules on allowing families to sit together, will require it if they want to compete with those who must comply. And, I think they lose 10% of their market share by not doing it.
I might be wrong.


Southwest allows families to board before Bs. They’re better to ensure sitting together than basic economy on other airlines




It would be totally unforeseen if the regulations designed to help us, create new issues. 😉


can someone confirm this works for departures out of SAN? I’m having some trouble.