A Small, Unique & Fun Auction With Huge Odds!

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A Small, Unique & Fun Auction With Huge Odds!

Camp Gan Israel of Valencia is holding its 13th Scholarship Auction on May 22nd.

Prizes include $10k Cash, a fabulous Mexican Getaway, iPhone 15, Breville, Mac Air, Gift Cards,  toys and more.

Being such a small auction means your chances of winning are great!

Go to www.mycampauction.com and get ready to win big while doing a Mitzvah and giving Maiser.

Unique: Prizes will be updated every other day with the number of tickets purchased, so you can see your odds.
Special: Apply the code DAN in your cart to get 30% off of your order. More codes on the site as you spend more. Up to 60% off!
Bonus: Every 10th order (if your order # ends with a 0) receives $50 of auction tickets via email.

Catch the Early Bird Specials Today!

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Once again, I don’t understand “discounts” on tzedaka. I am not influenced by auctions or the types of prizes, rather I donate to organizations which mean something to me. If I’m looking for a chance at a prize, I buy lotto tickets as the prizes are much more valuable

reb yid

But the odds of winning lotto are much, much lower.


Valid point. I’m glad I’m not looking for a prize (so I don’t buy lotto tickets or gamble)


You can decide how much money you want to give as a “bottom line” number yet still enjoy an auction ticket discount giving you the most bang for your buck to potentially win a prize. Tizku l’mitzvos.


Simply said, I’ve mailed checks to tzedaka campaigns with the note that I’m not looking to spend $250 minimum for a chance to win a trip to New Zealand. The $36 donation is fine with or without a ticket, and I move on….