Save 20% On HotMat Connect & Classic Foldable Hotplates

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Save 20% On HotMat Connect & Classic Foldable Hotplates

Use code (Exp. 12/6): SERVEHOTFOOD

“As a young mom renting a home with a small kitchen, finding space for everything is a constant struggle. In the past, before Shabbat every week, I’d have to take out my clunky and outdated hotplate and hope that it would properly heat up my food. Often, I’d be let down when my chicken breasts were hot but dried out and my potatoes were still cold. After Havdalah, I’d shove the hotplate back in its place and hope for better food the next week.

Then, I discovered the HotMat Connectwhich comes with two separate square warmers that can be connected to up to five other HotMat Connect units. This was a great solution, considering that I only have a few outlets in my kitchen. My units came in a trendy and vibrant aqua color, which brightened my kitchen. And I discovered that I could keep the food on a warm setting and let it heat up while I was in shul on Shabbat morning, or simply put my food on it after shul. It’d be hot and ready to eat within minutes. And following Havdalah, I could fold up my units and easily store them in my cabinet. No more struggling to find space.

The HotMat Connect has a near-perfect rating on Amazon, like its cousin, the HotMat Classic. That unit has four round plates with preset temperatures: two are set to warm (212 degrees Fahrenheit) and two are set to hot (302 degrees Fahrenheit). Some reviewers on Amazon prefer the Classic because it’s all in one piece, it folds nicely, and you don’t have to think about setting the temperatures. For me, the Connect is ideal because of my lack of space and I do like to have control over the temperature. I can also decide to leave one of the units in the closet – or take it out – depending on how many guests I have.

Both the HotMat Connect and HotMat Classic are Zomet certified, which means they have a halachic stamp of approval. They can be used for Shabbat, the chagim, or year-round. Personally, I love the idea of utilizing them when friends come over and I need to keep food warm, as opposed to using gas canisters, which are not as safe or user-friendly. I tell other people: Just make sure you don’t cover the HotMat Connect or Classic in tin foil; if you need to create a separation, you can roll up foil into “snakes” and place a couple on each plate OR use an upside-down foil tray.”

Whether you need a modern hotplate for Hanukkah or throughout the year, the HotMat Connect and HotMat Classic are ideal solutions. And check this out: To support our troops in Israel and all over the world, HotMat is donating 10% of all proceeds to United Hatzalah. Today is a great day to upgrade your hotplate since both models are marked down 20% for a limited time with promo code SERVEHOTFOOD.  Shop now.



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