Purchase 2 Coin Sets For $120.85 From The Mint This Tuesday And Get $200.85-$220.85 Back!

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Update: Here is the link to purchase coins. Sold out as of 12:11pm!

Once you purchase fill out this form to submit your order and continue the compensation process.
Please note: This is a paid advertisement which is stickied as the top post, please scroll down for new posts.

Purchase 2 Coin Sets For $120.85 From The Mint This Tuesday And Get $200.85-$220.85 Back!

On Tuesday August 11th at 12:00pm EDT the US Mint will release a limited edition coin sets. The purchase is limited to 2 sets per household.

The 2 sets will cost $120.85 shipped to your house. If you drop off the box at a PFS Buyer’s Club warehouse in Crown Heights, Manhattan, or Los Angeles you will make $100 profit for a total of $220.85. Or you can have the box shipped to one of the warehouses with a prepaid shipping label and you will make $80 profit for a total of $200.85.

The steps below will explain the process.

1. Register here with the number of coins you would like to purchase.  Detailed instructions will be emailed to you after you register.

2. At noon on Tuesday you will purchase the sets and have it shipped to your house.

3. The sets will arrive at your house within a week after purchase. Then you can either drop it off at the warehouse or have PFS Buyer’s Club send you a prepaid shipping label to put on the box and mail it to them.

4. You will receive a receipt from PFS Buyer’s Club once your order has been received.

5. Compensation will be sent via check or PayPal within 2 weeks of the coins being delivered to a PFS Buyer’s Club warehouse.

Full detailed instructions will be provided once you sign up for an account.

Dan’s note:
DansDeals has verified this deal and will refund the original purchase price in the unlikely event of not receiving payment within 3 weeks of receiving your receipt (as described in step 4) from PFS.

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Do you mean 12:01am?


Why is this advertised and not a straight up deal?


Any catch/grey area/illegality, Dan?


I’ve seen this advertised in many forms from my kids yeshiva, shul …. Why are these coins worth so much to these ppl?


is this an advertisement? why would some company hand out free money?!!


Is this for real? Why would they pay me such a big profit? What are these coins really worth if they are making money as well?


Dan, when I choose “Drop off” location the PO i get has a reimbursement of $200, not $220. I’m guessing this will be corrected? TIA


Site is Jammed up now from everybody


No, it’s at noon.

Because PFS is advertising it, hence the disclosure.
Just because it’s an ad doesn’t mean it’s not a great deal.

It’s even better deal because I’m standing behind it.

No catches.

Because people will pay for it?

Just enjoy, lol.

Yes, dropoff is $220.


Where in LA is the warehouse?


Sounds like scam

Spend on savings

Will I get a 1099 on this income?


Signup for the full details.

If I thought it was a scam I would not post it.

@Spend on savings:

Dans Fan

“Whats the Catch”


@Dans Fan:
There is no catch, but the sets will be limited, so you’ll need to be online and ready to grab it.


Lol their site is getting swamped


why wouldn’t this company just buy all the coins themselves and not pay $80 out to people?


“The purchase is limited to 2 sets per household.”


Dan, this is my first time I heard about this club. Usually how often do they have a buy back deal like this?


where is the link to buy?


@Dan Let’s say it is a scam. Do you have enough money to potentially repay 40K twitter followers?


You’ll get instructions after signing up.

I appreciate your concern. I would not post a deal if I thought it was a scam and I’d certainly not say it was verified.

Plus there’s a total of 17K sets (8.5K purchasers) that are being sold tomorrow.


Do you purchase sets from PFS or from the mint? IF from the mint what is the website?


You’ll get instructions after signing up.


Why no name of person, address, phone number?
trust a no name guy?


@ Chaim a little personal don’t you think? If you aren’t comfortable, simply don’t proceed with the offer.

Dan’s website is his business and a very reputable one at that. Pretty confident he did his background research.


We verified the deal and would not post it if we thought it was a scam.


What if U buy it at 12:03? Will it void my edibility to return it for a profit?

And where in LA I can drop it off?


Where is the link to the mint sale?


This is getting me all nostalgic reminding me of the dollar coin days.


Site completely down now


Lol, no.

But odds are that these sets will sell out quickly.

Signup with PFS for the full details.

Those were the days.

That’s what happens when I throw 60K Twitter followers at em I guess.
It’s being worked on.


Last time set sold out in 7 min the mint site jams a lot so dont waste ur time!


It’s to good to be true what’s the catch


so from what i understand you drop off the coins at some office and you trust that they will send a payment a week later?
What happened to cash on delivery?


17K sets are bought by someone. Perhaps they have a faster computer than you 😉

There’s no catch.

We verified the deal and will refund the purchase price if something goes wrong.


How do I find the drop off locations in New York?


I am really confused by this post and im not sure why nobody else is.

I pay 120$ and i get 100$ from them. That means i made 20$.


Order successful, pending confirmation (you will also receive an email once confirmed). However, there were some problems whilst sending confirmation emails to you and/or the deal admin.


Signup via the link in this post for full details.

You get either $200.85 or $220.85 back from them. How else did you read this post?

deal admin

Order successful, pending confirmation (you will also receive an email once confirmed). However, there were some problems whilst sending confirmation emails to you and/or the deal admin.

does this mean it worked?

Daniel K.

How do I make an account, it sends me to the site, which is pretty blan. And there is no sign up option????


Is the link not working anymore?


@Shaul : absolutely not. at 12:03 they become cannibals


There website has seemingly been reset to default! “Hello world

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging”



Part of me wants to do this, but part of me feels guilty snatching up collector’s sets just to resell it, and then the actual coin collectors have to pay a premium. The whole stock will be cleared out by Dan’s Deals readers.


PFSbuyersClub.com is your website………..


Can I order from my computer a bunch of sets & have 2 delivered to me , 2 to each of my siblings…..etc…..?


The website doesn’t say anything at all.


@Daniel K.:
Their site got slammed with heavy traffic, being worked on now.

No, it’s not.
An advertiser reached out to me and is the one coordinating the deal.
We verified the deal and will refund the purchase price if something goes wrong.

Should be able to.

It’s down.


The link for PFS website send me to a blog


Their site is down right now due to heavy traffic. I’ll update when it’s up again.


Order successful, pending confirmation (you will also receive an email once confirmed). However, there were some problems whilst sending confirmation emails to you and/or the deal admin.

does this mean it worked?


Order successful, pending confirmation (you will also receive an email once confirmed). However, there were some problems whilst sending confirmation emails to you and/or the deal admin.

does this mean it worked?


Dan can u please send a new tweet when the site is back up?


dan i have done this before and when they say one per a household that means even if u r delivering to a diff house credit card billing address has to be different to


On this google doc, there is no login info or email slot to signup tomorrow- how do we get “instructions” then??


What’s the point of registering?/is it necessary? Why can’t I just contact them after I receive the coins


You’ll need to register again with the new form. Their site wasn’t ready for the amount of traffic coming their way.

It will be emailed to you.

The instructions for compensation will be sent only to those who register.


Can you provide the link to the mint site so I can see beforehand what is to be purchased?


So after registering, do we need anything from them for tomorrow or just go to the site at 12?


Is this limited edition going to be 120,000 sets ? Because come tomorrow noon there’s gonna be 60k DD’ers trying to order these.


Can’t sign up for an account. I can’t even access the website


How long after signup do u get email with details?


site is down…


Everyone seems so troubled by this…it is pretty simple though.

PFSBuyersclub must have buyers of these things that are willing to pay more than the $221 they are going to pay you for sending it to them.

Just like a ticket broker buying Knicks tickets from you


Anyone got the email from them yet?


I accidentally put three sets, is that a problem


I filled out the form, but didn’t received any details in email?


Emails will come shortly.

Not an issue.

Aron Pinson

We are prepping to send the emails out.

You should receive them shortly.

Thanks for participating!

– Aron


i can oly get one set sent to my house or can a send a mutiple?


If I register for more then 1 set, and I end up only getting 1, will that be an issue?


i can oly have one set sent to my house or can i have multiple sets? also if i fill out the form today what am i suppose to do tomrrow?


whats the point of putting in 2 “entries” if its limited to only 2 sets, i.e. 1 entry, per household? something I’m missing?


The links they sent me in the email are dead


You can order multiple sets to different apartments at the same address.

And the billing address doesn’t usually have to match the shipping address.


so i purchase 1 entries or 2 … a bit confused thnx


on form it asks how many u want to buy
i thought u can only buy 1 per address?


Will everyone get an email or is it a lottery? When is the cut off for signing up?


still cant get on or get any emails… any one have any luck?

Daniel K.

Still no email, tried 2 times 2 different account


What happens if it gets damaged in transit and is no longer in “perfect condition” that PFS doesn’t want it?


Where is the drop off location downtown manhattan


Hey Guys,

Don’t count your money yet, these things sell out real quick, most of you guys probably wont be able to get the order thru…


Signed up three hours ago didn’t receive any email

sam sal

can i get out of household limits if i :
1- use different billing addresses, same shipping
2 same billing, different shipping
3- different billing and shipping( each card)


Can I re-register with the same email address but different information? I wrote incorrect information by mistake


@Shaya: reregister with new link in post


@R: who wants Knicks tickets?
bad example

Aron Pinson

Emails with the purchase orders and instructions will be sent out. Sorry for the delay.

2 SETS per household is the limit, however if you have multiple addresses with different addresses you can try and get more than 1 entry. An “entry” is an order of 2 sets.

Hope this helps.


sam sal

@Aron Pinson: different addresses meaning shipping or billing?


is there a recommendation on which credit card to use to purchase these? Also which cc to avoid in case of a cash advance fee.


I received the email confirmation. It says the purchase price was $200 and change.
What gives?


what is the address to the PFS Buyer’s Club warehouses?


1)Can I order if I didn’t get confirmation email using my friends instructions
2) is he going to buy as many sets as I can get- diff addresses etc?


I signed up from three different emails and still did not receive even one confirmation yet???


@Izzy: This is your purchase order telling you what you will get paid. Not what you will be paying.


how do we actually purchase the sets? I don’t see any links to do it.



Thank you


@Anonymous: +1


HELP! Is one per household just a rule or they really enforce it? If they do enforce it how is it possible to order more then one set, doesn’t it go to quickly to make to orders????,


Whats the actual link to buy the coins?

Calm down please

@HELP: HELP!! HELP!! Is it an emergency?


Got the email for ny financial district dropoff but no address? Anyone know their dropoff address? thanks.


Hi never got instruction from buyer filled form yesterday evening


This is what I was emailed…is this correct??

“Please retain this Purchase Order as a confirmation of our guaranteed commitment that once your order has been delivered to us we will pay you the funds stated.

2 order(s) of Eisenhower Coin & Chronicles (2 sets per order) at $220.85 each, for a total of $441.70”


Never got a confirmation should I reregister?

Anyone know

How long does it take for an AMEX billing address change to take effect?


I don’t understand, How do you make money?


Got the email for ny brooklyn (williamsburg) dropoff but no address?

Out of Towner

I received instructions on how to order but no instructions on obtaining the return shipping label from PFS. I’m concerned by the guarantee “upon PFS receipt” but what if I don’t properly get it to them (I need the said return label).


what is the address in brooklyn to drop off the coins?
how long do i have to deliver them?


@Out of Towner:
An email will be sent out at about 12:30pm to confirm how many orders you made and then you’ll get a label and dropoff instructions.

Also out of towner

Per sign-up, pre-paid shipping label will be emailed by PFS. The real question is whether we need to confirm with PFS that we’ve successfully bought a set before they will send the label.

Anyone know?


@Also out of towner:
Yes, a post-order form will be emailed to people who registered and will be posted here as well.


can you post a link to the website so we can order the coins?


just registered. didn’t get email yet… can i order before i get email?


Warming up!!!


im so excited! gotta keep refreshing! 🙂


Where do we purchase them from? The mint?


Done Dan. It costed me $120.85


All this refreshing took them down

mike l

got a set, thanks dan


Nice! Got em, that was fun. ha


Easiest 80 bucks all week! Thanks dan


got them!


success. one order at least




Got it!


Think i got it. I got to the “Thank You For Your Order” confirmation page. Not gonna feel completely confident it went through until i receive the email.


Site just keeps crashing on me


Well after the website crashed, I was able to refresh the page and still get an order in, haha.


In for 6!!!


Done! (After a few attempts)


Got two orders in

Also out of towner

Got a set! Thanks Dan!

That was fun, indeed.


Purchased two sets… site crashed for a second but worked like a charm!


got it!!!!


Got it! Thanks Dan!


Not allowing me to checkout!!


got it thank


Same here. Kept crashing, but then I got it


got one after a brief crash


i got an ‘order acknowledgement’ email saying a confirmation email will come in 24 hours… hope it confirms.


If I end up getting 2 sets of 2, can i sign up to sell the 2nd as well?




I was able to get 9 sets!


In for 2 sets of 2. Received confirmation e-mails.


Confirmed orders for 2 sets of 2


I got it, but uneasy that i havent received addresses from the company yet to drop it off. IT wasnt in their instructions.


GOT IT!!!!!

Chaim Dovid

I was a good doobie and tried to help out PFS Coins. I keep refreshing, got the “remind me’ to change to an “add to bag.” And even though I registered my address ahead of time–as instructed– the MINT website asked me for it again—and again–and again–and again. So I gave up. Hope others had better luck!

New York

OOS now?


How are you ordering 2 sets if the limit is 2 per household? Using different mint accounts?


Sold out! that was fast


Kept on crashing and missed it, NOT BASHERT!


Ordered three sets. It allows adding more than 2, so perhaps I’ll try ordering more on the same address




removed from my cart. not avail


If I originally put on google doc that I would do 2 orders, and ended up doing 1 order (with quantity 2) will I still get paid for the 1 order?


Of course.


Sold out

Good times

Dead, but got one 🙂


Got two sets two two addresses. IT IS NOW SOLD OUT AFTER 10 MIN!


ordered but no email conformation anyone else have this


Crash crash crash crash crash crash crash dead.


I only got one order for 2. I tried shipping to another location but the billing was the same address. Also had problems with crashing.


Looks like it’s gone, had it in my bag and as I was about to finalize order it told me to remove item from bag. 🙁

Liam Knuj

Everybody sit tight until you get confirmation from USMint.com. My order was “received” but I noticed that my credit card wasn’t charged yet, so I’m not counting my chickens – yet. Either way, it was fun.


12:12 PM ET




Dan, if you ever wanted to carry out a DDoS, you wouldn’t need a botnet 🙂

I had multiple “connection reset” errors before the order went through (I think).


Had 2 sets in my cart. Confirmed the order but the browser kept circling, so i opened another browser and started again. Got it there, but the first browser failed. In my rush though, I only got one set in the successful attempt! Oh well, at least i got one!


In for 4 Thanks Dan!!


Out of stock. Dead


Thanks Dan in for 4 :)!!!!

dd fan

if i didnt preregister can i still get this deal?


@dd fan:

I like Ike

I wonder what percentage of those 17k units sold were from a man named dan….

Simon Hall

I got 12!
Me – 2
Girlfriend – 2
Mom – 2
Dad – 2
Brother – 2
Sister – 2


First PFS Buyers site crashes, then their mint site crashes. Waste of time. You got me all excited but in end I wasted 25 minutes trying to register on that buyers site and then today spent 15 minutes trying to put in a order, it did not work, you guys cannot make your sites work??




Thanks dan that was a fast one I got my order in!

Aron Pinson



I received an email confirming they did receive my order but a confirmation email was still to come. But i do see a pending $120.85 charge on my CC which is promising.


dan how come no email if order went through


Only 1 out of 3 🙁 was dead 12:12 Kept on crashing and was using 3 different browsers and computers


thank you so much dan i was able to get a set. were you able to get any? i hope you were.


High traffic. Haha I had three browsers up and the site crashed on all three separate tabs. Had to consistently reload and I was able to get one in before it sold out. Oh well! One is better than none.


What a waste of time I tried for 20 min nothing doing !


Time for a faster computer or internet connection.

I got several myself that I’ll be sending to PFS 🙂


check your ‘promotions’ email box or spam for email confirmation.

late but succesful

I first saw this deal at 11:40am. set up 2 accounts to different address. placed 2 orders of 2 sets, got 2 email confirmations (but still only see 1 pending charge on one of the CC I used).


look in spam or ‘promotions’ folders on your email to see if confirmation was sent there. mine did.


Got bank charge authorization, and in for two

good luck!

Got 50 sets!!


oh well maybe will have bettr luck on thursday coin


Got my 2!

shipping Q

Can i change to drop it off if i originally said prepaid label?


@shipping Q:

shaya k

whats the address of the drop off location in brooklyn?


To comment 180: similar release about two months ago also sold out in 11 min without all this publicity

chaim b

RE: @shipping Q:
whats the process in dropping it off if i signed up for the prepaid label

Spend On Savings

I’m really happy for so many followers that got it.
I’m also happy to announce that I was sitting by my computer since 11:50 and my filter made problems (as usual) and I didn’t get it.
So in addition to what I pay for my filter I paid another $80+ but it’s good exercise that money comes from the one above and losing money for following his rules means earnings much more then money.


I was able to get 4 sets. filled out two compensation forms above (3+1). why did you need the email addresses that I used to make the purchases?


i got a confirmation order and it said item is being shipped fedex, i assume this means it went through. yay thanks dan


Got one. Thanks Dan!


I ordered 2 sets I think(site crashed when I hit “place order”)…..though I got 4 charges of 120.85 on my cc


@Spend On Savings: The One above has a set of rules concerning filters? Please cite the source


i ordered two sets for 120.85 but on my american express statement online it shows two pending charges for 120.85 so does that mean i got 4 bec it did crash a few times…


it goes via usps


@Spend On Savings: Don’t be a sulk, you win some you lose some

Who's rules?

@Spend On Savings:

“Losing money for following his rules”.

Who’s rules might that be?

The only rule is not to look where you shouldn’t be looking. Installing a filter is your own choice. Too bad you lost out.

To be honest

He has rules what you are allowed to look at and what you aren’t.


The server kept going down.
I was able to get 2.

Thanks Dan

To be honest

@Who’s rules?:
You know what you look at when you don’t have a filter, even things that you would go look for it (at least lets hope so) when it comes up in a search or in a ad….


@Who’s rules?: I can’t believe spend on savings is getting negative comments about his “own choice”. Every time you are not desecrating the Shabbos is your “own choice”. But you’ll get schar for it. I bet you have a hard time installing a filter, but a very easy time to look where “you shouldn’t be looking” as your “own choice.”
Not meaning to be rude but he should get encouragement for his “choice” rather than the opposite.
$80 is minimal compared to the compensation from the One above.

Spend on savings

Thanks for your advice!!! I was waiting for someone smart to give me advise.


How did people get multiple sets? Did anyone get more than 2 sets to the same address?


did anyone get a conf email?


i am absolutely mask to comment 219 @sara. thanks


@Spend on savings: Advice. Seems like you need it.


Looking at the calendar ahead, why don’t we see this more often?
Jfk chronicle set is to be released in September?


yes i got a conf email


@Sam: Wow. You’re so smart that you caught his spelling mistake….
Can you imagine your grandfather being ridiculed for being fired week after week for his “choice” to not work on Shabbos, and then succumbing to it and taking on the easier option because of the people mocking him? Where would you be now? Probably using your own choice and free will to follow your heart’s desires and temptations…
Well, in today’s world, being without a filter on your internet is more dangerous to your Neshama than the workforce situation in the Pre-Holocaust era in the US.
That said, I’m glad that my filter (Yes, I do have one installed!) did let this through, but I didn’t get many other offers, such as the Ticketmaster $1 ones. No complaints though. A yid’s Neshama is way too precious to make such petty calculations!!!
Save on spending, Halts eich shtark… A few dollars or some nasty comments should NOT shake your resolve. Ier vet nisht charuta huben!


Can someone please let us all know when they get PFS confirmation email w/ next instructions?
I think manhattan address is on Broadway near Wall Street.


My wife and I both have pending charges and 2 different order numbers in our respective accounts. But only I received an email confirming the purchase. Anyone else have this?


So what so do we do if we accidentally got 1 and a half 2-part sets (2 for first person, 1 for second). There is no option on the forms for 1/2 of a 2-set purchase


@Joe: There is an option on the sheet for that. Read it closely.


@michael: if gmail with tabs on top, check last tab.


Spend on Savings:
You have my full encouragement too.
you must be jealous of his self-control.


@Stephen: set 15


I didn’t get a confirmation email from PFS.

Please advise


@Dan Thank you!!! Got 2 sets the last minute after their site crashed several times.


Thanks Dan! I have VCF Filter and it didn`t make problems, even if it would i wouldn`t be sorry.

Dan B

The site crashed several times but was able to get two sets. Worth my time. Thanks.



Comparing internet filters to working on Shabbos? This is extremist nonsense.

Why don’t you wear a burka so that men don’t accidentally look at your face and have evil thoughts? I’m sure Hashem will be so proud and give you extra s’char!

keeping calm this whole convo

@@Sara: please calm down you know what she meant. why be so harsh , she was trying to get a point across, don’t be so quick to argue.


Why does every comment section have to turn into a nasty venting platform? Go to a psychologist if you need to vent. No one needs to hear your nonsense. This is a deals site for Gds sake.

Thanks @dan and keep up your awesome site!




Rabbi Issamar Ginzberg

kol hakavod to the deal originator and Dan for crowdsourcing these coins in a creative way! great use of the jewish hive mind!! 🙂


I never received a confirmation email for my reply. I ordered 2 sets, now what?

Can someone please advise.



I wanted to know if anyone knows where the drop off sites are. this whole process seems a bit odd. I bought two sets and I want to drop them off when i get them but i am a little suspicious of this whole set up. Why do i need to fill out the form with the ones that i bought? I just want to ensure that this is not some sort of scam before i drop off the coins. Any advice, suggestions, experiences???


@P: First off, here’s what Dan wrote “Dan’s note:
DansDeals has verified this deal and will refund the original purchase price in the unlikely event of not receiving payment within 3 weeks of receiving your receipt (as described in step 4) from PFS.”

Second, I received an email where to drop off, so I suggest you wait or check your spam folder


how in the world did people get more than 1 set …. @Good luck..how did you get 50 sets ???


@Dan i thought there was a limit here..you didnt mention people could buy out the entire stock


what if i get charged twice for one item?

To Re-sell or not to re-sell

Is there any worth to these coins by re-selling them at a later date?


@To Re-sell or not to re-sell: Possibly, but the guy that helped us through the process is offering a very nice profit on the purchase, and you should follow through on this order. Maybe you can buy for yourself next time and see if there’s a larger profit.

To Re-sell or not to re-sell

Thank you!


What if I opened the outer box in came in by accident since I did not know what was in it?


It’s fine, just tape it up.


Anyone else’s order mysteriously go missing from FedEx? One of mine didn’t make it to me. FedEx is blaming USPS, USPS is blaming FedEx…


got the coins. got my check. Good deal.

Keep em coming


I got my coins and the refund was sent to my paypal. It takes a few days for it to clear in paypal. This was a great deal! Thanks Dan!


Dropped off my coins in LA. Got my check on the spot (post-dated). Good deal so far and I’m pretty confident the check will clear.

Thanks for the deal Dan!


how do the pickups work, in 5 towns area. emailed the gmail account yesterday , no response, its been 24 hours


I ordered 2 sets and none of them arrived. They came with FedEx SmartPost and USPS tracks it as delivered…


Anyone had experience with orders that never arrived????


Is there going to be another one this september 16th?


Received my coins, shipped them out & got my check. Thanks Dan


@ PFS Buyers Club

Professional, Fast Payment, and Fairly Easy to Use. Thank you!