One Hour Left To Win A Cruise For Two Aboard The Journey Of A Lifetime To Antarctica; Raffle Will Be Live-Streamed On Sunday!

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Update: The deadline to purchase raffle tickets will be today at 7:45pm EDT! The raffle will be live-streamed on Sunday, 8/26.

Win A Cruise For Two Aboard The Journey Of A Lifetime To Antarctica, $5,000 Cash, And A Private Consult While Supporting Chabad Of Cleveland!

Chabad of Cleveland is proud to offer a raffle for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join a kosher catered cruise to Antarctica.

The winner will receive:

  • Tickets for 2 passengers to cruise in a private twin cabin from Argentina to Antarctica.
  • $5,000 cash
  • A free private consult with Dan about credit cards and miles while on the cruise!

Note that the winner will have to purchase their own airfare to Ushuaia, Argentina. The $5,000 cash portion of the prize should be more than enough to cover that, plus Dan will provide advice about the best ways to get there with cash or miles.

You can see Dan’s post on the trip here. You can read all of the details about the trip on the kosher cruise website at and you can find trip details and dates here. 

Chabad of Cleveland is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and since 1972 has operated a shul with programming for adults and children while maintaining the community mikvah and running a food bank for the needy. Your raffle entry helps support the work that we do!

Raffle entries are available for purchase here as follows:

  • 1 ticket for $118
  • 2 tickets for $180
  • 5 tickets for $360
  • 10 tickets for $700
  • 15 tickets for $1000
  • 30 tickets for $1800
  • 100 tickets for $5000

Thank you for your support and good luck!

Buy your raffle tickets now!

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Done! 🙂


Bought two tickets.
There should also be an option to buy x tickets for $770.


THIS IS AMAZING! tizku l’mitzvot


Very nice Dan! this it to all the haters who claim nothing beneficial would come out of a trip like this 🙂

no way

who was hating about nothing beneficial coming out out on. a trip like this ?whats there to hate about this? maybe its evil? or something bad. seriously insecure people always feel people are hating on them and their ideas


“no way”, agreed 100%.


People disagreed with it, or thought it was wrong. That doesn’t make them haters. I think that, in life, you will have to get used to the fact that people will legitimately think you’re doing something wrong. They are entitiled to that viewpoint, just as you are entitled to yours. To pretend that they are haters for doing so is not being honest, particularly with yourself.


Reb Yid, conceptually I am in agreement with you. However, unnecessarily embarrassing someone over their success and wealth, degrading one’s lifetime opportunity/pursuit (vacation, throwing out first pitch at a BBall game, electronic product, etc) is insulting and hurtful to many. I view someone as a hater for questioning or insulting another’s pursuit for this Antarctic quest. Here are some hateful or distasteful comments from others on the original posting. ” $30,000 can do a lot to help people in need. How can anyone justify this when other people are starving or homeless?” or “I have a problem when that “good time” costs more than most American’s make in a year post tax”.


Whats the minimum amount that needs to come in ?


Can use Masser ?


Maaser can be used to purchase a raffle ticket – but if you win – you need to pay that money (the cost of the raffle you actually benefited from) back to maaser. That is what I was told by a highly reputable Lubavitch posek re: using maaser money for chinese auction raffle tickets.


Hope I win, thanks for the option of just allowing me to dream…


Which card is best to use to buy the raffle tickets?


In for two


Done! What a nice thing of you to do, Dan!


Will a 1099 be issued, and if so, for what value


So we should be able to use Maaser money 🙂


Bought one. If the man upstairs wants me to win it, that’s all I need to buy. 🙂


The “one” upstairs is more appropriate


The ‘One’ upstairs is more appropriate.


The one upstairs!


everywhere. not just upstairs.


Is the prize transferable, I probably won’t be able to go but can I put someone as second guest? It should be similar to a hotel I guess unless a cruise is more like an airline ticket? Thanks


Form asks if I want to receive news and updates? About what- the raffle or Chabad of Cleveland?


News and updates usually mean about the organization. If you win the raffle, trust me they’ll inform you


What happens if I already bought the cruise and win this raffle?


Is the prize bought with csr Incase of interruptions/cancellation?




In for one! thanks Dan for giving us the opportunity even we do not have $25,000 to spare
Thank u so much!!


Really wanted to join, but the price was way above my limits! But $118 for Tzedaka plus a chance to win is really cool!! Thanks Dan!!!


If I win Will Chabad allow me to purchase the actual cruise tickets so I can get the CC points (25K x 3) and then Chabad will reimburse my CC?


Lol, I kept meaning to suggest a raffle! Is this rabbi Chaikin?


Very nice gesture, Dan! Thank you on behalf of all those people that can now feel like this is something a bit more tangible….


Dan If I win I would like to transfer the cruise to someone else, but Still get “A free private consult with Dan about credit cards and miles -while NOT on the cruise. Can we work something out?


Great raffle idea!


What are the dates of the cruise?


if I win, is it possible to have also a private consult with SF ?

Moishie Hersko

Of course 🙂


I bought a raffle ticket
now lets hope for a Dream Cruise come true.
why not add a camera and gear for the prizes ?


I asked a rabbi about using Maaser, he said it depends if the money from the raffle tickets are going directly to the prize, or the prize was donated and the raffle is just a way to get donations.
Which is it?


I’m very far from perfect, but I’d like to share something with you since you seem to be the type the is very meticulous and rigorous. In preparation for R’H I listed to a shiur regarding the beauty of tzedaka. All levels of giving are beautiful and accepted, but some methods are deemed on an inclined level. To cut it short, if one prefers to give tzedaka when there is a physical-world/instant reward (such as a chance to win a prize or vacation, an opportunity to be honored by their shul or school, to have his/her name on the top of the wall) then this is a great opportunity to reflect on one’s motives and incentives for tzedaka and chesed. Respectfully, I’m not surprised no one has answered your question- if you want to give then give generously, if not then don’t. Personally, I try to give to my local shuls, yeshiva, and tomchai shabbos- so I’m not able to give for out-of-town organizations this particular year- Antarctic prize or no prize.


@dan could please write a post about the mega million, I would like to read all the “if I win” comments, thanks.



“A 1099 form will not be issued to the winner as the prize is less than 300 times the cost of an entry”.
Based on the prize value, a consultation with Dan is worth $2,400. 🙂


can one opt to recieve the money instead of going on the trip if he cannot make it?


Would also like to know and how much that would be


In, now waiting for call

Curious person

Dan, i’m wondering if you can share how the winner will be chosen so in my heart we will know it’s fair? Will they be numbered and picked through a random number generator, picked out of a hat, etc.


In for 5! Thanks for all the good work that you do!

Flying Jew

What Marriott Category is this….just attached my old Tier 5…will this work?



How many tickets were sold so far?


if i buy a raffle and win can i get the money if i wont be able to make the trip?


Can you livestream the drawing?

Aron Rosenberg


Chabad of Cleveland is a great organization that helps so many. I encourage people to buy a ticket even if they can’t (or have no interest in) taking the cruise. If they end up winning, they can make a second donation by giving their tickets to chai lifeline or some other great Tzedaka.

Its Tzedaka and its fun.

Thanks for doing this Dan.


Aron, I’m not understanding you. If someone wins, why would they want to donate their tickets to chai lifeline or other charities? I would imagine that they originally bought raffle tickets because 1. They wanted to give tzedaka. 2. They wanted to be the lucky one to win a cruise to Antarctica.


Thanks for posting this….bought and crossing fingers. Good luck to all.


Please tell us how much they were able to raise.


And the winner is?

Deal Guy

The 99.9% who didn’t buy didn’t need to know the winner, and those who bought, I would assume don’t want it publicized if they win. So why post winner?


Many who bought want to participate in the drama of a live drawing.


Everyone wants to know who the winner is. maybe except the winner.


Not sure what came over me, but I’m in. 🙂


I just bought one ticket, too, now that I know my ticket cost actually goes to charity.


Is the raffle still open? Should be for another 3 hours right?

Deal Guy

Does the winner need to provide both names by August 31st or not?
If yes, do the raffle asap, so that the winner will have a week to decide on who to join them.

Barry Lincoln

In as well…Here’s to hoping…


What time is raffle being held?


says live until 7pm 8/24 on raffle homepage, can tickets still be bought?

Not that Dan

Are you OK with people coming who are not shomer Shabbat / kashrut (as long as we keep everything in public places and are respectful of everyone else’s beliefs)?

Penguin Man

Is it transferable if for some reason I’m unable to make the trip???


In for two tix. Shabbat shalom!
Great idea and Chabad is great.


Just missed it


As mentioned by others, very thoughtful of you to offer this as an affordable raffle.


Any help? I purchased a ticket and go a receipt however my name is not In your post of people already entered in the raffle. I purchased before that post came out.


What post was that?


When will the drawing be? And can you post a link to the livestream?


trying to buy a ticket, it says closed


Correct. Buying closed fri evening


: The deadline to purchase raffle tickets will be today at 7:45pm EDT! The raffle will be live-streamed on Sunday, 8/26.

Not that Dan

What time is the draw? Anyone know?


Congratulations Levi B from Los Angeles