Earn Your Special Education Degree In A Frum Setting At PACE With A 30% Tuition Reduction!

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TEAM’s frum cohort group at PACE University has the highest quality, professionalism, and one evening a week scheduling! Also available are scholarship discounts of over $13,000!

For more information go to Special Ed here

Open house: May 21st at 7pm at the New Seminary in Brooklyn.

Highest quality Dual Master’s Program:

1-Evening a week in a Frum Orthodox Jewish group.
• Financial Aid available.
PACE University: Childhood and Special Education Dual Degree (2 in 1).
Large 30% tuition discount for every student and two N.Y. State Certifications in this one program!
• Separate classes for men and women.

For over 10 years T.E.A.M. has organized major tuition discounts, separate classes and modified scheduling in a frum, inspiring, fun and highly supportive setting. ​

We provide the Orthodox community the best in Graduate Education.  Your future…be the BEST you can be with the BEST learning and Credentials from a top tier University.

Participate www.GoTeamEd.com or call (347) 560–TEAM.

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I know people who’s daughters did this program and were very happy with it.


Personally I graduated years ago so I’m through with my education. I was in a typical coed university, but I can understand this is valuable for those that want separate (gender) classes in a classroom setting. I’ve seen ads for completely different 100% online programs which praise themselves as “separate” settings, but always wondered the silliness of that if it’s 100% online to begin with.

eric j braunstein

thank you for your comment. This program is NOT online. It is at the PACE Campus in Lower Manhattan. These are Physical Classes on-site in a separate cohort group of only frum female students. All Students receive the 30% tuition reduction.

Malka barsky

This is a girls Program in-class at PACE University. Please come to the OPEN HOUSE in Brooklyn on May 21st to hear about the program…details and address is above. This is a frum setting, with application support and a guaranteed scholarship for all who apply and get accepted to the university…a GPA of 3.0 is required


This program offers orthodox women a unique opportunity to earn a solid education from a reputable college, in a Jewish orthodox setting. The professors are kind and informative and provide guidance throughout the entire experience.


Okay, I didn’t doubt that it’s all on-campus learning. What’s vague is that this is only for women, perhaps the ad should mention that detail. Mentioning “Separate classes for men and women” makes it seem like the program is for both men and women.

Malka barsky

Hi TGIShabbos…Very True…i’ll try and calirify briefly…We have programs for men as well and they do enroll with no problem…but NOT in the female group of course.


Ha, don’t worry I have a college degree and I’m not looking to sneak into the female group. My other recommendation (as it’s quite obvious) is to perhaps try to tame the amount of your self authored “It’s the best!!” comments below. The program sounds like it has a lot of integrity and much to offer, but exaggerated reviews below turn me off (just my personal opinion).


Hi I am currently in the program. Graduating this month. I have to say this is the best program!! TEAM
has helped me from begging to end. I am
Truly blessed to be part of it. Thank you


Great program! Highly recommended!

Pace student

TEAM Pace is an amazing program that is supportive and I personally had a wonderful experience the past 2 years and I would highly recommend it!


I am currently in the TEAM program. I am extremely happy with the learning! And TEAM gives us such support! I highly recommend this program for anyone who would like to go into the field of early childhood education!

A Student:)

I am currently halfway through the program. I started the past September and will finish next May IY”H. We have a class with basically only Jewish girls/ladies. We have ladies from Boro Park, Williamsberg, Crown Heights, Queens, Flatbush, Monsey, Lakewood and maybe even more. We enjoy class time as we can relate to each other and share our experiences (as we are part of the same communities). We are definitely a team when it comes to homework etc. I personally have developed new friendships with girls and ladies that share my values.
Mr. Aron Braunstein guided us through the application process and more. Furthermore our Professor is understandable and approachable. The Professors know who they’re dealing it. Give us off at the Yomin Tovim.
Hatzlacha to all of you!

Current TEAM Pace student

I am currently apart of the TEAM Pace program. It is a fantastic program, one that I would recommend to all. The schedule is perfect and the work load is 100% manageable. When it comes to Yomim Tovim, the professors are extremely accommodating and make sure that whatever work or classes we may be out for are substituted by an online class or a simple assignment. I highly recommend this program.

Pace Student

Hi! I am currently a student at Pace University. I’m going for a teachers certification in Early Childhood and Special Ed. I would highly recommend this program to everyone! It is a frum women’s only class. The professors are amazing and flexible. The work is not hard at all. I enrolled through TEAM. They were very helpful with every step of the enrollment process and they are still here for us.


For men??????


How much is the program? 30% off what, may I ask?


“30% Off Tuition! (via a TEAM/PACE instant scholarship) *Total savings of over $13,000 from regular tuition!”
So if you do the math 30/100 times 13,000/x and solve for x. It comes out to $43,000 before the discount and $30,000 after the 30% off discount of $13,000. Never thought would use algebra in real life :).

Aaron Braunstein

The 30% off is the normal PACE tuition that everyone else who goes to PACE university pays.

All of the information is listed on the website http://www.GoTeamEd.com.

This is truly a program that allows the frum community access to high-level education while pairing the expenses significantly.

Strong support in application assistance and class management with regard to Jewish holidays is also paramount.


I did a similar program with tti. I was able to get teacher loan forgiveness when I did five years of teaching


TEAM really is the best program out there. The school has a such a strong reputation and employers know it. I got hired with no problem before I graduated.

I am so grateful to TEAM. I made many friends and my future is set. Thank you TEAM!


Its true, the T.E.A.M. program allowed me to earn my Special Education and Regular Education Certification! It supported me through the application process and helped me every step of the way! The tuition discounts made it affordable too. The teachers in the program were amazing!. T.E.A.M. has been a great supportive experience that allowed me to enter PACE and grow tremendously! Thank you for all the great work that you do. –


They just opened a January section. Nice!


I just stumbled upon this post and TEAM really is unlike any other organization out there. They provide the highest quality special education program around. My cousin did it, I did it and now my sister is just starting. She’s super excited. I also got hired immediately upon graduation. It’s a PACE University degree after all.


My Friends Daughter did it and was very happy….just saying.