Not Targeted For An AMEX Savings Offer? Just Chat!

AMEX offers great savings to select stores throughout the year.

Of course the big one is Small Business Saturday valid at any small business.

Many store offers can be registered by anyone thanks to Twitter, the current list is here.

Here is a list of AMEX offers I found in my AMEX account and how to find them.

However the offers that show up in your account can vary by person.  In my account there are offers for $10 off $50 at Macy’s, $20 off $79 at WalMart, and $25 off $250 at Best Buy.  However my wife has none of those offers.

She logged into her account just a few minutes ago, clicked on the envelope icon in the top right, and clicked “Ask a question.”  AMEX no longer does secure messaging, but a chat button came up instead.

She told them about those 3 offers that a colleague had received that she didn’t see in her account and the agent advised that those are targeted offers.  When my wife asked if it would be possible for it to be added to her account that agent said he would be happy to notate her account and told her to spend the qualifying amount on any of her AMEX cards.  Afterward she was advised to just chat again and she would receive the credit for all of those offers as well!

Be sure to take a screenshot of the chat and note the time and date in case you have any issues getting the credit.

Gotta love AMEX customer service!

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26 Responses to “Not Targeted For An AMEX Savings Offer? Just Chat!”

  1. Josh Says:

    A stupid question probably but I just don’t know. How do I screenshot on a windows laptop?

  2. Dancoo Says:

    Dan stop killing for everyone by abusing deals

  3. Anon Says:

    I tried this previously and I called. No go. They said there’s absolutely nothing they can do on targeted offers.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Just tried, no go.

  5. Dan Says:

    There is a PrtSc button on your keyboard.
    Hit that, open Paint, and paste it (Ctrl+V)

    Asking for a match is abuse?

    @Anonymous: .
    HUCA (Hang up, chat again ;))

  6. new york Says:

    Dan from your experience when doing a 2bm one for business and one for personal is it one pull only?

  7. usher Says:

    if i checkout with pay pal or from walmart for example will i qualify for the deal?

  8. m65 Says:

    is there a reason for the past few weeks that the envelope icon in the top right, and the “Ask a question” buttons have dissapeared from my screen?

  9. Dan Says:

    @new york:
    Depends on the bank, but usually can be done with 1 if you Recon the same day.
    Citi is always 2 though and of course Cap1 is always at least 3.


    Try another browser.

  10. m65 Says:

    @Dan: dan dear ive been trying 3 browsers for 2 weeks already

  11. Dan Says:

    Try incognito in all 3 browsers?

  12. m65 Says:

    @Dan: no go

  13. mosh Says:

    if i saved offer about an hour after i made purchase would that still work?

  14. new york Says:

    Chase bank?

  15. Itti Bitti Says:

    Dan, I didn’t see the chat window so I called customer service. I couldn’t get the deals however being a customer for 16 yrs my sheraton rewards account was credited 3000 points. Thank you AMX.

  16. Yaks Says:

    No but once they see the offer on your acct u can get them to manually give it to you…then do it again;-)!
    She lucked out I’ve been trying the Walmart credit for weeks now and it’s a no go (huca’d many times)

  17. Max Says:

    I’ve been trying this the past 2 weeks. They refuse to match.

  18. Anon Says:

    I just tried a third time and got it!

  19. Dan Says:

    @new york:

    @Itti Bitti:

    Now that’s how you HUCA!

  20. Nite Says:

    Tried and got shot down. I’ve tried to call them in the past a couple times and have been shot down those times too.

  21. abc Says:

    I tried 6 times its a no go , they said they heard it was advertised on a website lol

  22. YYK Says:

    Perhaps what HUCA does is….
    “I see you tried contacting us 10,000 times about this issue. Instead of just wasting everyone’s time, i’ll just give you the offer…”
    As a side note, I already tried 3 different times with no luck! Everyone keeps on saying there’s nothing they can do.

  23. new york Says:

    was just told 2x one by phone one by chat it’s not possible to add this offer only done by marketing dept.

  24. Cook Says:

    What if my ” my offers” tab disappeared from both my delta and biz gold card? Used to see it there in the past, no longer, any idea?

  25. joel Says:

    Dan, thanks for your service. if i have the best buy offer and i saved it is that a one time thing, or when i spend an additional $250 i will get another $25 off.
    next question, do u think i will be able to get the wal mart and staples offer backdated, i spend by both stores tonight a nice amount.
    also i dont see where i can see offers for additional users on my account.

  26. Anon Says:

    I was told same on chat in regards to the walmart offer, that there is no way they can add the offer manually but I should go ahead and make those charges and contact them afterwards to get the credit. I did it on my 2 cards that didn’t have the offer, but when I tried asking for the credit by chat I got clueless answers and that they will open an investigation, I finally called then on the phone, they were not very helpful and also offered to open an investigation, I insisted that I want this resolved NOW over the phone, and I also read to them my saved chat history, after some time the rep was able to get a supervisor to add the credit manually and they now shown my account.


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