Is The Ink Bold Card Next To Have A Weaker Signup Bonus?

Update: I just received confirmation that the current 50,000 point bonus for spending $5,000 on the Ink Bold card will indeed be going away at 10am tomorrow, 04/18.  The new offer will likely require $10,000 in spending to get 50,000 bonus points.  The offers for Ink Cash and Ink Classic may be changing as well tomorrow.

This follows the trend of other cards offering less signup bonus points, such as Sapphire and Freedom.

Originally posted on 04/10:

Chase Ink Bold Card Linky now only gives 25,000 points for spending $5,000, and requires $10,000 in spending to get 50,000 bonus points on the Ink Bold card.  For now my link still only requires $5,000 in spending for 50,000 points, which is not all that hard with the help of $1,000 per month of free Amazon Payments credit card processing.

The $95 annual fee is waived for first year, and you also get 2 annual free airport lounge visits for you and for all additional cardholders (which are free!).

Ink Bold Ultimate Rewards points, like Sapphire Preferred, can be transferred to United, Hyatt, and many other airlines and hotels.
-You earn 5 points for each $1 spent on wireless/telecom, cable and satellite television and radio services, office supply stores (which includes gift cards for stores like Amazon or any other store sold at an office supply store), and wholesale distributors of office supplies for up to $50,000 of spending in bonus categories.
-You earn 2 points for each $1 spent at gas stations, hotels and motels, and travel agencies for up to $50,000 of spending in bonus categories.
-There is no foreign exchange fee.
-Having an Ink Bold card allows you to transfer points earned from no-annual fee cards like Freedom, Sapphire Non-Preferred World Mastercard, Sapphire Non-Preferred Visa, Ink Classic, and Ink Cash to airlines/hotels.

It’s also worth remembering that the credit line (and utilization) of business cards are not reported on your personal credit report, thus closing them also won’t effect your score.  Of course before closing a card you should always try to leverage those lines as well as some banks, like Chase, will allow you to move that line to get a personal card approved. Getting a business card is simple. If Joe Smith sells items on Ebay or has any other side business/hobby and wants a credit card to better keep track of business expenditures he can just open a business credit card for “Joe Smith Sole Proprietorship” as the business name. Just be sure to select “Sole Proprietorship” as the business type and just use your social security number in the Tax Identification Number field as well as in the social security number field. Spending on business cards don’t count against your credit utilization, so you don’t need to worry about the credit affect of using up your entire credit line, something that is extremely bad for your credit if done on a personal card even if you pay it off every month.

Additionally many DDF members are reporting that they have been able to do a secure message match for the Ink Bold card to 60,000 bonus points for spending $5,000!

Matching must be done within 90 days of opening a card.

In other matching news, I was able to match a recently opened Continental and United cards to 50,000 points plus a $50 statement credit.  I (and many others on DDF) have also done matches for 30,000 on Freedom and 50,000 for Southwest without any problems.

To request a match just login to your account on, go to the secure message center, and request to be matched to the better offer.  Have luck with other matches recently? Post a comment!

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46 Responses to “Is The Ink Bold Card Next To Have A Weaker Signup Bonus?”

  1. oompaloompa Says:

    Will 3bm work with Ink Bold? Which cards would work with it? I’m thinking Ink Classic/United/Ink Bold… will this be just one pull?

  2. shlita Says:

    What does that mean u matched the freedom to 30,000 isn’t that the offer?

  3. Zalmy Says:

    so i for now heard for the first time about this amazon payment thing! i already have a amazon payment account with my credit card attached to it so can i just open one for my wife and add the bank account that’s on both our names and receive the money to that bank account or can it be a problem cause i’m also a joint on that account?

  4. m Says:

    what offer code should u request to match the 60k ink bold?

  5. thingywingy Says:

    Some people have had an issue getting more than 3 cards from chase within a certain time frame. Not sure if it was 6 months or a year. Does that policy apply to business cards as well?

  6. Dan Says:

    You may get 2 pulls if you apply for consumer and business cards in a 3bm.

    The offer is 20,000.


    You don’t need an offer code for matching.

    I’ve never run into that issue, at least as long as you’re willing to close older cards to get new ones approved.

  7. JoeJoe Says:

    Called number on back of card – Rep said he can’t match the 60K offer, but will add 5K to the original 50K…

  8. Dan Says:

    It’s a secure message match, not a phone call match 😉

  9. Mike Says:

    I sent a secure message last night and they posted the additional 10K points right away.

  10. Dan Says:


  11. united card Says:

    what was the $50 statement credit for?

  12. kim Says:

    Is there any way to find out exactly how much longer it will be available like you did for the saphire card?

  13. raj Says:

    I have Chase ink regular card, can i get bonus on Chase In bold as well?

  14. Dan Says:

    @united card:
    Because I asked for them to match a 50k + $50 offer.

    If I do I’ll post it.


  15. hunch Says:

    Is there a current public offer for the united cc for 50k + $50 ? I would like to match but I don’t know that there us such a public offer.

  16. ink link? Says:

    I’m trying to apply for the ink bold card through your link – it seems to not be working – do you have an updated one? thanks

  17. ink link? Says:

    never mind. got it. applied. thanks.

  18. Shlomo Says:

    Hey Dan,
    Was hoping to ask you a question about a previous post you had put up..
    -Is there any way to get more than 25K for opening a starwoods account? Do they ever up their offer?
    -Any difference between the personal and business card? (I use my current card for both purposes)
    -And can i transfer starwoods points to my Amwerican Airline account? Or do i need to use the points to issue a flight directly through their rewards programs?

  19. Dan Says:

    You can actually try to match to 55K+$50 now.

    @ink link?:
    Try a different browser/computer?

    Currently these links are their best offers:

    In July 2010 and 2011 they bumped it to 30K temporarily for a couple weeks, but tha’s no guarantee it will happen again.

    The business card gives open savings on top of starpoints, but doesn’t offer all the benefits of the personal card.

    You can transfer 20,000 points into 25,000 American miles if you so desire.

  20. yaks Says:

    hey dan,
    I tried sending an sm both for the 35k offer then again for the 30k offer on the freedom. Both times I got back that we are really sorry etc….. but there is nothing we can do as those offers are not available anymore! Any ideas?

  21. Dan Says:

    Yup, it seems Freedom card matching is mostly dead for now, though a DDF member was able to call yesterday and get a 30K match.

  22. Yuda Says:

    If im using 60% of my total credit lines, is the Ink Bold difficult to get approved for? My credit score is 725

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Is there a way to still get the 50k points with spending 5k in 3 months? I just checked the Chase INK website and they said you need to spend 10k in 3 months, and its not even 04/18 yet. Thanks

  24. Dan Says:

    It’s not a good idea to use that uch of your credit lines, but there’s not really any way to know if you can get approved unless you try!


  25. Alex Says:

    Is there a way to still get the 50k bonus by only spending 5k and not 10k, on Tuesday 17th? On the Chase INK website, it already says that you need to spend 10k.

  26. Dan Says:

    Did you miss comment 24?

  27. too many cards? Says:

    if i applied for 3 other chase cards in the past 30 days (freedom, sapphire, united), do you think it’s worth the risk to apply for the bold?

  28. gd Says:

    1. can chase reconsideration move credit line from a personal card to business card if i get denied and
    2. by Annual Business Revenue/Sales can i put in houshold income?

  29. Hello Says:

    If I already got matched for the 50k (for the Continental Card) can I try again for the 55k+$50?

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Can I get an Amex SPG personal & a Business Card??

  31. Dan Says:

    Yes and yes.



  32. shmuly Says:

    can it go the other way, move a line from ink business to personal one rep said not, is that true or just call again?

  33. abie Says:

    could you downgrade the card to a lower one after the end of the year?

  34. Hello Says:

    Just returning to report & thank you.
    While last time I sent a message to match to 50k it took about 2 days for them to respond, this time it only took 28 minutes!

    I wrote:
    To Whom it May Concern:
    Hello. I recently signed up for the card ending in ****. Soon after applying I noticed that there was a publicly available signup offer for the same card offering a 55,000 mile $50 statement credit signup bonus. Can you please apply this better offer to my account?
    Thank you for your help.

    I got back this answer 28 min. later:

    As you requested we have added 5,000 enrollment miles and
    a $50.00 statement credit to your account. You will see
    this adjustment on your next billing statement.

    Thanx Dan 4 this wonderful website. Keep it up!

  35. aaron Says:

    i just applied for the ink bold 50k bonus offer after spending $5k. my application is pending but does say please wait 2 weeks…i wanted to know if i can borrow from an existing 10k CL i have with my personal saphire card to get this business card approved?

  36. aaron Says:

    never mind i see you answered this earlier

  37. Dan Says:

    I had a harder time doing it that way.

    Yes, and the free version is great as well.


    You should be able to, but YMMV as always-depends on the rep you get.

  38. Mocha Says:


  39. mike Says:

    I see the link is still active, but it is a business card. Can I apply for the card if I don’t really have a business?

  40. Dan Says:

    Read the post!

  41. mike Says:

    I see that, but I won’t be able to fill in the “annual business revenue” area. What do I put there?

  42. Dan Says:

    You can put nothing if you want and explain to the recon agent that it’s a new business. Or include your household income.

  43. Mimi K. Says:

    still working!!!!

  44. moshe Says:

    @Dan: i applied for the sapphire & got a letter “not enough gross annual income to qualify for the credit card” can i fight it? currently i only have ink bold bus. all others i churned last year and closed them

  45. eli Says:

    what happens if you transfer the balance for a minimum spend ?
    do you still get the points ? can they take them away ?

  46. Dan Says:

    Dan if opened up a continental card back in 11/2011, would I be able to open up the united card now , and receive the bonus points?


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