Is The Mega Sapphire Bonus Going Away, Bonus Offer Matching, And Other Thoughts On My Credit Card Lineup.

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1. The blogosphere is abuzz today that the main Sapphire Preferred card page has dropped its bonus down from 50K to 40K and the plain Sapphire card down from 25K to 10K.

For now you can still use the following links to get 50K for the Sapphire Preferred card and 25K for the plain Sapphire card, but those are advertised as a limited time offer and you never know when those will stop working, so don’t wait if you want to get in on them.

I’ve received the bonus on the Sapphire Preferred card a few times already and I currently have an active Sapphire Preferred Mastercard (which was a Visa when I received it late last year but I called to convert it to a Mastercard for Israel car rental coverage) and I just recently got approved for a Sapphire Preferred Visa. I was initially rejected for the Visa, and I called credit reconsideration (888-270-2127) who told me that I could not have 2 active Sapphire Preferred cards even if I needed a Visa and a Mastercard for the various stores that only take Mastercard or Visa (like Sam’s and dollar stores). However I then called the credit analyst department (888-245-0625) and they approved me right away when I offered to have my Mastercard credit line split into 2 to get the new card approved.


2. Chase offer matching is still alive and well and based on numerous DDF reports seems to be working perfectly for everyone. Between my wife and myself we have also just received a Freedom card, Southwest card, a United MileagePlus Explorer Visa, and a United Mileage Plus Explorer Mastercard (which was a Continental card at the time of application), and Sapphire cards.

Long live 3BMs!

The reconsideration reps and analysts always laugh when I call that I have pretty much every card Chase has to offer.  But I give them the rundown (that I’ll give you below) about when and where I use each card and how my entire wallet now belongs to Chase and they love that!

We got the Freedom card matched to 30,000 points, the Southwest card matched to 50,000 points, and the United cards matched to 50,000 points.
The secure message I sent when logged into my account was fairly simple. “I heard there is an offer for 30,000 points for the freedom card that I just opened last week. Can you please match it?” and the answer, “I would like to inform that, as per the original offer on your account you will receive 20,000 bonus points after spending $500.00 in purchases in the first 93 days from the account open date. Further to match the 30,000 bonus points offer I have added 10,000 points. These points are effective immediately.”

Quite painless, and the process worked exactly the same for the other cards. The only thing to keep in mind is that you can only request a match within 3 months of opening the account.


3. With the new cards, here is the lineup of my currently active Chase credit cards that I have as primary cards under my name.
(I used my British Airways card and a Continental card opened last year as leverage to get new cards approved during my more recent 3BM)

1. Sapphire Preferred Visa Signup bonus: 50K. Primary use: Airfare, hotels, taxis, and dining spend of $10 or more (which earn 2.14-3.21 UR points per dollar, anything less than $10 and all other purchases will do better on Freedom) and any spending overseas (no foreign exchange fees). Allows all UR points to transfer to airlines and hotels. This card was previously churned.
2. Sapphire Preferred World Mastercard Signup bonus: 50K. Primary use: Car rentals in Israel (Free CDW coverage) and Airfare, hotels, taxis, and dining spend of $10 or more and all spending overseas. Allows all UR points to transfer to airlines and hotels. This card was applied for as a Visa and then converted to a Mastercard and was previously churned.
3. Ink Bold Business (with Chase Exclusives linked) Signup bonus: 50K. Primary use: Purchases over $100 (which then beats Freedom due to 1.2 UR points per dollar) and when trying to hit 25K/50K/100K thresholds (which raises the points per dollar for 1.5-1.675). Note that this benefit package is grandfathered and not available for new applicants. The new benefits now mirror the benefits of the Ink Classic card below but also adds no foreign exchange fees. Allows all UR points to transfer to airlines and hotels.
4. Ink Classic Business Signup bonus: 25K. Primary use: Office supplies (including gift cards to tons of stores like Amazon or Lowe’s sold at office supply stores), cell phones, landlines, and cable services (5 UR points per dollar) and fuel (2 UR points per dollar)
5. Freedom (with Chase Exclusives linked) Signup bonus: 20K matched to 30K via secure message. Primary use: Smaller transaction (which earn 1.1 points per dollar and 10 points for every separate transaction) and rotating spending categories (which earn 5.1 points per dollar and 10 points for every separate transaction). This card was previously churned.
6. United MileagePlus Explorer Visa Signup bonus: 30K matched to 50K via secure message. Primary use: Rental card outside of Israel (Free Primary CDW coverage) and when trying to hit the 25K spending threshold to bump up the points per dollar on all past spending to 1.4. This card was previously churned under another mileage number.
7. Continental/United Presidential Plus. This card is currently unavailable, but provides various premium benefits when flying United.
8. United MileagePlus Explorer Mastercard 30K matched to 50K via secure message. Primary use: Rental card outside of Israel (Free Primary CDW coverage) and when trying to hit the 25K spending threshold to bump up the points per dollar on all past spending to 1.4. This card is no longer available for application, though you may be able to switch a Visa into a Mastercard and apply for a new Visa. This card was previously churned under another mileage number.
9. Southwest Signup bonus: 25K matched to 50K via secure message. Primary use: Gathers dust but will help as leverage for getting a new card in the future. If you’re a Southwest fan the points are actually quite valuable and you get double points on Southwest purchases and a built-in points retention bonus every year. If you’re not a Southwest fan you can redeem points for gift cards to stores like Amazon and they even have sale periods where points are worth 25% more for gift card redemptions. This card was previously churned under another mileage number.
10. Hyatt Signup bonus: 2 free nights worldwide, even at hotels that cost more than $1,000 per night, but suite nights if you’re already elite. Primary use: Triple points at Hyatt hotels and Platinum status as long as you’re a cardholders.  Plus you get another free night at category 1-4 hotels every year upon renewal.


4. So where does that all leave Starwood?  I still use my trusty Starwood card on larger purchases (usually over $90) and on any purchases where I might need American Express’ awesome services, like online dispute resolution, purchase protection, return protection, and extended warranty coverage.  And I use my Starwood business card on Open Savings partners.  Those cards also give me stays towards qualifying for Platinum status. Plus I have a ton of additional cardholders on both of my Starwood cards for all of the benefit programs (think Small Business Saturday, Link, Like, Love, Foursquare, Twitter, Gift Chain, NYC Mix-n-Match Promo, Vente-Privee, etc, etc) that American Express runs all year long from which I have literally made thousands and thousands of dollars and so can you!

And of course American Express Premier Rewards Gold has a higher annual fee than any of the other cards in this post, but it too can be churned for 25K points, has awesome promotions like 50% bonus points to British Airways, and while it’s free for the free year you can take advantage of triple points on airfare and double points on gas and groceries.  Plus purchases made on the card are covered even once the card is cancelled as long as you have another active American Express card.  And then of course there’s the American Express Platinum card that gives free lounge access (which makes air travel fun again) even after the card is cancelled, $200/calendar year airline fee and gift card reimbursement (so that can be done twice a in cardmember year), and global entry express immigration reimbursement, etc.)

Yes, believe it or not almost all of these cards are in my uncomfortably full wallet along with my other elite travel cards.  It ain’t easy being a mileage addict but it sure is fun!

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104 Responses to “Is The Mega Sapphire Bonus Going Away, Bonus Offer Matching, And Other Thoughts On My Credit Card Lineup.”

  1. al Says:

    can you apply for visa and mc 50k at the same time?

  2. al Says:

    same question with united. both mc and visa?

  3. Al Says:

    If I have a Sapphire Preferred Visa, should I convert it to a MasterCard and then re-apply for a new Sapphire Preferred Visa? If so, how long should one wait to re-apply and will I receive a 50k bonus for the new application?

  4. mb Says:


    I got the Continental One pass 30K bonus card right before it expired. Will they match me to 50k? When do i send secure message. Now or when I receive the 30K?

  5. TZvee Says:

    great post dan, thanks! why do you still keep ur united card if you have the WMC from chase

  6. stg Says:

    I’m not sure what you mean by online dispute resolution, but I’m pretty sure Chase has that too.

  7. Dan Says:

    You can’t apply at the same time as you need to get the Visa card and then convert it over to a Mastercard.

    In my experience there is no required time limit to wait as long as you call reconsideration and make your case (especially if you have other cards to use as leverage to shift credit from or to close and swap credit lines).

    You can send the secure message as soon as the card appears in your online profile.
    Note that although they say they answer within 4 hours, it can often take 4 days until they reply.

    The United card gives free primary CDW on rental cars outside Israel and offer a nice 25K threshold bonus (making all spend come in at 1.4 miles per dollar).

    Plus I never close Chase cards without using them as leverage to get another card approved!

    Try disputing a chase charge and an AMEX charge. It’s like night and day, AMEX’s benefits are simply untouchable, they stand by them 100%, unlike with every other bank.

  8. Joe Says:


    When opening a card, can you change the card to a non-fee paying card before the yearly fee. I.E looking at United Visa, can I switch that to something else before the fee kicks in a year down the line. Also, same with sapphire?

  9. Dan Says:

    Yes, you can always downgrade a card to a fee-free card, but then you don’t get another signup bonus.
    Instead you can apply for a few new cards and have them approved by offering to close older cards with fees coming up (or that came up in the past 30 days that can still be waived even after the bill comes) and move their credit lines to the new cards so that your score won’t affected.

  10. Mark The Shark Says:


    Thanks for the post! Do you pay fees on all of these cards or are you always switching them before the annual fee comes due? I am debating cancelling my Chase Sapphire Preferred before the fee comes due. What are your thoughts? Is it worth the annual fee for the benefits it provides?

  11. Dan Says:

    @Mark The Shark:
    I keep switching them, see comment 9.

  12. eli Says:

    i got the co op plus mc in the last few days that it was poss, does it give me primary car rental insurance in the usa and europe ?

  13. Dan Says:

    Yes, both the United and Continental cards give primary coverage in almost every country besides for Israel.

  14. eli Says:

    can i use the 3bm to apply for the united card now what will be my excuse if my co card is now basically a united card ?

  15. Dan Says:

    I just did just that.

    The former Continentel card is a Mastercard, you want a Visa for shopping at the local Dollar store (they often only take Visa) and I’ve run into many international stores that only take Visa.

  16. avi Says:


    I have the Sapphire Preffered with the 50K bonus. Is there any other offer greater than that, that i can secure message to Chase to try to have them match for me?

  17. Dan Says:

    There are no sure bet matches for Sapphire. You can try for 75K, but I didn’t include it in this post as it’s a very long-shot, while the matches described in this post are pretty much a sure thing.

  18. eli Says:

    @Dan: thanx, trying the 2bm for a 2nd sapphire prefered (plus i have a reg sapphir) and will tell them to make it a visa and this one as well cuz of a visa hope it goes through

  19. mendy Says:

    hi thanks for everything!
    i have the continental card i would like to sign up for united just asking is it becoming 1 card? if yes when and how? thanks again

  20. Dan Says:

    It will remain a separate card, the Continental card will become a United Mastercard.

    Remember to use a new mileage number though when applying.

  21. mendy Says:

    i shouldnt use my continental miles number?
    so its worth the miles for me to apply for the united right? again thanks a lot!!

  22. JPP Says:

    Hey Dan,
    Your sapphire preferred converted to a MasterCard is the only card u heard that can be used for cdw coverage in Israel?
    Also, when u say your offer for the ink bold is grandfathered; r u talking about linking it to chase checking for chase exclusives? Because last time I called they told me that this link can only be made with the Ink Classic.

  23. Dan Says:

    You should open a new United account and merge them after getting the miles.

    There are other World Mastercards that cover Israel (however notably the Continental/United version does not). However no other cards have 0% foreign exchange fees and give 2.14 points per dollar for that rental in Israel along with covering CDW.

    Yes, my Ink Bold is linked for Chase Exclusives. Only cards opened in November and earlier can be linked like that.
    I believe now that the only new card you can get that can be linked for Chase Exclusives is Chase Freedom, though please correct me if anyone else has personal experience with any other cards that they have opened after November.

  24. Al Says:

    Hey Dan,

    Just wanted to send you a hearty Y’asher Koach; I ended up getting 50k on both the CO & UA cards which I applied for in early February.

  25. Dan Says:


  26. mendy Says:

    sorry to bother 1 last question u wrote that i can get a match to 50k points via secure msg what am i asking them to match it to?

  27. Dan Says:

    I gave an example in the post.

  28. Jake Says:

    Thanks Dan, just applied for the Sapphire, Hyatt and Marriott simultaneously using your links of course using 3 different browsers. Hope it goes through otherwise I’ll take your advice and try to close/transfer credit from my southwest and BA card both of which I got plenty of value out of thanks to you! (just got back a short while ago from my Europe honeymoon flown with BA miles and was just shopping this past weekend with my gift cards compliments of southwest 🙂

  29. Dan Says:

    Best of luck.
    As we say on DDF, if you don’t hear what you want from one recon rep, just HUCA, Hang up, call again!
    Be proactive about offering up other cards and credit lines if needed to get approvals and try the various recon numbers listed here:

  30. yoeli Says:

    i had an continental MC card that got converted to a united card when they merged can i still apply for a united visa card now?

  31. Dan Says:

    To be safe you may want to use a new United number and merge the accounts later on.

  32. rj00 Says:

    Dan, when you churn the sapphire card, what happens to your points?

  33. yitz-ee Says:

    Dan, can i convert my sp into a mastercard during my initial 3 months before i received my 50k or should i wait?

  34. Dan Says:

    If you have any other Chase UR cards (Freedom, Ink Bold, Ink Cash, Ink Classic, etc) then just transfer the Sapphire points to any of those cards before cancelling.
    Or transfer the Sapphire points to your favorite airline or hotel program.

    I would wait until you get the 50K before converting though you probably don’t have to.

  35. yoeli Says:

    can i have 2 united accounts on my name?
    and i really want to thank you

  36. Dan Says:


  37. big fan Says:

    hey dan, been following your amazing lead for about a year now and have gotten close to 800,000 miles over the year between me and my wife. I want to start churning but am not sure how. how long after closing a card youve have for like 3-6 months or so, can you reapply for that exact card? thanks again

  38. Yaks Says:

    Hey Dan,
    To answer your question in comment 23 I applied and got approved in jan 2012 for ink business bold and they sent me a letter two weeks ago congratulating me as a valuable chase customer with chase checking accts they are automatically enroling me in chase exclusives……….

    I would also like to know if I would like to transfer from other ppl’s ink or freedom accts to my sapphire is there someway to do that online? At ultimate rewards u can transfer to anyone’s acct but not from anyone’s acct (these ppl don’t have or want an online acct)!

  39. sml Says:

    What does ‘UR’ points stand for? (I don’t think it’s the abbreviation for ‘your’.)

  40. Dan Says:

    @big fan:
    There’s no official time limit, but I cycle between cards every couple months.

    Very interesting, so you applied for the 5/2/1 program (for bonus rewards on office stores, telecom, etc) and then got moved to the 1.2 points per dollar program plus spending threshold bonuses with Chase Exclusives?
    I didn’t think such a conversion was possible.

    You would need to have those people login and transfer to you. There’s no way to pull points from someone else, you can only push points to someone else.

    Ultimate Rewards points.

  41. Yaks Says:

    Yes it was actually pretty cool! It may have had something to do with the fact that I had lots of issues with that account with the bonus points and things I had to make a big stink about it and get cooperate involved…….. But I don’t honestly know why the gave it to me!

  42. sml Says:

    I changed my Chase Sapphire Rewards Visa to a Chase Sapphire Reward Master Card. You mention that sometimes the MC is not as accepted (in Israel???) as the Visa. Have you found merchants in Israel that will not accept this World Master Card?

  43. Dan Says:

    Well done!

    I ran into issues in Brazil sometimes, not in Israel though.

  44. Josef Says:

    Hi, Dan thanks for the posts I just signed up for the chase sapphire preferred I wanted to know if there is and kind of message that I can send to chase and ask them to match a different card and get mor than the 50k bonus points for signing up thanks.

  45. Uri Says:

    Hi Dan,
    I just close my united card. Can I reapply now with another account # os is better to wait a little? Thanks

  46. Dan Says:

    See comment 17.

    You can do it now.

  47. hesh Says:

    Hey dan I noticed you said close the cards before the fee is due but you can’t do that with the starwards cards
    I was wondering which other cards you think are worth the yearly fee? Also do you get the sigh up bonus on the Amex platinum if you already got it?

  48. Dan Says:

    1st of all I never said that, I said to apply for a new card and convert the line from the old card to get a new card approved.

    2nd of all what you do you you can’t do that with Starwood? Anyway I think that if you aren’t getting $65 of benefits from AMEX to keep the Starwood card per year then you are obviously doing something really wrong.

    Yes, the AMEX Platinum card, like the Premier Rewards Gold card, is fully churnable in my experience.

  49. dov Says:

    My chase personal banker said that the sapphire bonus is dropping soon. Also my wife just got the sapphire and we opened her a checking account first and now I believe she has exclusives with it

  50. jj Says:


    Just tied the 3BM method – got approved for Hyatt and United, but now they are saying I need to wait 30 days for the sapphire and apply again. Any strategies for getting them to push it through?


  51. Anonymous Says:

    @Dan: I sent them a secure message (to up my sapphire to 75k), and they responded that they need the invitation number otherwise it cannot be done. Is it worth sending another secure message, or is there any other way around?

  52. yisroel Says:

    how can you get out of the southwest fee ?
    can i get the points then cancel within a month or 2 and get the fee waved?
    or a secured message like when i ask them for a match to 50000?

  53. Dan Says:

    There are no exclusives benefits for Sapphire.

    Keep calling the various reconsideration numbers until you get approved.

    As I said in comment 17, I didn’t include matching the Sapphire to any other offers as it’s a very long shot and generally not possible anymore.
    The matches I included in the post are pretty much sure things.

    If you cancelled within a month or 2 that would work, but is paying $69 for 50,000 points the end of the world?

  54. esther12 Says:

    Dan, you said amex platinum card $200 annual airline can be done twice per year? how is that? i only know of buying $200 woth of giftcards once per eyar. what’s the second time?

  55. Dan Says:

    $200/calendar year=twice a in cardmember year

  56. yisroel Says:

    how do i avoid a financial report?

  57. Chaim Says:


    it seems that both united cards link the visa card do you have a link for the master card?

  58. Dan Says:

    Don’t file for an IPO?

    Like I say in the post,
    “This card is no longer available for application, though you may be able to switch a Visa into a Mastercard and apply for a new Visa.”

  59. DevoiriS Says:

    When are you coming out with a book?

  60. esther12 Says:

    please forgive me, what is cardmemeber year and how is it different from calendar year? if i applied for amex preffered card, got the $200 reimb. and 50000 points, then closed the card in order to avoid annual fee. how can i charge another $200 for airline on it?

  61. esther12 Says:

    chase reconsideration agent told me that i can only get 2 chase cards approved in 30 days. and should call on april 4th to get my chase sapphire approved. should i wait till then or call another # for reconsideration? thanks much!

  62. Dan Says:


    You can’t once it’s closed.
    Had you opened a card in March 2011 you could get the $200 reimbursement in 2011 plus $200 reimbursement in 2012 (plus $100 for global entry) and still cancel the card before the annual fee for the next year is due.

    Myself as well as dozens of DDF users have gotten 3 cards on the very same day.
    Try another recon number and be sure to be able to explain the benefits of why you want the card and offer to move credit lines from other cards or to close another card to get the new card approved.

  63. ruch Says:

    i am sooo confused…but thank you
    how do u keep getting the same bonuses? do u keep closing the cards and reapplying? or do u leave open and just apply again?

  64. esther12 Says:

    Dan, my amex preffered card has an annual fee of $450 almost right away, there is no first year free. so i couldn’t open it in 3/11 and close in 2012 without a fee. that’s why i am confused since i open it and close in the same calendar year within 4-5 weeks.

  65. hudi Says:

    when is it too late to call chase recon.?

  66. esther12 Says:

    Dan, so if i closed my chase preffered visa about 2 weeks ago, do you think i can reaplly (perhaps in 2BM) for it again now? should i create another milega acct.# first?

  67. ruch Says:

    @DevoiriS: or personnal sessions????!!!!! please 🙂

  68. Dan Says:

    Read through the post and previous comments…

    I’m referring to someone who kept it open for a year instead of closing it right away to avoid the fee.

    30 days from the date of the rejection letter.

    What is a “chase preferred visa?”

    Maybe a seminar with a Q&A session if anything.

  69. Menachem Says:

    I just spent way over my spending limit on a few of my chase cards but the statement did not close yet. I know that they check your spending and available credit when considering your application. I would like to apply for a few cards in the next few days.

    Do you think they can already see the spending and maxing out of available credit or does it take some time for it to actually show up?

  70. Dan Says:

    Why can’t you pay off the card now?

  71. hesh Says:

    @Dan: what I meant was that I remember reading on one of your posts that starwards cards arnt churnable (at least to receive the signup bonus) so there would be no reason to continuesly open and close them and was wondering if which other cards you consider worth the price?
    As for the amex platinum card how come you didn’t mention the mercedes benz one?

  72. Yitz Says:

    Hi Dan,

    I have a great credit score and just applied for the Sapphire Pref Card – the response I received was that they will inform me in writing with the next 10 days whether or not I’m approved. from past experience, I get approved right away – what are my chances of being accepted? Also, my average income is 100k + and that’s what I put down as my income – what is best to put down when applying for a card? Do you have a link providing advise what info to submit when applying?

  73. sml Says:

    Any idea when the Chase Sapphire Preferred Visa will NO LONGER offer the 50K reward miles but instead will only offer the 40K miles?

  74. yisroel Says:

    all your chase accounts are combined in online banking or do you keep each one seperate?

  75. esther12 Says:

    Dan, sorry for not being clear, by “chase preffered visa” i meant “sapphire preffered visa” (the one you mention in this post.
    also, my husband got denied for this card and i called 2 different recon.depts. they both said he has to wait since recently he opened 2 other chase cards and other (amex) cards in too short of a time. is there anything else he can do other then wait? thanks!!!

  76. Jake Says:

    Hi Dan! Question. My wife and I both have these Sapphire cards. If I want to take advantage of the bonus again – what do I do? Cancel the cards we have? I was under the impression that you can only have one Sapphire at a time, no? Thanks…

  77. mo Says:

    Anybody have any insight?

    I just spoke with a Chase CSR, I was advised that if I close my United Mileage Plus card I would be unable to use the club passes that i had already received for the anniversary. Has anybody had any experience with this in the past?

  78. Dan Says:

    Actually I have churned the Starwood card successfully a number of times, though it’s not as fool-proof as other churns.

    I personally have churned platinum and premier gold and those are quite fool-proof. I haven’t yet tried the mercedes card.

    That’s fine, just wait it out and call recon if need be.
    Nothing wrong with putting down your avg income, obviously the more you say you make the higher your chances of approval will be, but some banks like AMEX occasionally ask for proof and will lower your credit lines if you don’t make enough on the books.

    If I knew I would write it. They can end the offer at any time, and it does seem like that time is coming.

    They’re all combined.
    2 bank accounts and 10 active credit cards.

    Offer to get it approved by closing other chase cards or shifting limits.
    The main thing is to keep trying.

    You can do what I did, make them into mastercards and apply for the visa.
    Or apply for other cards, offer to close Sapphire to get them approved, and then cycle back to Sapphire on your next churn.

    Lol…they lied. They also lie occasionally about you losing United miles if you cancel. They get paid according to how many people they convince not to cancel.

  79. Menachem Says:


    I will before the statement closes but right now the funds are not available.

    DO you think they can see the spending if the statement hasn’t closed?

  80. Dan Says:

    Of course they can.

  81. jj Says:

    Thanks Dan – called up Chase reconsideration a second time and it worked – they approved me for Sapphire!

    Btw – the two numbers you have listed in the post reach the same call center. I got the same rep by calling both numbers! Luckily, I remembered his voice and hung up.

  82. Dan Says:

    Congrats! HUCA at its finest.

  83. Anonymous Says:

    I just applied for Chase Sapphire Preferred Card using 50K link on and got page saying “offer is no longer available”.

    I use FireFox and after I applied, it went to a page with a picture of the card, the 50K bonus offer, and a big black arrow to “Apply Now.” However, there was nothing to click in FF! I had to switch rendering engines to Internet Explorer (I have IE Tab2 add-on). Switched to IE, clicked, and that’s when the “no longer available” page came up.

    Interestingly, I was on with a CSR this morning and she was able to bring up both 40K and 50K pages and seemed to not know that the 50K wasn’t being offered.

  84. netzih Says:

    is the sapphire wmc 50k link for the wmc or will it be the visa and i will have to change it to the wmc after?

  85. aaron Says:

    HELP! i have the saphire WMC and i called the analyst to try to close out united or split my saphire credit line and to approve it. she told me i cant do it because cant have 2 saphires. any ideas? should i call again? another number?

  86. Yitz Says:

    Hi Dan Thanks for all the info. Quick question about the ink bold card. I dont have a business. Now even though you say that i can just make up an ebay business (Yitz’s Stuff Inc.”) does chase try to verify that i have an ebay account and that im actually making money on it? because i dont really have a business and even though i may sell stuff on ebay occasionally, writing that i make 100 dollars a year revenue for the “business” (not Income) doesnt sound so good…any thoughts on this? Do they ask for any tax returns, etc…? thanks!

  87. Anonymous Says:


    Thanks Dan

  88. dov Says:

    @big fan: I applied a couple of months ago for thre chase ink bold and I forgot to spend 5k in the first 3 months, I sent a secure massage but they didn’t give in, any suggestions? Should I cancel and reapply? Thanks.

  89. yisroel Says:

    when i reapply for a cc i previously had what do i do to insure they will give me the rewards again since its supposedly only once per person ?

  90. aaron Says:

    so any ideas how i can get them to let me have both chase saphire preferred cards msw and visa?

  91. Gwein Says:

    Dan, you mentioned that the airline lounge access benefit form plat AX card cold be used even after canc the card?? They swipe the card before each visit…will the card swipe and allow access even if cancelled? If so, for how long after cancelled? THANKS!

  92. Yaks Says:

    I had the same issue I just filled out that I make $0-$10000 a year on the app I had recently applied for a credit card so I got declined I called reconsideration and they started asking me abt by business so I told them I just started and haven’t really made any money and they were fine with that got approved right away………

  93. mo Says:

    Ha anybody ever been told by a chase CSR that there is a $5,000 minimum credit line for the sapphire and mileage plus cards?

    Yesterday when trying to shift some credit around i was told i would have to close one of them bec my total credit line was only 8K, and due to the minimum i would not have enough credit……….

  94. Al Says:


    The fee on my Capital One Venture card is due. What can I do with this card? My credit line is $20,000 so I don’t want to just close it and lose all that available credit, however, I don’t use the card any longer. Thank you.

  95. moshe Says:

    ihi dan,
    i don’t understand if i have a sapphire prefferd visa,why do i have to change it to a MC and apply for the visa again why can’t i apply for the sapphire prefferd MC instead and get the 50k on that one. i saw you posted a link for 50k on the MC also,


  96. moshe Says:

    also what if i don’t have an other chase card and i change my sapphire prefferd to a MC,will i lose all my points or they will just change to diffrent type of points,or is it better to have them out of my account before i change it,

  97. moshe Says:

    and just one more question what happens with all the points that are spose to post to my account at the end of my billing cycle were to they go,do i lose them or do they go into my MC account,and also once i apply and get approved for the new visa card could i transfer in my points from my MC account to my visa account?

  98. sim Says:


    is the $450 amex platinum fee refunded when cancelled within 30 days of the fee, or 60 days of activating the card. If cancelled after 30/60 days is the fee prorated? I opened the card in late February and want to get a refund for the fee I got in my march statement. Also, if I purchase $200 in Gift Cards & then close the card, will I get refunded?


  99. IK Says:

    Got approved for the 50K Sapphire Preferred offer using the DD link! Thanks, Dan!

  100. rj00 Says:

    Have a Chase Sapphire Visa and applied for the Chase Sapphire Mastercard. Received letter to call since I have a Chase Sapphire account already. Rep says can only have one Sapphire card so must close Visa and reapply for MC, but she said since I already received the sign up bonus then I am not entitled to another sign up bonus…

  101. rj00 Says:

    Called the reconsideration number above and they told me that the link I used was for the Visa card not the Mastercard…too bad.

  102. jack L Says:

    i was told if i apply to too many credit cards its not good for my credit is that true? (i read that u applied to 13 in a year)

  103. mike Says:

    what”s the benefit of having chase exclusives?

  104. rebhesh Says:

    those links give only 40k now as well


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