HP ENVY 15.6″ Core i7 Windows 7 Quad Core Laptop With 2GB GPU For $524.99 With 2 AMEX Cards


HP ENVY 15.6″ Core i7 Windows 7 Laptop Linky

-This system is normally $899.99 but is on sale for $699.99.

1. Use the following $25 off code to drop the system down to $674.99: PC599Q2
Alternatively add $100 in upgrades and use the following $75 off code to drop the system down to $724.99: JULY75
Alternatively add $300 in upgrades and use the following $100 off code: JULY100

2. Click here to read how to save $75 off $350+ with AMEX savings.
You can register multiple primary and secondary AMEX cards by:
-Using multiple Twitter account.
-Using the same Twitter account but syncing and unsyncing each card.
-Registering multiple primary AMEX cards on americanexpress.com under AMEX offers by having each card offers page open in its own tab.
-Making a separate AMEX login for each secondary card and registering them for offers that way.

3. See this post for how to pay for an HP computer with 2 AMEX cards to save $150 instead of just $75.

By putting a $350 charge on each card (with tax it will reach that) you’ll get $75 cash back on both AMEX cards.
That brings the price down to just $524.99.

If you just have 1 AMEX card your price will be $599.99

4. Save more: Get another 3%-10% cash back with an AMEX business card thanks to Open Savings!

-Windows 7 Home Premium 64
-4th generation Intel Core i7-4700MQ Quad Core Processor (Up to 3.4GHz)
-15.6″ HD BrightView WLED-backlit Display
-NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M Graphics with 2048MB of dedicated video memory
-15.6″ HD BrightView LED-backlit Display
Upgrade available to Full HD for $50
-1TB Hard Drive
6-Cell Lithium-Ion Battery
Upgrade available to 2 batteries for just $40
-Standard Keyboard
Upgrade available to backlit keyboard for $30
-HP TrueVision HD Webcam with Dual Digital Microphone
-802.11b/g/n WiFi

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Dan, is the cash back worth more than points in this situation?
Also, do I have to do anything extra or will it happen automatically by using my Amex business card?


Not sure what your first question is.
You’ll automatically get 3-10% Open Savings cash back plus points for the purchase on an AMEX business card.


Is this a better deal than the one you posted 2 days ago?


It’s a more powerful computer and it has Windows 7.


seems like this one doesn’t have a CD/Dvd drive, correct?



I ordered this deal on 5/26 The last deal for this I paid $604 or total $647 after tax. I got on my statement credit a few days later $15 and $7.37 total $22.37
I got my delivery on 6/5. The 525 now is with no upgrade and not sure all the specs are the same. I have windows 8.
Q1 Can I still return if I used it already? Obviously I purchased on amex platinum. Q2 Sounds like I will only ave $75 at most or $25 with 100 in upgrades, Is it even worthwhile or any other suggestions?


Dan, I purchased the computer deal from 2 days ago but would rather have this one. Is there a way for me to order this deal and get the $75 off $350 even though I used the one time credit?


Hi Dan, I just tried to sync 2 cards but only got the amex notification once will i still receive the credit on both cards?

Jason Smith

This is a much better laptop than the other day, because it has a 6 cell battery (with the option for 2 six cell batteries) compared to the 4 cell that the other models had. My suggestions: upgrade to 2 six cell batteries ($40), external optical drive ($49), and backlit keyboard ($30) and take the extra $75 off.




Just have one AMEX?
Typically a return causes a clawback of the $75, but if you buy something else then you should be OK.

Did you change the tweet like I wrote in that post?

What do you do with an internal CD drive these days?
Can always get an external for $20 if you really need it, but otherwise it just adds weight for most people.


Looking for similar with 17 inch – suggestions?

also, talks about win 9 coming out around September. is that why everyone is selling off stuff?

worth wait for new technology?


Dan I have 2 Amex but used both on the previous deal


Sorry, max # of Card Members have enrolled in #AmexHP offer. Visit http://amex.co/faves for more offers
I guess the offer is finished 🙁


Dan, I am looking for an ENVY or Elite, but must have:
1, Backlit keyboard
3. Webcan
4. Windows 7 Pro
5. Can be 14/15.6 or 17″
The ones above have most of 1 to 5, except Win7 Pro and no webcan or CD/DVD are shown.
To have these what would be the cost?