[Trip Report!] After A 5 Year Hiatus, A Kosher Stand Will Return To Cleveland Baseball Games!

Progressive Field 6/23/2011 ©DansDeals
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Visiting Cleveland? Check out the Cleveland Master Thread’s Wiki on DDF here and the Guardians’ upcoming schedule here.

Update, 8/6: Today was my first day to enjoy the kosher stand. While I have the awesome Capital One seats for later this week, our Kosher Antarctica Cruise mashgiach (and record holder for the southernmost siyum?) Moishe Paskesz decided to pop into town to visit me and our Kosher Antarctica Cruise caterer and Mendel’s KC BBQ GM Shua Lurie.

I sniped some last-minute bargain priced seats on SeatGeek and enjoyed the best ballpark food (by far!) that I’ve ever had! Well, excluding feasting on Prime Rib at Yankee Stadium’s Legends Suites.

The kosher stand is located behind section 156, right behind home plate: 


The soft-launch menu includes a hot dog, po-dog, pastrami dog, and Reuben wrap:


The stand was operated today by Rabbi Solly Evenchik, who was very impressive with his calm and cool demeanor in making the food and taking orders, even with fans lining up to buy hundreds of dogs today.

Working behind the scenes was also stand owner Rabbi Mendel Segal and his son Donny.

The stand is certified by Cleveland Kosher:


The Pastrami dog is a delicious bargain for $13. It’s loaded up with Mendel’s hot pastrami that is brined for more than a week and then smoked overnight, along with delicious caramelized onions.




The Po-Dog was $12 and is also excellent. It’s a polish sausage loaded with sauteed onions and peppers and Mendel’s award-winning bbq sauce.


I didn’t try the regular hot dog or the Reuben wrap yet, but I’m sure I’ll get to those as well.

The stand sells snacks, drinks, and canned beer, though I’d highly recommend trying out locally brewed Fat Head’s beer, offered on tap at stands throughout the ballpark, including at the Fat Head’s beer garden next to the team shop, near Mendel’s stand.

Enjoying an Fat Head’s Head Hunter IPA at the game today with Moishe Paskesz:

Originally posted on 7/20/23:

Cleveland’s Jewish community has been growing exponentially over the past several years. That’s thanks to its low cost of living, warm and friendly community, safe suburban neighborhoods, excellent schools, short commute times with low traffic and plenty of parking, a revitalized core on the water with several sports teams and world-class museums, and private school tuition vouchers.

But a sore subject has been Kosher restaurants, which is something I’ve been working to fix over the past few years.

Those efforts are now bearing fruit.

Earlier this year, Mendel’s KC BBQ opened in Cleveland, and it’s been an incredible success story. The dining room there is packed night in and night out as Clevelander’s finally have a kosher restaurant they can go out to and enjoy mouth-watering food and drinks in an upscale setting.

The Cleveland Indians had a kosher-certified hot dog stand at Jacob’s Field from 1998-2018. In the early years they were served with delicious fried onions, though even in the later years it was fun to grab a hot dog and a local beer at the ballpark.

Catching an Indians game with my grandfather and the kosher hot dog stand in the background, September 2017


Sadly, it was closed before the 2019 season due to a financial dispute between the Indians’ concessionaire and Cleveland Kosher.

The final hot dog from the previous kosher stand on 10/8/18, with my Great Uncle’s founded Bertman’s Ball Park Mustard and incredible Bertman’s Beer Mustard:


I don’t usually believe in petitions, but I started one in May of 2019 to bring back kosher dogs to the ballpark. It got the Indians’ attention around the All Star Break that year, when they caught flak for not having a kosher stand starting in the same season as they had agreed to ditch Chief Wahoo in order to land the All-Star Game.


All-Star Game at Progressive Field, July 2019 ©DansDeals


Alas, there have been many roadblocks, negotiations, and dead-ends since mid-2019. But now with the game-changing Mendel’s KC BBQ in town, it was clearly time to make a match made in heaven. Earlier this year I connected the Guardians, the Guardians’ concessionaire, Cleveland Kosher and Mendel’s BBQ and we had an awesome meeting with Mendel Segal and Shua Lurie showing off their potential custom dishes and enthusiastic plans.

I spoke to the Cleveland Jewish News last month about the exciting developments.

It’s baseball and kosher food, how could I not help make that happen?

And now the Guardians have given Mendel’s the green light to open a stand in Progressive Field. That was no easy feat as in the past Delaware North, the Guardians’ concessionaire, fully owned the stand. Additionally, Progressive Field already has another vendor with exclusivity on BBQ food. Plus, naming other competing cities with ballclubs, as in Mendel’s KC BBQ, meant that both KC and BBQ had to be ditched.

No matter. Come next week, Mendel’s Dogs and Deli will have their soft opening at Progressive Field, in a prime location behind home plate near section 157.

  • The soft-opening menu and intro pricing (subject to change) will be:
    • Hot dogs: $7.50
    • Po-Dogs: $12 (A polish sausage with sauteed onions and peppers with Mendel’s award winning bbq sauce)
    • Reuben wrap: $13 (With Mendel’s Pastrami that is brined for more than a week and then smoked overnight, served with sauerkraut, Russian dressing, and vegan cheese, on wheat wrap)
    • Pastrami dogs: $13 (Hot dog topped with Mendel’s hot pastrami and caramelized onions).
    • Chips, pretzels, popcorn, candy, peanuts, drinks, and beer will also be sold as the stand.

Pictures supplied by Mendel’s:


Major props go out to Shua, Mendel, Delaware North, and the Guardians for making this a reality!


2016 World Series, ©DansDeals


Where else can you enjoy a sports game with kosher food in North America? Here’s a list from DDF, please post if you have any updates!

  • Baseball-MLB:         
    1. Baltimore Orioles (Temporarily closed due to staffing issues)
    2. Boston Red Sox (Dairy and meat hot vending machines)
    3. Chicago Cubs
    4. Cleveland Guardians
    5. LA Dodgers
    6. Miami Marlins
    7. NY Mets
    8. NY Yankees (Kosher stand, plus Legends catering available in Legends Suites, Champions Suites, Delta Suites, Jim Beam Suites, and Field MVP Club)
    9. St. Louis Cardinals
    10. Toronto Blue Jays
    11. Washington Nationals
  • Baseball-Minor leagues:   
    1. Brooklyn Cyclones
    2. Worcester WooSox
  • Basketball:         
    1. Boston Celtics
    2. Brooklyn Nets
    3. Chicago Bulls
    4. Houston Rockets
    5. LA Clippers (Boxed meals)
    6. LA Lakers (Boxed meals)
    7. Miami Heat
    8. NY Knicks
    9. Philadelphia 76ers
    10. Toronto Raptors
  • Football:         
    1. Baltimore Ravens
    2. Chicago Bears
    3. Detroit Lions
    4. Miami Dolphins
    5. New Orleans Saints
    6. NY Giants
    7. NY Jets
    8. Philadelphia Eagles
    9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Hockey:     
    1. Boston Bruins
    2. Chicago Blackhawks
    3. Florida Panthers
    4. LA Kings  (Boxed meals)
    5. NJ Devils
    6. NY Rangers
    7. NY Islanders
    8. S. Louis Blues
    9. Toronto Maple Leafs
  • MLS Soccer
    • New York City FC

Now I’m back off to enjoying a ballgame in every MLB park!

Where are your favorite kosher stands at a stadium?

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El cheapo

The five GroupMe notifications prior to this came through with a usable link.
This one did not.
I am not trying to complain, I’m just noticing a difference and trying to see if I can be helpful in somewhere with troubleshooting the GroupMe issue.

El cheapo

Yes! That made the difference!
When you resent that it came through with a link that I was able to click directly from GroupMe.
Thank you very much!


What about getting the browns to get a kosher stand?


One stadium at a time bud

Baruch Pinsky

@dansdeals I was just at a Baltimore orioles game and they no longer have a kosher food stand


They haven’t had one since covid afaik. Balore are still waiting for it to become safe again 🙂

Dov bennish

Does Ford field still have kosher food?

Moe Hotdog Hack

Prices seem pretty reasonable, and it beats bringing your own hot dogs. On the other hand, I do save myself at least $60. Throw a pack of hotdogs on a hotdog roller machine at home. Pack it tightly in saran wrap and then line them up and pack them into two sandwich bags. Fill up small to go container of ketchup. And stuff them in your pocket and you’re good to go. This is a nice option for those that don’t have the kosher food option.

A yid

its a shame to c thats a goal that yidishe kinder got fooooood at baseball


It’s a shame to c holier-than-thou haters patrolling yiddishe travel websites


Hey Dan,
Next stop in the list should be Lake County Captains! I can help make some introductions.


Dan I was at a guardians game on July 4 this year and there was a kosher hot dog stand selling hot dogs. We’re they selling none kosher hot dogs from the kosher stand ?

A yid

That’s a nice thing to go put on tefillin, but to go join ball games like the goyim…. and make a whole big deal there is KOSHER food there….. sounds to me not Yiddish


Some stadiums and arenas don’t allow the kosher stands to charge much more for the same item than their treif counterparts. The $7 kosher hot dogs in Cleveland are $2.50 more than the non-kosher hot dogs, at $4.50. So what seems like a ripoff to the non kosher fans (ballpark prices) is looked at by the Jewish fans as a huge discount compared to kosher prices outside of the stadium.
Best kosher stand I’ve been to is Graze Smokehouse at Barclays Center in Brooklyn.


The Delaware North group was actually charging $8.50 for their not so kosher, kosher hot dogs up to date. Mendel’s will actually be charging less for a real kosher hot dog. How’s that for irony 🙂

Former Sports fan

Dan can you explain the economics of a kosher stand? How can a city like Tampa Bay or St Louis support one with such small frum communities? Those cities barely have restaurants or kosher grocery stores


St. Louis has Simon Kohn’s killer pastrami sandwiches at both the baseball stadium and hockey arena. I don’t know the economics, but the non Jewish fans love these and they probably get plenty of customers who aren’t kosher keeping Jews. I think it’s because it’s something that is not just a kosher version of an item you can get at the regular stands.


The Rebbe would be proud!!

CLE Rocks

CLE Rocks!

Now all CLE needs is an upscale dairy restaurant and Hatzlah.


Under whose supervision?


If we are including minor league teams, I believe the Rockland Boulders also have kosher options. The Staten Island Yankees used to have kosher options, so I assume the independent league baseball team that replaced them in SI does as well (although I haven’t been to a game since their affiliation changed)

The MLS team that plays at Yankee Stadium also has kosher food.

Unbelievable that they have kosher stands in Worcester and New Orleans, but there are still sports teams in Chicago and LA that don’t have.


Baltimore Ravens (M&T Bank stadium) have two kosher stands!


Glad to hear you guys are making progress… now it’s time to start Hatzoloh

educated consumer

Does anyone know what Hechsher they have?


The Chicago Bears have a kosher stand.

El Capitan

Solly! My childhood friend! Keep it up!

Mia flyer

@dansdeals for transparency purposes. Are you in any way an investor or invested in this new partnership ?


What are those pillars on the top deck of the stadium? Did they eliminate sections of seats?

La Chipa DeCleveland

@dansdeal the pastrami dog u got looks pretty loaded with meat. Did you see if other customers were getting the same amount as you did? Cuz if that’s the normal amount, $13 seems like an amazing value.

La Chipa DeCleveland

UPDATE: I attended the game and ordered the Pastrami Dog. It was tasty. But don’t be fooled by the pic Dan posted. You’ll get maybe a third of the pastrami the picture shows. Prob need 2-3 of them to be full.


Any chance there is a set time for Mincha at the stadium (by the kosher stand)
for a weekday day game?


@Dan Is Fat Head beer listed as Kosher?