Limited Time Offer: 50K Points For Spending $3,000 On The Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard!

Related: You can also apply for other Barclay cards the same day with 1 credit pull, such as the JetBlue World Mastercard, the JetBlue Plus World Elite Mastercard, or the Barclaycard CashForward World MasterCard. You can read more about the JetBlue cards here.

Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite MasterCard 50K Limited Time Offer

For a limited time the Barclaycard Arrival Plus is offering a 50K signup bonus for spending $3,000 in 3 months. That’s 25% higher than the previous 40K bonus.

The $89 annual fee is waived for the first year and people have reported being able to get it waived for subsequent years as well.

You can receive the bonus even if you have received it in the past.

The card gives 2 “miles” for every dollar you spend on anything plus a 5% refund when you redeem miles so that you effectively earn 2.11 “miles” per dollar spent.  The 5% refund means that the 50,000 points signup bonus is really more valuable as you’ll get 2,500 of those points back after you redeem the points for a cash refund.  Of course when you redeem those points you’ll also get a refund, etc. The 5% refund posts within 1-2 weeks of making a redemption.

Miles is a misnomer, really they just mean cents with each mile being worth 1 cent. The way it works is you book travel via any booking site and then you can just go online to your Barclays account and request that the purchase be refunded using your points. You can refund any purchase that is categorized as “Airlines, Travel Agencies & Tour Operators, Hotels, Motels & Resorts, Cruise Lines, Passenger Railways and Car Rental Agencies.”

There are no foreign transaction fees.

This card will only require 1 hard pull as opposed to cards from Capital One which cost 3 hard pulls. Best of all Barclay will typically pull from your Transunion credit report.  Most banks pull from Experian though this does vary by state.  If you are NJ or NY based you shouldn’t have almost any credit pulls on your Transunion report if you don’t have Barclays bank cards. If you are denied you can call reconsideration at 866-408-4064.

If you want to convert your points into cash you could just book a refundable ticket like a Southwest Anytime airfare, select to redeem points to give you a check equal to that purchase, and then just refund the Southwest ticket.  All of your points can be redeemed for cash back that way.

After spending $3,000 on a new card you’ll have 56,000 points. If you then spend $560 on a plane ticket you can redeem points to have the full purchase price refunded and you’ll also get back 2,800 points.

Personally I prefer real airline miles over bank miles due to their versatility. Having a combination of Freedom Unlimited plus Sapphire Reserve gives you the ability to choose between 2.25%-4.5% cash back everywhere or 1.5-3 real airline miles per dollar spend everywhere. However the Arrival Plus card has no annual fee the first year and a much lower annual fee than that combo in subsequent years and it now has a lucrative signup bonus that makes it well worth the signup.

You can also apply for other Barclay cards the same day with 1 credit pull, such as the JetBlue World Mastercard, the JetBlue Plus World Elite Mastercard, or the Barclaycard CashForward World MasterCard.

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33 Responses to “Limited Time Offer: 50K Points For Spending $3,000 On The Barclaycard Arrival Plus World Elite Mastercard!”

  1. Lazer Says:

    How long do you need to wait in between sign up bonuses?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    “All of your points can be redeemed for cash back that way.”

    you mean you will get a credit on statement?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    does not appear they match 🙁

  4. Dan Says:

    There’s no time limit.

    Is there a difference?


  5. High end hobo Says:

    No official time frame. If you’re approved, you’ll get the bonus

  6. Chana Ruchel Says:

    Dan, I just have a few questions.
    1. Which bank is this, is it chase?
    2. How many points is the signup bonus?
    3. Is the annual fee waived the first year?
    4. Can I receive the bonus if I’ve received it in the past?
    5. How much is each point worth?
    6. Are there forex fees?
    7. Where does it pull from?
    8. How much must I spend to get the bonus?

  7. Ben Says:

    I just received this Barclay card for 40,000 points. How do I get Barclay to increase the points to 50,000? Thank you.

  8. thenewguy Says:

    i got this over 2 years ago and have since downgraded it to the non annual fee one. can i get it again?

  9. Dan Says:

    @Chana Ruchel:

    You can try calling, but they don’t officially match.


  10. Brian Goldberg Says:

    In for one, thanks for the head’s up!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Is there any indication when this limited time offer is going to expire?

  12. David Says:

    Dan i currently have one already, can i apply for another one?
    Or need to close it?

  13. ari Says:

    How long is this “limited time” offer?

  14. Anonymous Says:

    If I recall correctly, you can only redeem miles on charges over $100. Is this still the case?

  15. levi paul Says:

    When is this Signup bonus until?

  16. Matt Says:

    @Chana Ruchel: Did you just read the headline and then stop? Consider reading the actual post and/or clicking on the link to the application. I think you could’ve gotten your answers faster through doing that than it took you to type out all of your questions. @Dan, LOL is right

  17. Card Holder Says:

    I’m a card holder. While I do prefer collecting actual miles, this card is great for Israel. If you fly El Al or rent from Eldan, you can use these “miles” to offset your cost. Plus as Dan mentioned there are no foreign transaction fees.

    Be warned though that customer service is not as good as Chase or Amex.

  18. Alexander Says:

    Through what site do I book Southwest ticket? I have 60,000 of Miles & More that expire the end of September?

  19. Boruch Says:

    Can you receive miles and more points if I already received it in the past?

  20. Br Says:

    I just applied last week and get approved but only 40k offer what can I do? ??

  21. JJJ Says:

    looks like Chana Ruchel is training to play in the $100,000 pyramid show where he/she’s making questions for dan’s statements.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    @Matt: Matt, she was JOKING! Get with it

  23. Sean Says:

    “This onetime 50,000 miles bonus offer is valid for first-time Cardmembers with new accounts only. Existing Cardmembers and existing accounts are not eligible for this offer”
    Is this new language or has it been in there? Don’t want to get burned and not get the bonus “miles”

  24. Dan Says:


    Close it first.





    Always been there, never been true.

  25. Mordy Says:

    If i currently have this card can i get a second one and receive the bonus?

  26. Iz Says:

    @Mordy: Forget about the bonus; you won’t even be approved. Cancel the old one first and then apply. I learned the hard way…

  27. Aron Says:

    What if you have an existing card.. Will you still get the bonus? Thnx

  28. Aron Says:

    Never mind. I Saw the answer posted up top.

  29. David Says:

    When is this Signup bonus until?

  30. Tom Brady Says:

    Hi Dan, you say that with the combination of the Chase SR and FU you get between 2.25% and 4.5% cash back everywhere. Can that actually be redeemed for cash back at those values via Southwest or whatever, or can that only be redeemed at that value for travel?

  31. yankel Says:

    i have arrival reg and i was ineligible for the plus… the rep told me to close the account and approved me instantaneously. for arrival plus AND miles and more world mastercard. however, i did have to redeem my 10150 doormat miles and since i had no travel recently, i ended up processing a gift card redemption at 2500 miles for $12.50 because i tried multiple reps to issue a one time courtesy adjustment but was told the points would be forfeited. it was better than nothing. if i dont receive the gift cards, i will follow up with customer care again but i am happy for the plus and miles and more approval. one pull.

  32. Danielle Says:


    I got denied 2 months ago. I’m thinking because I cancelled the arrival plus card I had then applied for a new one the next day. Do you think I have a better chance at getting accepted now? My credit score is roughly 800. Thanks.

  33. Sam Says:

    FYI – Minimum redemption amount is 10,000


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