Membership Rewards Canada: 25% Bonus For Transfers Into British Airways Avios

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Membership Rewards Canada: 25% Bonus For Transfers Into British Airways Avios

This promotion applies for Canadian cards only.  Through 03/28, transfers from Membership Rewards Canada to British Airways will be at a 1K:1.25K ratio.

This promotion does not apply for transfers from US based AMEX Membership Rewards cards.

Destination charts for nonstop flights from Montreal and Toronto that can be booked with Avios can be found in this post.  With flights starting at just 4.5K Avios in coach and 9K Avios for a lie-flat business seat there are some real bargains.  With the 25% bonus that means that a coach award will start at just 3.6K AMEX points and a business award will start at 7.2K AMEX points.

Note that you’ll need to act fast though as effective 02/02 those awards go up to 7.5K Avios each way. However you can transfer BA Avios into Iberia Avios where those round-trips are 12K Avios round-trip.

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12 Responses to “Membership Rewards Canada: 25% Bonus For Transfers Into British Airways Avios”

  1. Joseph Says:

    Canadians have American Express? What next?!

  2. dov bennish Says:

    Isn’t it 12k Iberia roundtrip ?

  3. APoshiterYid Says:

    What a tease 🙁

  4. Dan Says:

    @dov bennish:
    Yup, typo, Thanks.

  5. Montrealer Says:

    I didn’t even get an email from them yet! I just transferred alot of points from Amex to Avios last week!!

  6. new york Says:

    Any chance US Amex cardholders get anything like this anytime soon?

  7. Dan Says:

    @new york:
    There was just a 25% bonus that ending 2 weeks ago.

  8. new york Says:

    I thought that wasn’t direct into avios it was into Iberia only if you had account 90 days open

  9. Dan Says:

    @new york:
    It was open to anyone. You just needed to wait 90 days to transfer them on to BA if it was a new Iberia account.

  10. Dan the best Says:

    Sorry, but I don’t think that it was in the post that you can transfer even if the Iberia account is not open for 90 days.

  11. PraiseCanada Says:


    Same here!!

  12. Yossi Says:

    Dan, Is there any point to converting my RBC card points to Avios eventhough they have a %50 promotion now on conversions? Compared to over a year ago, now there are barely any flights available to book on BritishAirway site. I used to book yyz to nyc so easily in the past with so many seats available. Now barely anything & if there is, its only 1 seat biz class. Whats going on & what to do about it? Please email me. Thanks


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