Chase App Now Allowing Point Transfers To Airlines

Chase has updated their Android and iOS app to allow you to transfer points into miles.  Previously you had to be at a computer or call Chase to make a transfer.

Of course you’ll need a card like the Chase Sapphire Preferred or Ink Plus to make a points to miles transfer.

What can you do with your Chase points? Here are 30 awesome ideas!

HT: meshugener, via DDF

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6 Responses to “Chase App Now Allowing Point Transfers To Airlines”

  1. arisuri Says:

    No offer for card and separate account for au. didnt get the at&t either

  2. Oren Says:

    The new app also makes it much easier to transfer UR points to a spouse or DP

  3. yy Says:

    is it still possible to transfer to someone else other than spouse or dp??

  4. eli Says:

    Nothing in my app…. And google play shows all my apps are up to date… Targeted rollout??

  5. Advanced Says:

    @eli: in the app where it tells you points amount you need to click on it and it opens te new screen. Give it a shot, let me know

  6. eli Says:

    Yup it worked. Thanks


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