Vanilla Reload Cash Only Rollout At CVS Continues

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CVS stores in Cleveland were coded today to no longer take credit cards for Vanilla Reload and other reloadable cards:















The cashier was very nice and even tried cards like Vanilla Reload and Vanilla MVD for me, but they were all were denied for credit card purchase.

OneVanilla and other Visa cards were able to be purchased by credit card.  Those have a $4.95 fee for $500 and can be loaded to Bluebird at Walmart, used for money orders, etc.

In some regions of the country the rollout will happen tomorrow or on the 4th, so buy them while you can!  If your store will rollout the changes on the 4th you can still purchase $5,000 now, $5,000 after 8pm tonight, and another $5,000 after 8pm tomorrow night.  Those are per person limits. Only purchases of $1,000 are limited based on your driver’s license, purchases of $999.99 or less are unlimited.

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49 Responses to “Vanilla Reload Cash Only Rollout At CVS Continues”

  1. yankel Says:

    I called yesterday a store in Brooklyn NY I was told they are still accepting credit cards.

  2. Dan Says:

    Like I said, the rollout is happening on different days nationwide.
    Stores had the 31st, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th.

  3. point collector Says:

    more persecussion of the jewish people… 😛

  4. Al Says:

    This memo is slightly different than the earlier one –
    I wonder why they will still allow CCs for Visa Gift Cards?

  5. chaim Says:

    dan, please compose a new article totaling all the ways to spend on a credit card.

  6. Walmart Says:

    I have been told several times at several walmarts very recently that I cannot use the gift card for money order because it does not have my name on it. It depends on the store and also on the rep but that is something people should be aware of before loading up on thousands of dollars visa gift cards. I was also told yeaterday that Walmart was recently voted number one for money laundering and they are cracking down on these transactions. Use precaution.
    Are you still able to use the vanilla visa gift card at the Walmart ATM to load BB?

  7. Dan Says:

    @point collector:

    Yup, this is the latest memo.

    Probably they get a bigger cut, more breakage on those.

    Yes, works fine at the WM ATM.
    Just depends on the rep though if you try at customer service or at a cashier.

  8. moshe Says:

    i tried today in brooklyn and the system didn’t let. the girl behind the counter showed me the message on the screen not to accept cc

  9. ilovepoints Says:

    @Dan – Can I load the Bluebird using the Vanilla Visa card online or does the reload have to be at Walmart ATM?

  10. Anonymous Says:


  11. yizchak Says:

    Dan, can we buy cvs gift cards and use the cvs giftcards to buy the vanila cards

  12. JAMES king Says:

    there you have it the cc fees were eating them up affecting their p&l,it says it right there on the memo so i guess they lost money on every $5000 VR transaction, swipe fees for reward cards witch most people were using for VR’S are a little higher then the fees for regular cards that’s why they put an end to it if it would be a moneymaker they wouldnt stop it,if any body can help me out here what would be the best way to load my bluebird and serve cards using credit cards i don’t have a wall mart money center in my neighborhood

  13. simcha Says:

    boo hoo go work

  14. Al Says:

    @Dan, interesting about the credit card fees. The consensus was this was brought about by issues of fraud. I guess we will never know for sure unless someone interviews Chaney.

  15. David R Says:

    @ilovepoints: Don’t try to do it online. You can do it at Walmart. Go to any cashier, the Money Center, customer service or the Walmart ATM (but not another bank’s ATM that some Walmart stores have). You can even go to self checkout, but you will need an employee to do it for you there.

  16. Jim Says:

    I am sure it has to do with that in part:

  17. Mike Says:

    I spoke with a cvs manager here in Texas and he said the credit card limitation is based on fraud reports… They stopped green dots with credit cards here for the same reason… Once a certain fraud threahold is reached then they pull it…. It doesn’t seem cvs suddenly cares about people getting miles

  18. Ash Says:

    Does this include reloading serve?

  19. Curtis Says:

    Time for a mileage run to some place that still has registered enabled, hahaha.

  20. Anonymous Says:

    @David R: I don’t live near a Walmart so I’m trying to find a way around it. Any ideas?

  21. Greg Says:

    Does cash only mean actual cash or can you still use a debit card to buy Vanilla Reloads?

  22. hdawg Says:

    evolve money, pay bills with debit

  23. Farj Says:

    Guys please keep the stupid comments to minimum, go work etc
    we all know why we are here so behave please..

    My CVS in long island was hit with the computer lock out of CC for VR today.. farewell VR we will now see you on the rack all the time but we will not be taking you home!

    I doubt you can buy VR with CVS gift card or store credit.. I could not do that before the system change but I would like to know if anyone tried.

    I would love to know a way to load BB online since walmart is 25min drive out and a back and forth to Walmart takes over an hour.. now that would be worth it if there was no gift card fees

    OneVanilla @ 10$ per 1000$
    in not much worst that Vanila reload if I could skip the trip to walmart.
    Vanilla Reload was 8$/1000$

    at 5K$ that is 50$ vs 40$ fees
    5% of 5K on Blue cash Amex is 250$ so still a good 200$ could be made with one account.. that would take 5 trips to walmart! 6 hours time for 200$ and gas to go walmart

  24. Travel Brainstorm Says:

    I was able to get some purchases in last night in Virginia. I imagine we will shut down soon if not already today. I guess it’s not such a big deal that I’m moving to a city that doesn’t have a CVS. I was bummed but now I’m just a bit less bummed as this was a great way to easily pay all those non-CC bills.

  25. JohnnieD Says:

    Tried to buy a VR and a 1V card today. Register rang up the 1V card but not the VR. I told cashier OK, I’ll just take the 1V card. She said “I better ask the manager” (Oh crap…) Manager showed me the memo and said it applies to ALL variable load cards and then told cashier to void the transaction (Oh double crap…)

    At store number two, the cashier rung it up and said “Wait, I have a memo on this, see you cant use a cc for this”. i pointed out that he pointed to the VR line, but he said no it applies to all cards, sorry… Yeah, me too….

  26. anon Says:

    hope their weren’t too many people floating 10k a month or more on VR’s. true there are workarounds, but the average guy who did it because it was easy is in for a rough time if he was flotaing big money on them. Hope the chessed organizations are ready to pick up the pieces.

  27. Tom71306 Says:

    @Farj: wow for someone so angry against people doing this stuff, you sound like a pro yourself.
    Go get a like

  28. Joe P Says:


    I agree completely with Chaim – Dan, can you please do this? Thank you.: chaim Says: 5 April 2nd, 2014 at 2:19 pm

    dan, please compose a new article totaling all the ways to spend on a credit card.

  29. Al Says:

    What does comment 26 mean?

  30. Farj Says:

    @Tom71306 Angry at who?
    all I said was that pointless comments of “go get a job” is not the point of this forum.. this is a small way of making something extra.. for people to come and say go get a job that is just pointless, rude and inconsiderate. What does anyone know about others situation to tell them get a job..

    Re: being a pro.. sure why not. was that an insult? I know basic math and will use it when needed.

  31. Farj Says:

    @anon people using 10-20k or even 30k of VR is not the problem.. they are with in their rights and following guidelines.. if you have a big family use it and give them their share of the goodness. the problem is with fraud and that is why these promos go away. People buy a one time 5K with stolen wallet with CC & ID and dispute it.. 5K at the time it adds up and stinks up the corporate office

  32. M Says:

    Hi dan Pls email me I may have a way to make purchases in order to meet spending thresholds. Now that u can’t buy vanilla reloads.

  33. april fools Says:

    it’s a april fools joke

  34. al613 Says:

    Cary has a great phone number 🙂

  35. Farj Says:

    @Dan Dan at this point vanilla one Visa card for 5$ per 500$ is the best option for amex blue (5% @ CVS)?

  36. Matt Says:

    @Farj: do you get 5% with the blue??

  37. Farj Says:

    I have the original Blue Cash .. with that you get 5% at drug stores
    the new one I think is 3%

    I bought some Vanilaone Visa to try at walmart.. do they need activation? do I just use the last 4 digit as the pin code?

  38. rinka Says:

    Farj is rite. The point of this forum is not to be mean to people. Sinas chinum is wat is keeping the bais hamikdash from being built. If you havE s/t nice to say then say it, if not then kEep it to urself. Let’s make the world a happier place to be.

  39. Mike Says:

    What do u do with the one vanilla cards once u’ve loaded them? Anything other than buying money orders?

  40. Farj Says:

    one vanilla Visa or any other visa gift card could be used as debit
    where ver you can use debit use it..
    Bluebird at walmart takes visa

    Oh and for people who were blaming the streght shooters for abusing the system they should see it now in the news why VR at CVS can not be bought with CC any more here

    over 500,000$ fraud just from 2 people!
    I am so glad they are caught!

  41. Dan Says:

    Wow. I wonder why CVS didn’t just make all VR purchases require a DL match and swipe.

  42. Nate Says:

    What about walgreens? Can it be done there?

  43. Farj Says:

    @Dan walgreen and riteaid what is the story with these drugstores? do they accept CC for any of their visa cards?

    today after a very long time I went to walmart for some visa to Bluebird.. oh boy it has been months since I have done this..

  44. AnonymousBoca Says:

    @Dan: tried this in Boca and they referenced the memo. The refills were at my fingertips… May I ask you, time permitting, to please post something on how to manufacture spend to capture the sign up bonuses now that this channel has been blocked. Paypal? Amazon payments? What other thoughtful suggestions can you offer. Thanks!

  45. Farj Says:

    My stupid CVS manager did not allow me to buy onevanilla with cc quoting the memo. I didn’t have the patients to argue with him!

  46. ChessMaster1 Says:

    Costco is the best!!!

    You can get a max cashback of $60 with your purchase from any type of pin-enable debit card. Additionally, if you are not happy with this purchase, you can return it and get cash; you keep your $60 cashback though. This is another great method to liquidate those debit gift cards bought from OM, Staples, CVS, or any other merchant with a rewards-earning credit card.

    Example: I buy a tablet and pay with a debit card ( any type of debit card from OM or Staples or CVS…etc). I get a cashback of $60 with my tablet purchase. When I get home, my wife is not happy with my purchase and tells me to return it. I return my tablet to Costco and get cash for the return (Costco only process AMEX).

    You have to pay a membership fee to do this. However, after 11 months ask for a full refund of your membership fee. Easy Peesy

    You do not have to return the item bought at Costco to get the cashback or ask for a full refund of your membership fee. I usually buy 3 hotdogs ($1.50 each) separately and get $60 cashback with each hotdog to liquidate a $200 debit gift card.

  47. Farj Says:

    @ChessMaster1 I never thought about cashback..
    do I understand it correctly:

    you buy a 60$ item on a visa gift card with pin as debit and then return it to get your 60$ in cash?
    what happens if you buy a 500$ item? how do they refund you then?

    also isn’t buying a money order for a 1$ easier
    1k$ money order for 1$ and deposit in bank and pay the CC bill.

  48. Chicago VR Says:

    I was shopping at my local grocery store today and saw that they sell Greendot and Paypal visa or mastercard reloadable debit cards. I could buy them with a credit card! Now since they are officially debit cards can they be used at CVS/Walgreens/7-11 to buy VR?

  49. Chicago VR Says:

    @Dan: Dan, I was shopping at my local grocery store today and saw that they sell Greendot and Paypal visa or mastercard reloadable debit cards. I could buy them with a credit card! Now since they are officially debit cards can they be used at CVS/Walgreens/7-11 to buy VR?


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