Half Price LifeMiles Through 08/30

Half Price LifeMiles Through 08/30

-This offer only applies for accounts opened before 08/01.  It does return several times per year so it’s worth opening an account with them for next time.
-You can buy up to 150,000 miles at 1.5 cents per mile.  By entering that you want to buy 75,000 miles you will be credited with 150,000 miles, the maximum allowed.  The cost for 150K would be $2,250.
-Purchase on a card like Chase Sapphire Preferred so that you don’t pay a foreign transaction fee and in order to get the 2.14 points per dollar on travel spending.
-LifeMiles is the Star Alliance program run by Avianca/TACA.  Miles don’t expire as long as there is activity every 24 months. You can book partner travel online and one-way awards are allowed at half the rate of round-trip awards.
-If you are one of the 1,000+ people who have been to one of the DD seminars you’ll (hopefully) already have an account and know some pretty cool stuff to do with it…and that’s all I’m going to say on the matter 😉

HT: aussiebochur, via DDF

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25 Responses to “Half Price LifeMiles Through 08/30”

  1. Eli Says:

    We’re all waiting for the next DD seminar.. In New York .

  2. Dan Says:

    You were busy during the 3 I already gave in NY metro?

  3. Marilyn Says:

    When is you seminar in Cleveland? Don’t forget your hometown followers! Glad to help plan it if you need the help.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Does anyone that was by the seminar mind to explain what are the benefit’s of these miles?

  5. Julien Says:

    And how about a California seminar?

  6. YT Says:

    Hit up chicago again!

  7. mr g Says:

    DAN I HAVE A QUESTION .DELTA HAS ON THEIR HOME PAGE ‘new gift certificates” do you thing if i will buy 4 x 50 = $200.
    with my amex platinum card , i will get the 200$ delta annual airline credit ???

  8. harry wilkins fan Says:

    how about bringing in mr harry wilkins to explain some of the math behind these cards

  9. martin Says:

    Thats not right
    I spend hours on this site contributing every piece of info I know
    but when there is something “good” out there everyone keeps it to himself and complains about MMS for letting us know

    That pushing me out to FT and MMS

  10. Dan Says:

    If I’d post the stuff it would be dead within 24 hours.
    What exactly would be the point of that??

    Being a blogger isn’t about just putting every secret online to get more eyeballs, it’s about understanding the responsibility and knowing what deals can survive in the open and what deals will be killed.

    Unless of course the deal will die anyway very shortly which is another story and is why I posted about getting free tickets on any airline vie Southwest/Airtran the day before it died…

    Not every blogger out there subscribes to that credo and they may be happy to kill off deals prematurely but that’s not my goal.

  11. Eli Says:

    @Dan: Yes was busy trying to get one of my friends to sell me his ticket…… with no luck, next time get a bigger place please.

  12. Dan Says:

    At all 4 of the seminars I gave we cleared all standby visitors and even obtained more seating as I posted each time that we would try to do.

    Nobody was turned away.

  13. harry Says:

    there is the advantage of getting the singapore A380 business seats.
    but there is the big disadvantage that you can not mix cabins and that they change their award chart without notice.

  14. Mendy Lipszyc Says:

    @Dan: @Dan, for those of us who can’t make it to your seminar how can we find out about these benefits without you posting? I.e. how about a pm on the forum or an email?

  15. martin Says:


    I “understand” you

    But there seems to ppl on forms that manage to get in to every deal and some loyal contributors left out

    And that what’s pushing me to FT even though I love the atmosphere here

  16. Dan Says:

    There’s nothing wrong with FT, it’s a great forum. Not really sure why you think you can only enjoy one forum?

    While you’re at it, enjoy the “openness” of threads like this one 😀

  17. Big Boy Says:

    Hi Dan,
    I’m about to get the BA CP, and was wondering what tricks you have up your sleeve to avoid the enormous F.C.

  18. Dan Says:

    @Big Boy:
    Fly from Brazil or fly on BA 5th freedom flights.
    And definitely don’t use it in coach.

  19. Eli Says:

    @Dan: Yeh… but im not a standby person… I had it with Delta when a worker from Delta offered me a ticket for cheap thru him, I had to come back 5 times to the airport to clear, since then im finish with STANDBY…

  20. Reader Says:

    I don’t recall this being discussed in the Brooklyn seminar

  21. Dan Says:

    Your loss?

    Was definitely in the Boro Park seminar.

  22. Big Boy Says:

    Thank you Dan,I don’t know what BA 5th freedom flights are can you please elaborate.
    Thank you

  23. Andy Says:

    Would it be cheaper to fly to Israel purchasing these points or am I just better off buying the tickets via the method you posted about yesterday?

  24. Drz Says:

    Any chance you’d want to catch a game at Fenway and give a seminar in Boston while you’re there? Or, perhaps another seminar on the east coast as an alternative to the Chicago and Frequent Flyer seminars?
    And btw, thanks so much for all the info you provide!

  25. Kranzman Says:

    For those of us who live VERY far from all your seminars, how about a chance via pm or something like that to get in on this deal (how-to etc) thx!


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