Reminder: Earn 3.21 Points Per Dollar With Sapphire Preferred At Restaurants Today

You will earn triple points today with your Chase Sapphire Preferred card on all dining purchases.  This promotion runs on every first Friday of the month at least through the end of the year.

Together with the 7% annual dividend that means 3.21 points per dollar.  Spend $100 in a restaurant and you’ll get 300 points on your next statement plus 21 additional points as part of your annual dividend.

Dining on the Sapphire Preferred card includes sit-down restaurants, fast food, catering, bars, lounges, and more.

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23 Responses to “Reminder: Earn 3.21 Points Per Dollar With Sapphire Preferred At Restaurants Today”

  1. shlomi Says:

    there is a kosher ones also ? or its only selected restaurant

  2. Mark Says:

    Is there a minimum spend requirement like the $100 you mention above? Will a $10 lunch today at the bagel place qualify?

  3. Dan Says:

    It’s at any restaurant nationwide. If it’s classified as dining then you’ll get 3.21 points.

    There is no minimum or maximum, I was just giving an example.

    You can spend $1 or $1,000 on gift cards from the restaurant of your choice and get the 3.21 points per dollar.

  4. TOM Says:

    i buy restaurant gift cards with my other cards and get more points than chase SP. I wish the SP is a better card. it is a disappointing card

  5. Dan Says:

    SP points are worth a lot more than other point currencies.

    Plus it also gives 2.14x on all travel related expenses as well and has no Foreign exchange fees.

  6. TOM Says:

    I mean you can buy with cards like the inks and get 5%.

    How about a post where you will detail which airlines miles or hotel points can be used not just hotels and airlines but for many other things like car rental, hotel, airline and more?

  7. Bernie Says:

    Can I buy gift certificates to restaurants today and get the bonus?

  8. Davidd Says:

    Dan I was at Philadelphia airport yesterday and despite showing them my Mileage Plus club credit card even after speaking to a supervisor they did not waive luggage fees since I did not purchase tickets with card. I know that’s the rule but do you recommend any possible recourse to get them to issue a refund and more importantly waive the luggage fee on the return leg of our trip coming up! Thank you

  9. Dan Says:

    It’s generally only worth using airline miles for flights and hotel points for hotels.

    The Ink cards only give 5x for the specific restaurant GCs you can buy at office supply stores. For the generic Visa card you’d have to subtract the cost of buying the card making it easier to just put the charge directly onto your Sapphire card.


    Are you the primary cardholder and did you attach your mileage number to the reservation before checkin?

  10. Davidd Says:

    @Dan: yes I attached the primary card holders mileage number before check in but they were not flexible at all since our 7 tickets were not purchased with card

  11. Dan Says:

    You attached the primary cardholders mileage number? What is the supposed to mean?

    Was the primary cardholder flying or not? Who was the primary cardholder?

  12. Davidd Says:

    @Dan: yes primary card holder was flying; it was my wife and we showed them her card. prior to flight we made sure to attach her mileage number to reservation

  13. Dan Says:

    Officially you need to use it to buy the ticket so nothing can be done.

    Having said that I’ve never seen or the airport kiosk enforce that when the primary cardholder is traveling and their mileage number was entered prior to checkin.

  14. Davidd Says:

    They told me as of May of this year the rules changed their discretion to do that is basically no longer available? ill try again let you know what happens on my return leg trip

    what about sending e-mail via for refund

  15. Dan Says:

    Did you try to checkin online and select luggage and see if there was a fee? Did you use a kiosk or a live person?

    You can ask for a refund but you’re right according to the new rules you don’t deserve one.

  16. TOM Says:

    what about using the united card only used for paying the tax and the rest of the airline cost is paid with miles?

    do you still get free checked bag?

  17. peace Says:

    i applied for BARCLAYs ARRIVAL 2 days ago and got pending. should I wait for their decision or i should call RECON?

    I am afraid that they may pull my credit again during RECON and decision whatever that is maybe same?

  18. JJ1000 Says:

    @Davidd: @Dan: @Davidd: @Dan: @Davidd: @Dan: @Davidd: @Dan:

    All this back and forth makes me wish we had a forum to properly disscus there type of things. Instead of on random posts here. Oh wait


  19. Davidd Says:

    @Dan: what new rules do you see something online? that was changed recently

    I went to kiosk first and fee appeared and I then appealed to agent with no success

  20. BG Says:

    Dan- if you cancel the Sapphire card due to the annual fee after one year, do you forfeit the dividend points for that year?

  21. chana Says:

    @Bernie: The purchase has to be made AT A RESTAURANT! Restaurant gift certificates bought elsewhere will NOT get the bonus.

  22. Hershel Says:

    If they don’t credit you for the kosher restaurants or small unknown restaurants just SM chase and tell them that you were not credited and that it is a restaurant.

  23. Martin Says:

    I got aprooved 4 the Chase Sapphire Card with a 40K bonus points after I spend $2,000 in the 1st 3 months, Is there anyway I could get more bonus points? Like sending them a msg the a friend got a better offer? What do I need 2 tell them?


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