$10 Off $50 At Lowe’s

Update: Some people are reporting that this coupon is no longer being accepted at their local Lowe’s, though it will still work at competing stores.

You can always get a change of address packet for free from your local post office that has a plethora of coupons for all kinds of stores including a coupon for 10% off your entire Lowe’s purchase that will work at competing stores as well.

Don’t forget to use your registered Freedom card at Lowe’s to earn 5 points per dollar this quarter as well.

Originally posted on 03/12:

Coupon Linky (Exp: 05/18/13)

See coupon for exclusions, which include gift cards and Weber grills.

You can generally use Lowe’s coupons at Home Depot and other competing stores as well.

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19 Responses to “$10 Off $50 At Lowe’s”

  1. JK Says:

    Looks like a unique code, can it be used by multiple people?

  2. SEG Says:

    Coupon looks pretty generic to me… I’m betting it’s good for multiple uses. Will be perfect to replenish my supply of water softener. Thanks Dan!

  3. dovidb Says:

    home depot wont match web coupons

  4. chana Says:

    Just used mine. Thanks!

  5. jay Says:

    i used it thanks

  6. Ddawg Says:

    No way to use for gift cards though. Correct?

  7. YG Says:

    Any good cashable GCs there?

  8. Sol Says:

    I tried using coupon at lowes but they didn’t except it

  9. chaim Says:

    whats a change of adress packet? you just go to the post office and ask them for a change of address packet? thanx dan

  10. garry Says:

    Is this coupon $10 off every $50 for example $30 off $150?

  11. YG Says:

    My bad.
    Was lazy.
    Coupon says clearly no GCs

  12. batter bat Says:

    this is a scam. went to Lowes tried to use the coupon. the guy at the register pointed to a sign next to the register that this coupon is a scam and they don’t let anyone use it.

  13. SammyDavis Says:

    I used this coupon and a message popped up on the register stating that it had already expired. The guy pushed it through anyway, but the register will definitely flag it!

  14. PGA Says:

    I tried it this weekend as well. The coupon is flagged as bad but the guy forced it through somehow. I was in the lawn and garden dept., and he seemed a little clueless.

  15. Just Judy Says:

    My experience at competing stores has been that they will not accept a coupon that you have printed at home. As for the post office change of address packet, it no longer contains a Lowe’s coupon. It does contain a Lowe’s promotion for which you must go to LowesMoving.com/Mysavings and then enter your info along with the CODE that is on the Lowe’s promo. Lowe’s will then email you 10% discount coupon. I haven’t requested a coupon yet but I imagine that because Lowe’s is now emailing them to you, they will limit the number of coupons an email address can receive. Using and creating additional email addresses just becomes too burdensome.

    As an added note, if you purchased an Entertainment Book, they usually have a coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase at Ace Hardware… I’ve used them at competitors. Home Depot gave me the actually value, while Lowe’s treated it as a 10% off coupon.

  16. jay Says:

    I used it right after you posted it last time, I went today and I was told that it cant be used anymore. ill try home depot

  17. david g. Says:

    @Just Judy +1 you are right on. the usps movers pack no longer includes an instant 10% off coupon. you need to go online…and it takes a while till they send it to you…
    @dan please update the post

  18. Brian D Says:

    I tried using it at my local Lowes and it was rejected as well. They had a note on the wall at all the cashiers stating it would not be accepted and the reasons why.

  19. Michelle Says:

    Our post office stopped carrying the Lowe’s coupons.
    So I found a source for free, instant promo codes.
    You used them on lowes.com, select store pickup, and you pick the order up at the store.
    This is where to get the promo codes (coupons):
    They have 10% off, $10 off $50, and $20 off $100.
    So far I have has a 100% success rate.
    Good luck !


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