American Airlines Double Mile Promotions!

For non-elite members:
-Earn double elite qualifying miles for all flights from 11/01-12/31.
-Earn double redeemable miles for flights between 11/16-11/26.

For elite members:
-Earn double elite qualifying miles and double redeemable miles for all flights from 11/01-12/31.

Registration is required and can be done with the links above. The code for all offers is AATHX

HT: Yosef, via DDF

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11 Responses to “American Airlines Double Mile Promotions!”

  1. Al Says:


    This is good news. I just canceled my Citi AAdvantage Visa and Amex because the annual fee was due and the retention Dept would not offer me anything to keep the card. When can I reapply as I would like a Citi AAdvantage card and what is the best offer at the moment? Thx

  2. tanny Says:

    what is the cheapeast flight to st, antonia, texas for next week, I have aa avios miles

  3. Anonymous Says:

    What is the difference between Elite Qualifying Miles and Redeemable Miles??

  4. justatraveler Says:

    will the AA portion from JFK to Zurich with the JFK to Tel Aviv count for double mileage?

  5. ELI Says:

    would these double elite qualifying miles count towards a 15,000 platinum challenge??

  6. Casual Reader Says:

    @Al: Why do you ask a question at the wrong place? (This is what the mishna considers a “Golem”, asking a question not on topic).

  7. Casual Reader Says:

    @Anonymous: Elite qualifying miles are miles that can’t be used to purchase tickets etc. Only to count towards reaching “status”. (25,000 for Gold, etc.)

  8. Casual Reader Says:

    @justatraveler: if you buy the ticket from AA (their site or phone), it should count as an AA flight. (But I’d check the T&C to be sure).

  9. doublemint Says:

    Per T&C’s “AAdvantage promotion is valid for all travel on purchased, published fare tickets on American Airlines, American Eagle or the American Connection® carrier marketed and operated flights from November 1, 2012, through December 31, 2012.”

    So it must be an AA plane to get sredit, not a codeshare.

  10. Yossi Says:

    Dan: I purchased the Elal mistake fare in the summer and I am leaving Nov 26. Do those tickets count? I did not switch to direct flight, I am on American. Thanks

  11. Chav Says:

    Does someone know the answer to Yossi’s question. If we fly the AA flight of the El Al glitch flights which were booked through expedia will we qualify for the double miles or any miles at all. I’ve had an experience with AA where they told me I dont qualify for miles because it was booked through a secondary sight. Is it worth it maybe to use my BA mileage number and get miles with them? Anyone?


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