Transfer AMEX Points To Delta And Get A 50% Bonus! Transfer At Least 100,000 Points And Get 25,000 Elite Miles!

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Transfer 100,000+ AMEX Points To Delta And Get A 40% Bonus (for non first-time transfers)

50% Bonus Miles Offer Registration Linky (Exp: 09/30/11)

The 50% bonus offer is only for first-time transfers from AMEX into that Delta account.
If you transfer at least 100,000 points you will also get 25,000 MQMs which will get you Delta Silver Medallion status through 02/28/13!
With Elite status you will get free checked luggage, upgrades, bonus miles, elite seating, and much much more.

So a 100,000 AMEX point transfer will get you 150,000 Delta redeemable miles (good for award travel) and 25,000 medallion qualifying miles that will earn you Silver status.

It’s worth noting that Delta miles are worth much less than most other miles as they charge much more for most trips and they are part of the Skyteam Alliance, which has very poor award availability and lacks the plethora of First Class options that OneWorld and Star Alliance have.

HT: aussiebochur, via the DansDeals Forums

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20 Responses to “Transfer AMEX Points To Delta And Get A 50% Bonus! Transfer At Least 100,000 Points And Get 25,000 Elite Miles!”

  1. Brian Says:

    Mandatory reading for anyone who wants more bonus points for opening an AMEX charge card:

  2. 2 questions Says:

    Couple of questions:

    1) Is there a date after which it is better to get silver status or does it expire 12 months from when you acquire it (i.e., if you get silver status in June 2011 will it expire in June 2012? Same for July, October?)

    2) So based on the post, even if you’ve transferred MR points to other Delta accounts, you get the bonus if you transfer to a Delta account that has never received points before?

  3. Dan Says:

    @2 questions:
    1. The answer is in bold in the post already.
    2. Correct, just be sure that it accepts your registration to the offer.

  4. 2 questions Says:

    Thanks Dan,

    I don’t know how I missed that.

  5. shmuel Says:

    If you make a new delta account and tranfer the points to that account and get silver, if you merge that account with your current account that already has silver will they give you gold?

  6. akohen Says:

    I have 100k points to transfer and then sell, now that both BA and Delta are offering 50% bonus, which should i do? are delta miles worth less or even if i rarely fly am i better off w/medalian status?

  7. FlyFirst Says:

    Dan, When I’m trying to transfer it says 1 for 1 will it post later? I registered already

  8. delta Mileage Says:

    How long does it take for the mileage bonus to credit to account?

  9. akohen Says:

    when it get’s to delta it shows up in ur miles, only ba u can seee it’s double on
    it’s immediate

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I have 100k spg points do I get the 50percent bonus? if not where would u recommend me transfer it? I would like 2 fly From EWR – LAX 8/11or12/ – 8/30

  11. yosef Says:

    is silver statas worth anything do u get upgraded to busniss class also do u get upraded if u use ur miles? 2)can u states match this? if yes with who? thanks dan for all ur help ur a kiddush hashem walking!!

  12. NeedToTravelUrgently Says:

    If it let me register for the offer does that mean I’ll get the bonus points and MQM?

    I’ve never transferred AMEX MR points before to my account, but I did win points once in a chinese auction and they were transferred.

    I must book a ticket now and need to know, thanks for anyone responding with experience.

  13. Dan Says:

    Silvers do get upgrades and you can status match.

    If it lets you register I think it should work.
    YMMV I suppose.

  14. NeedToTravelUrgently Says:

    Thanks for reply Dan. I called Delta promotion desk and they confirmed the promotion is on my account and I should get the points, though they say bonus takes 6 weeks from transfer :-(.
    in any event, for my set of circumstances its probably worthwhile to transfer all the AMEX MR points I need to issue my ticket immediately, the bonus will just replenish my account with whatever I’m using, and I get to be silver medallion.

    Thx Dan.

  15. stam Says:

    Hey just wondering Dan can I downgrade my amex platinum to the zync card and the re-signup for the plat and get the signup bonus again? Basically can one churn a downgraded platinum?

  16. NeedToTravelUrgently Says:

    Just for everyone’s benefit. I registered and indeed did get the bonus and MQM. Bonus and MQM posted INSTANTLY with Delta.

  17. theyoily Says:

    do transfers work to another persons name and will I get the bonus miles?

  18. akohen Says:

    @stam, did u get ur q. answered?
    when i was downgraded to zynk they wanted to prorate my plat. so i said i’ll just cancel and she said, fine she’ll credit the full 450.

  19. RS Says:

    How do I transfer the points from American Express and geet the bonus 50% miles to Delta? BTW I only have 61,000 points to transfer.

  20. Enzo Says:


    So I have 75K MR points from opening the Priemier Gold Amex Card. I really want to take advantage of Delta’s offer to get Silver status by transferring 100K points. Any idea on how to get another fairly quick 25K points? Is there another Amex card I could apply for and then combine the MR points and transfer all at once?


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