SPG-Uber Partnership Earnings Devalued; Which Card To Use For Uber.

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In 2015 Uber started awarding Starpoints for Uber rides.

After staying in a Starwood hotel you could enroll here and earn 1 Starpoint per dollar spent on Uber all year long and up to 4 Starpoints per dollar spent on Uber while you stay at a Starwood hotel.

The best part is that the program even pays out on free rides. A $65 ride from the airport still earned Starpoints despite the ride being free.

Effective 2/1/17 that will go down to 1 Starpoint per $2 spent on Uber all year long and 2 Starpoints per dollar spent on Uber while you stay at a Starwood hotel. For February only though they will offer 5 Starpoints per dollar spent on Uber while you stay at a Starwood hotel.

Of course these points are on top of points earned from credit card spending.

Which card should you use?

-The Capital One Quicksilver Cash Rewards Card offers 1.5% cash back everywhere and offers $15 in Uber credit for every 9 rides that you take through 3/31/17

-Cards offering 2 points per dollar spent on Uber include Chase Sapphire PreferredPremier Rewards Gold Card from American ExpressPlatinum Card® from American ExpressThe Business Gold Rewards Card from American Express OPEN, and the The Enhanced Business Platinum® Card from American Express OPEN.

-The Amex EveryDay Credit Card earns 2.2 points per dollar spent on Uber if you make 20 transactions/month.

The Blue for Business® Credit Card from American Express OPEN normally offers 2.3 points per dollar spent on Uber, but if you signup with the current limited time signup offer you will earn 3.3 points per dollar spent.

-The Amex EveryDay Preferred Credit Card earns 2.5 points per dollar spent on Uber if you make 30 transactions/month.

-The Chase Sapphire Reserve offers 3 points per dollar spent and Uber qualifies for automatic travel refunds.

-The Chase Freedom card offers 5 points per dollar this quarter.

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8 Responses to “SPG-Uber Partnership Earnings Devalued; Which Card To Use For Uber.”

  1. Josh Lyman Says:

    The Amex Everyday offers 2.2 for Uber rides if you make the 20 purchases? I thought only 1.2. Do they have a especially promotion that I’m unaware of?

  2. Shimon Says:

    Hi Dan, just applied for Amex SimplyCash® Plus Business Credit Card,
    But got denied, because I have max number of Amex cards that they allowed.
    I have ED Blue Pref; ED, ED Pref, SPG, Rew Gold and Bus Platinum,
    Should I close one of these to get SimplyCash® Plus Business Credit Card open,
    Or it’s not worth it? Thank you

  3. Question Says:

    Dan is the Criteria “After staying in a Starwood hotel” this year, or if I ever stayed enough? On starwood page it says this year.

  4. Dan Says:

    @Josh Lyman:
    All AMEX cards earning MR points get a bonus 1 point per dollar spent on Uber.

    You should be able to call Recon and have them close a card to get a new card approved.

    You need to have stayed in a Starwood hotel this year. However for Uber rides in January you still earn points as long as you stayed in a Starwood hotel last year.

  5. Josh Lyman Says:

    @Josh Lyman: Neverminf, in a dope. Just looked up the answer online. I had thought the 2MR expired at the end of 2016 is all

  6. Shimon Says:

    Yes, but what card should I close? Rewards Gold($195 fee)?

  7. Crunch11 Says:

    Discover also has 5% cash back on uber this quarter

  8. Michael Says:

    Citi Thank You Premier earns 3 points per dollar with Uber


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