Xbox Series S In Stock From Walmart!

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Update: The Xbox Series S is now in stock again from Walmart!

Update: DEAD!

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shhhh dont tell so many people


oos in a matter of seconds

michael scott

The bots got them


Just seeing how bots get them, I want to know how and where to get a bot myself. I can never buy anything when competing with the bots


i mean its just impossible even fully ready w/ credit card in the system ready to go.


Use the app. My friend got some that way.


Was able to add it to cart with no problem, but never could check out.

Bored Thumbs

Got all the way to “Place Order”, and then OOS! Everything was there, address, payment info…ugh! So close!


bots couldn’t possibly have gotten through all those captcha screens. I screenshotted the load screen after I’d placed my order…and it STILL didn’t go through. such a tease!


Got all the way to the end – was in cart – hit place order and then…..


Basically gone in 10 seconds…


Seconds! Not even minutes!


all sold out everywhere- what a scam



Bored Thumbs

OOS Already!!!’


I was able to get a Series S a good deal after this went live. Maybe it was in someone’s cart but they didn’t pay? Do these have good resale value? I bought it thinking I can just return if not.


ugh, walmart says doesn’t arrive until Jan 6th anyway. Thinking of just cancelling order.

David Djmal

I don’t understand why they even bother selling it online. Makes more sense to ship them to stores so people can actually pay retail price and buy them locally. All the online orders are going straight to bots.

SoCal Dude

Got 1 XBOX S. Thx for the Tweet Dan!


Just now was able to snag one off Best Buy. They have an interesting anti-bot system to get it done.


The one I got was the Series X, supposed to be ready for pickup Dec 20. We’ll see.


it’s so messed up how these are quickly sold out. It’s not like these are a necessity. It’s for pure enjoyment and entertainment


Ppl buy to resell. And sadly, for some gaming is a necessity.


I got one, don’t necessarily need it. Will sell for a small markup, msg me.


I might buy it. But how am I supposed to message you?


xbox s back in stock at Walmart

Liam K. Nuj

“In stock” yet in arrives in about 5 weeks? Who are they using, the USPS?


Not available anymore!!


dead 🙁


Hi what’s the Wal-Mart item number? I have DansDeals on my flip phone and I can’t click off.


FYI – Just got an xbox Series S on Target. West Nyak store by the Palisades has.


Xbox S in stoc from Walmart


I got one but I don’t really need it, I would sell it for about cost $350 (includes taxes and shipping), it’s still sealed in the original package, I am located in Brooklyn NY, if you want to pick it up just reply to this message with your contact info.