Woot-Off Going On Now


All of your purchases ship for just a $5 fee. After you pay shipping one time the rest of your orders for the day ship for free.

Electronics Woot Off Linky

Computers Woot Off Linky

Kids Woot Off Linky

Sport Woot Off Linky

Home Woot Off Linky

Tools & Garden Woot Off Linky

Accessories and Watches Woot Off Linky

Shirt Woot Off Linky

Instead of selling 1 item for 24 hours, for the next 24-72 hours woot will be selling lots of stuff for very short periods of time-expect some very good deals-but don’t expect them to last more than a couple minutes!

Will this be the time you finally get a legendary BOC?

HT: B.D.Da’ehu, via DDF

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Is the Woot-Off over? I don’t see the Sirens with the yellow progress bar on the current screen.


do they have a return policy


Apparently the woot-off is on everything BUT the main page. (ie. home, electronics, computers, etc.)
I’ve never seen do woot-offs on those. Will they have BoC on those pages?



You never told us what was in the BOC!


I can’t speak for Dan, but I’ve gotten a few times. Some are crappier than others.
Here’s my most recent (last week) winnings:


@Eli: How much are the BOC?


It varies. Most recently $10.89.


It varies. Most recently $10.89.
And not to brag, but this is from last December: